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January Jonesing

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It's going to be a loooooooooong wait for us fans!

We're now into the month of January and there's been little tidbits of information here and there.

The biggest things going on in many fan thread sites is the debate of whether Jon Snow is dead, whether or not we'll see the return of Lady Stoneheart (which to be perfectly honest, she SHOULD make an appearance but after Season 5's lack lustre episodes....yeah I'm talking about you David & Dan)....I have little faith in that department AND of course, there's been a few sightings of actor Rory McCann in Belfast.

I'm stoked to see what Ian McShae will be doing....although my feeling is that he will be portraying Septon Meribald.

A lass can hope!

"H" is for the Hound & HBO

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The Hound. What more can I say?

He's tall, he's tough and he takes no prisoners. This man is raw and edgy. He goes into battle and always emerges the victor. He stands over 6'5. The man has a helmet that would frighten away most children. His face is burnt and scarred on one side.

This is not a man that you go running to for a hug. Don't expect him to feel sorry for you either. In fact, one could argue that the Hound feels nothing. He is a killer. He is a soldier. He guards Prince Joffrey. Don't make assumptions about him, though. In the books and in the HBO series, I always got the impression that he really resented his position in the Lannister household. After all, guarding Prince Joffrey seems like such a waste of his time. And Joffrey is no picnic.

I think beneath that hardened surface lies a man who feels, who thinks and who longs to be more then what he already is. I think that he is a very shrewd man, but that nobody gives him proper credit. He is just defined by his role as a blood thirsty killer who belongs to the Kings guard.

Actor Rory McCann is perfect for the role in every way possible: his dark visage, his height, the dark eyes that see right through a person and his voice - just watch his audition on YouTube and you'll know what I mean. The man can wear heavy armor, charge into battle and still stand straight. I do love his helmet, as it lends a sense of foreboding to his persona.

I think the Hound is tired of being around the Lannisters. He sees them as bullies, albeit powerful ones. He hates his older brother - Gregor Clegane, who is known as "The Mountain Who Rides." To add insult to injury, Gregor is known as "Ser" Gregor Clegane, with a keep and lands. Sandor Clegane is the younger brother, untitled and personal guard of Prince Joffrey Baratheon.

He sees how Joffrey treats Sansa in Season I. Season II gets a lot more gritty and violent and the Hound tells the truth to Sansa: - "We're all killers. Your father was a killer. Your brother is a killer. Your future sons will be killers." Not exactly what a 14 year old teenage girl wants to hear, but the Hound has a funny way of making sense, especially in a time where common sense is lacking big time in Westeros.

I look forward to seeing more the Hound in Season III. I've read four of the books so far...and let's just say that the Hound isn't the monster that I made him out to be a while back.

As for HBO, well, let's just say that this Canadian gal is super duper happy that Game of Thrones became a series, all thanks to a few savvy producers, writers and a certain author. Without the talents and hard work of so many people, this fantastic series would not have become a reality! There is also a satellite website called HBO Watch and this site is dedicated to bringing fans news about all the wonderful developments of HBO shows by providing articles, character profiles and point of view essays and opinions.  (**Shameless self promotion warning: I have written several character profiles for HBO Watch**)