Oath Keeper!

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Well, while I enjoyed some aspects of last night's episode....I was rather confused.

As in, I went back to my book to see if I had forgotten any minor plots.

Nope, it looks like I didn't. So, last night's episode had a lot of changes. To be honest, I didn't mind some of them (the scene between Margaery and Olenna really cracked me up, I howled with laughter). I loved the Bronn, Jaime and Tyrion scenes.

Again, some of the other changes....well, I don't know why they were made. I'm guessing for the time constraints and having to shave off a lot of material.

I am STILL waiting for something major to happen....hinting at a female character.

I get that change can be a good thing. But, what if some of these changes confuse book readers?!

On that note, I am totally looking forward to next week's episode.

REALLY hoping that Margaery wipes that smug look off Cersei's face!




The Sept Scene

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Once again, the good folks over at HBO have decided to court controversy.

The scene in the Sept was highly uncomfortable. Fans who watch the show think that's the gospel truth. The reality is in the books, that scene is consensual, with Cersei coaxing Jaime on, even though they are inside a holy place, with their dead son only a few feet away.

Anyway you slice this scene, it's still gross.

Many women were up in arms about the scene. A lot of book readers were, too.

My opinion is this: I wish they would show more about Cersei's power hungry and immoral behavior. Book readers know that in A Storm of Swords, Cersei sleeps with the Kettleblack brothers, as well as Lancel, and couldn't care less about staying faithful to her brother/lover, Jaime.

I do not condone assault on any level. But I can't feel sorry for Cersei, even in the scene. Why, you ask?!

Let me do a recap of what she has done over the years (*potential spoilers*)

- had an incestuous relationship with her twin for years;
- killed one of her childhood friends over the prophecy that was told to her when she was a teen;
- killed her first born child by Robert Baratheon;
- went out of her way to have three children by her brother and passed them off as her husband's during her reign as Queen;
- cultivated a sociopath for a son, whose cruel and vindictive behavior caused so much uproar in the Seven Kingdoms;
- cheated on her brother/lover with her cousin (I guess she knows how to "keep it in the family");
- continually plotted against her enemies, real or imagined;
- continually at odds with her younger brother Tyrion, because he calls her out on her behavior and has the guts to stand up to her;
- felt no remorse at a young child being thrown out the window;
- chastised her late husband for drinking and whoring...and yet, look at what she's started to do the last two seasons;
- has become mentally unstable;
- goes out of her way to try and undermine Margaery Tyrell (and to some degree, Lady Olenna)
- tries to intervene when Margaery and Tommen get married by getting the Kettleblack brothers to spy on her and seduce her, thus catching Margaery in an act of treason.

I don't care for Cersei at all and she deserves whatever happens to her. A woman in her position could use power for good.

She has only EVER USED IT for BAD.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Winds of Westeros

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Happy 2nd birthday to my blog! :)

I can't believe it's been two years since I started this. Initially, this was a suggestion from my second cousin, as she joking said that I should channel all of my energy into some sort of blog to entertain the masses.

Thank you, Daniela, for planting the seed.

I am looking forward to tonight's episode and see the fall out from the Purple Wedding!

The Purple Wedding

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Long live the King!

King Tommen, first of his name! In case you didn't already think of this, Tommen is next in line and the only living son left. The BIG difference between Joffrey and Tommen, is that Tommen has no evil bone or thought in his body. We all know how Joffrey was.

So many feelings associated with the epic Purple Wedding. Who killed Joffrey? What was the motive? Who will gain from it? And how well did everyone sleep after knowing that King Joffrey, the sick, sociopath and malevolent King was now dead?

So many things that went on this episode and you can read my episode review of The Lion and The Rose on the HBO Watch website.

A lot of speculation as to who killed Joffrey. Interesting to note that Joffrey went out of his way to deliberately insult so many people at his wedding feast, including his own uncle, his aunt through marriage, his brother in law, his own wife and others.

Wicked respect to Prince Oberyn Martell and his equally sensuous paramour, Ellaria Sand, who boldly put Tywin AND Cersei in the dirt with their pointed remarks. Well played, Oberyn.

The smug sense of satisfaction that I felt in knowing that we wouldn't have to put up with that depraved jerk ever again kept me grinning from ear to ear.

We still have Cersei and Ramsay Snow to put up with. Patience is a virtue. And Karma always comes back.


SEASON IV Premiere

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April 6 arrived.

Season IV, episode I "Two Swords" premiered.

It was 59 minutes in length.


While not every single character was showcased, we have to remember that you can only have so many people featured. Highlights included meeting Prince Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand. They are HOT with a capital "H."

Tyrion is excellent; showing us the nature of sympathy and empathy as he tries so hard to be kind to Sansa and all she does is cry and recoil from him. Yes, I get it - she is grieving for what happened to her mother, sister in law and brother. However, Tyrion did not know about it and did NOT give the command. He is the best Lannister, in my opinion.

Jaime and Cersei seem to have become alienated, which is a good thing: hopefully Jaime will realize his twin sister has not been quite so faithful and he'll grow distant from her. She is a malevolent influence on him.

Tywin melting down House Stark's sword "Ice" was symbolic: it shows the fact that House Lannister has crushed House Stark. Or have they?

All sorts of spies abait in King's Landing: Shae longs for Tyrion and doesn't realize that the other handmaid is a spy. Qyburn is the maester of preference, at least with Cersei. I don't blame her in that respect.

Can we say that grandmother Olenna has got major swag? Sending out all the little handmaids of House Tyrell to get the best jewellery was a sly move on her part: House Tyrell will have the best of the best jewels for the Purple Wedding and everyone else will be in the shade. Love that woman. Love Brienne, too, for speaking with Olenna and Margaery. And for holding Jaime responsible to his vow about protecting both Stark girls.

Speaking of which, can we get totally frenzied over Arya and The Hound?!

WHAT UPPPP Hound! The man is a BEAST. He just happens to be 'mentoring' Arya, even if he doesn't consciously realize it. And ARYA!!!!! OMG!!!!

She got her horse AND got Needle back. So, the episode started with two swords: both from House Stark. Will Arya be the Stark that rises from the ashes?

One can only cling to hope.

Game of Thrones cake

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Another fabulous cake, made by The Vanilla Bean for tomorrow night's premiere party.

Awesome indeed. Tyrion Lannister would approve.

Less than 30 hours to go!


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Alright, Ladies and sers!

Two more days! So many articles being posted on the Internet. Not that I'm complaining!


Game of Thrones Marathon

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Well, that does it! There's going to be a 60 hour Game of Thrones marathon, starting on Friday.

For those of you who want to get into the series, now is your chance.

I'm going to go off the grid this weekend. Between cleaning my house for Sunday night's party and going through this marathon, I don't want to be disturbed.

I'll check in either Sunday morning or Monday afternoon.