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"S" is for Stark!

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Let's hear it for the Starks of Winterfell!

They're loyal, hearty, disciplined and respected. They are an ancient House in Westeros and they live in the northern part of the continent.

Eddard and Catelyn Stark have five children: Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon. Jon Snow is the alleged illegitimate son of Eddard and some woman from a long time ago, but I doubt that theory. However, that is another blog post altogether.

Maester Luwin was their chief tutor, scholar, advisor and counsellor. Ser Rodrik Cassel was their chief defence advisor and weapons trainer.

We all grew to love Ned, as he was steadfast and loyal to all and a friend and good example of what a Warden and Lord should be. Unfortunately, we know he was falsely executed for treason at the end of Season I. His legacy and memory live on. Catelyn does her best to advise and raise her children but it is not an easy time, nor an easy thing to be a woman in Westeros. Robb is now stationed as King of the North, with a few military successes to his credit. The Young Wolf seems to be following in his late father's footsteps.

Sansa was the dutiful daughter. However, look where duty has gotten her: stranded in King's Landing with nothing but enemies around her. We all hope that her situation changes. Arya had the gumption to pose as a boy, was stationed at Harrenhal and became Tywin Lannister's cup bearer. Talk about getting the best access to war plans and military sieges. She also begins to show a prowess and cunning skill, when it comes to getting rid of her enemies. I like her!

Bran and Rickon are the two youngest Stark children and have not fared so well. Bran became paralyzed after being thrown from a tower window. Upon waking, many modifications had to be put into place, in order to allow him to move about. Rickon is the youngest and has had a difficult time processing all the events going on. The lack of parental involvement has taken its' toll on both the boys. Maester Luwin and Ser Rodrik Cassel were the last two paternal figures they had, and unfortunately, we all know what fates those two men meet.

The dire wolves are a huge part of House Stark. After all, the sigil is the dire wolf and the motto for House Stark is "Winter is coming."

So far, Grey Wind is with King Robb. Lady was put down, by Ned himself, that way she did not suffer an even crueler fate by being butchered by some Lannister halfwit. Nymeria is somewhere out the wilderness, grazing, search and travelling with a pack. Summer and Shaggywolf are constantly by Bran and Rickon's side, protecting the little Lords.

It pains me to see such a noble house suffer such injustice. I know that George R R Martin writes with purpose and intellect, but it just gets my blood boiling whenever a good character is torn asunder, betrayed or abandoned. Hence, the success of the books and series!

Damn you, George! (joking....well, sort of)

The Prince of Winterfell

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Lots of action in this episode. Oh boy, where to start. Tywin is bent on defeating Robb. Cersei has returned to her normal, hateful self and fighting once again with Tyrion. She thinks she is so above playing the Game of Thrones, that she has captured and currently torturing Shae. Tyrion is quick not to betray his feelings but realizes Cersei has captured the wrong woman. He promises to help Roz. I hope he does, as she looked to be in terrible condition. Tyrion and Bronn are trying to come up with a defence strategy to combat Stannis.  Stannis is sailing towards Kings Landing with an enormous fleet.

Joffrey is being his usual insufferable self. Varys has discovered that Danyerys Targaryen is alive....with three dragons in tow. The people in the North hate Theon Greyjoy with good reason. He hung the bodies of the two Stark children and displayed them in the front of the castle. They are would think. Maester Luwin is not convinced, after seeing a fleeting glimpse of Osha. Robb is conflicted, his mother has handed over the Kingslayer to Brienne. His supposed best friend, Theon, has betrayed him by raizing the castle of Winterfell. His sister is held hostage in Kings Landing and his brothers are captive while Theon is still at Winterfell. To top it off, he has to honour a betrothal contract with Walder Frey, marrying one of his youngest daughters, in order to keep peace and friendly relations with the Freys and Starks for political reasons. Easier said then done, especially when he is enamoured of Talisa Migear, who is a nurse and healer, helping out in his camp.

Arya names her final name to Jaqen and he is not pleased with her choice. Arya is a tough, scrappy little fighter who is coming into her own power. On condition that she un-names Jaqen, she wants her freedom to escape from Harrenhal. And as for Jon Snow, well, he is not in a position to do anything now. Ygritte has turned him over to the Lord of Bones and the Halfhand has been captured. They are off to meet the mysterious Mance Rayder. Next week is the EPIC episode - Blackwater Bay and the big guy himself, George R R, wrote this one himself.

I am TOTALLY looking forward to this one! Valar Morghulis!

A Man Without Honour

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After watching (and rewatching) last night's had to wonder, who in Westeros truly has honour?

I believe that Ned Stark did, as did Bariston Selmy. I believe that the old bear, Lord Commander Mormont does and Jon Snow possesses it, too. King Robb Stark is also a man with honour, as in evidence by the way he talks to his troops, the way he cares for them and how he listens to his bannermen's counsel. (He really should've listened to his mother's, regarding the Greyjoy's).

I was sad to see Ser Rodrick Cassel die. That upset me. However, it creates the sort of dramatic tension in order to keep the audience riveted to the screen and also instill a fierce loyalty to the remaining Stark crew. Brandon has forced to become a man in such a short span of time, even though he is only a teen.

And Tyrion has his own sense of honour, given who his brother, sister and father are. He truly cares for his niece Myrcella and nephew Tommen, but as for the rest of them, he knows they don't truly respect him because of his "imp" status. And amazing are her scenes with the great Tywin? Even though they are on duelling paths and he (apparently) has no knowledge that she is a Stark, you have to love their banter back and forth. He likes that fact that she is quick to sum up a situation. She likes that she can have a conversation, it is her way of being savvy at gathering information for future use. Also love how Tywin sees through what she says but he enjoys her company.

"You're a sharp little thing, aren't you?"