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Leaked Episodes

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Be honest.

How many people have watched the first four leaked episodes?

LOTS. There's arguments for and against watching them. Die hard fans are staunchly foregoing this option. Others want to wait it out and be surprised, week by week. Some fans are so obsessed that they couldn't wait to see what the first four episodes were all about.

Remember: there's going to be a ton of changes from the books. I am a book reader and am prepared to deal with a lot of changes, in terms of characters, plots and divergent storylines.

And many have asked about whether or not I've see a glimpse or two of the leaked episodes.

A girl sees nothing. A girl is no one.


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The Seven are just. The day has finally arrived.

Millions of fans wait in anticipation, huddled together in front of their television screens, with family and friends, to rejoice and watch the Season Five premiere of Game of Thrones.

MAJOR shout out to my cake lady Linda, who made the most amazing cake creation for my get together. Lemon with chocolate cream filling.

A cake worthy of sitting on the Iron Throne of Westeros!



One Week!!!

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OH YEAH. One week left!!! Need I say more?! WHEHOOOOO!!!!!

Second Trailer

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Today, the second trailer for Season V of Game of Thrones aired. I've watched it....a few times. Yes, somewhere between 20 to 40 times, at least.

I'm trying to analyze what each frame means, its' secrets, plot changes, new characters, and putting together predictions.

All I know is I AM STOKED!!!!!

Game of Thrones Season V Trailer

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ALL THE FEELS!!!! I was trying to be productive at work. Honestly. A phone call changed all that.

I watched the leaked Season V Game of Thrones trailer.

In a word: STUPENDOUS!!!!!

Happy 2015

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Happy New Year's to all the fans in the realm!

I just saw an article on 109 We Come from the Future and it's really exciting! On February 8, there will be a short behind the scenes glimpse on Game of Thrones.

Speculation is high: will it be a behind the scenes of Season 5? The new characters joining for the upcoming Season? Will it be something to do with how the show is diverging from the books? Who knows? For now, us fans must simply be content with the fact that it is now officially 100 days until Season 5. Hopefully all the news leaks on the internet were correct and that April 5 is the premiere date.

Although, I was thinking about it for a bit and well, maybe it will be a week earlier? If memory serves correct, Game of Thrones season premiere in 2014 took place on April 6. So maybe.....just maybe it will be the last Sunday in March (March 29th). There'll be no quarrel from me or my friends and family members, that's for sure!!

Seville, Spain

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Seville, Spain is the setting for the 5th Season. Spain is going to be the stand in for the southern most portion of Westeros, Dorne.

Lots of articles and lots of pictures taken by fans and fan threads, which is extra exciting, because a certain scene has now been given the green light.

Book readers know what I'm talking about.

Oh Cersei. You didn't think you were going to come out of this Season unscathed, did you?!

Can't wait to see Karma come back to kick someone in the behind. Trust me, she's earned it!

Season V Characters Announced

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Oh yeah! New faces, new places for Season 5!

Spain will be the stand in location for Dorne. Awesome.

Alexander Siddiq and Jonathan Pryce are going to be in Season 5. I can't wait; I've seen both these actors in films and they both bring a majestic presence to the screen.

And for all the fans who are freaking out about what's going down in Dorne, just think: if you think that Eddard Stark's death set in a motion a chain of catastrophic events, just wait until you meet the infamous Sand Snakes!