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The Winds of Winter Season Finale

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Lust for power.




Alliances forged.

Alliances broken.

Armies gathering.

Ships getting ready.

Families torn asunder.

Kings and Queens die.

A reign of terror is about to begin - with a Mad Queen at its' heart.

An old prophecy almost completely fulfilled.

A list with many names.....and those names being stroked, off one at a time by a young rogue wolf.

The magic of the weirwood trees and visions and flashbacks being shown to us all.

A world of knowledge at a soon to be maester's fingertips. Knowledge is power.

Enemies lurking in all corners of the Seven Kingdoms.

A small mocking bird aligns himself with the North (knowing that the key to the North is the eldest daughter).

A once proud garden of roses now reduced to one single bloom. And this particular rose knows how the game is played. She has thorns.

Snakes slither around, protecting themselves in the garden of roses, combining forces....readying their aim to strike.

The young bear cub shows her grit, spunk and tenacity whilst declaring her allegiance to the North. A new King in the North proclaimed, the white wolf.

A cynic is now the second most powerful man in the East, placing his belief in his undoubted Queen. Hand of the Queen. Long may she reign.

Dragons fly around, intimidating and powerful, to help guide the way of the massive forces headed West.

The men may be the brawn in the season BUT it is the women that rule politically. And it was about DAMN TIME that the women have a say in their lives - personally and politically.

And yet.....

In the North, where winter has finally come, a nameless fear is spreading. A terrible army to behold is amassing soldiers, horses and terror.

A terror in the North is the greatest threat to the Seven Kingdoms. And the dead don't stop....

"R" is for Rhaegar, Rangers and Robb

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I'm kind of squeezing in  a few juicy topics into the letter "R."

Rhaegar: who was he? What did he mean to Lyanna Stark? Why was he so melancholy? Why did Robert have to kill him at the battle of the Trident? These are just a few questions that I have concerning the mysterious Rhaegar Targaryen. Poor guy. From what I have read and what threads have said, the guy was rather depressed. He was married to Elia Martell. That didn't end well, either. His two children were murdered. The woman he loved died under mysterious circumstances. And yet, Ned seemed to have remembered him fondly, not a bad word said about him.

I wonder, do you suppose at some point that HBO may cast someone to portray Rhaegar in flashback sequences? That would be pretty cool. My curiosity has been piqued ever since reading "A Feast for Crows." If any of you have read that far, you'll understand why I find his character so intriguing!

Rangers. Hey, we all have our calling in life. Jon Snow seems to have found his. Mind you, by virtue of his birth and circumstances, what else would he have been permitted to do? He started off as a steward (not his choice) but by the second season, he volunteered to go with Qhorin Halfhand as a ranger. Samwell, being the thoughtful and intelligent friend he was, volunteered to take over Jon's duties while Jon was away. I think being a ranger is a damned tough job and Jon is just beginning to find out just how difficult it is. Especially since venturing into Wildling territory and being far north of the Wall, where the cold is so merciless, it numbs your fingers and feet within seconds. If you don't have your wits about you, anything could kill you up there. I have a feeling Jon will fare just fine, albeit a few skirmishes here and there.

Robb Stark, the King in the North. That's what his banner men call him. He showed real promise in the form of military strength and tactic during the end of the first season. Of course, he also endured a heavy loss - his father was executed. He had the Kingslayer imprisoned - a major coup. He was also forced into a betrothal - which he agreed to - to one of Walder Frey's granddaughters, once Stark banner men had received permission to cross the Twins.

The apple of Robb's eye is not a Frey, it just happens to be a very beautiful field nurse named Lady Talisa Migear, who comes from Volantis. Awkward. This is the kind of impediment that collapses an empire. That brings discord and dishonour to the various Houses in Westeros. Do you think King Robb listened to the advice of his lady mother in the second season? No! So what does he do? He goes full steam ahead and marries Lady Talisa in secret, thus breaking his oath with Lord Walder Frey.

Smooth move, Robb. I think we all know how this is going to end. Scratch another Stark off of your list.

"F" is for Frey!

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We come to the letter "F." Normally, I don't mind the letter but I detest who this post represents. "F" stands for Frey. The Frey that most comes to mind is the cantankerous, sly old fox, Walder Frey. What I remember from Season I is how Lady Catelyn went to negotiate terms with him and he was newly a 15 year old teenage girl. Talk about revolting. "And her honey's all mine." Could Walder Frey get any more disgusting?!

Yes, the man is called "Late Lord Frey," because he is known in the Seven Kingdoms for showing up late for battles. Preferable when the battles are over. How convenient. He has a lot of children and even more bastards. He is also very ambiguous in the series and extremely cranky in the books.

I know from what I've seen and what I've read, that I would not want Lord Walder Frey as my enemy. He has lived to be almost 90 years old and there's a reason for it: his cunning. He has outlived many a man because he is sly and able to look at situations and judge them for better or for worse.

Interesting to note that two betrothals were brokered at the end of Season I between two of his children to Robb Stark and Arya Stark.  Now that we've all finished watching Season II, we all know that Arya is so far removed from being engaged to one of Lord Walder Frey's sons, that really, she has nothing to worry about. It's Robb Stark's actions that have been a real breach of contract.

I have read four out of five books and I will not spoil anything for anyone checking out my little blog spot. But I will say this: Lady Catelyn Stark implored her son not to rub Lord Walder Frey the wrong way. He doesn't need the banner men of the North. More like, they need him because of his bridge. He has the advantage where he can call the tune and name his price to all that need to cross the Frey bridges.

Robb Stark: for all your military skill, you sure lack in common sense. And for what? A pretty face! Lord Walder Frey is a dangerous man. You will soon find out just how dangerous and vicious a 90 year old man can be...