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Teaser Trailers

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Could it be possible that additional flashbacks are taking place in Season 6?!

Ser Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning???

Bran having visions - his eyes going white and flashbacks to his siblings and their respective fates?!

Jon!!! Sansa!! Arya!!! WTF is happening to all the beloved Starks?

I hate you Ramsay!! And as for Cersei, I pray to the old Gods and the new that she gets what's coming to her!!! BIG TIME!!!

I heard a little birdie say that Margaery is released by the Faith Militant....has she gone over to their side or is it a ruse to survive?!

Can't wait to see Tyrion, Jaqen, Arya, Bran, Jon and all the awesome flashbacks in April!

They don't call it a teaser trailer for nothing!


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Folks, I am NOT A PATIENT person, especially when it comes to anything news related about Game of Thrones.

You can just imagine my dread and sheer frustration in having to read that Game of Thrones will not be airing until end of April....or worse, the beginning of May.

It seems with the new series Vinyl hitting the television in February, it will end up bumping the premiere of Season Six.

As if winter isn't already long enough. Yeah, I am TICKED about this.

You know, the good folks over at HBO could have Vinyl debut in January. There are seven days in a week. Instead of having it on a Sunday night, why not make it for a Monday or a Friday evening? It would break up the monotany of the week and give fans something else to look forward on a different night of the week.

Of course, this makes sense, so why the hell would they bother doing so? And yes, as a Game of Thrones fan, I am disgruntled and will toss out any suggestion to serve my selfish purposes. Well, too bad, it's my blog and I don't care if I come across being selfish in this regard.

I think a few million fans would agree with me.

Tower of Joy Confirmed!!!

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Can I get an amen and hallelujah?! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tower of Joy has officially been confirmed!! Flashbacks have also been confirmed, as a young actor has been cast to portray Eddard Stark when he was a teenager!

Could this mean that us rabid fans will FINALLY be able to solve a long awaited theory......L + R = J?!?!

Super stoked to know that other young actors have also been cast. This could mean that we get to see a young Robert Baratheon, perhaps Ser Arthur Dayne, Benjen and Brandon Stark!!!

Yes!!! Excellent news, indeed!!

New Actors Cast!!

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Excitng news! Ian McShane and Max Von Sydow have both been cast for Season 6!!!

This is amazing news! Now, who do you think they're going to portray? My money's on Ian portraying Randyll Tarly! As for Max Von Sydow, perhaps a Maester or old patriarch of an ancient House, perhaps??