Teaser Trailers

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Could it be possible that additional flashbacks are taking place in Season 6?!

Ser Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning???

Bran having visions - his eyes going white and flashbacks to his siblings and their respective fates?!

Jon!!! Sansa!! Arya!!! WTF is happening to all the beloved Starks?

I hate you Ramsay!! And as for Cersei, I pray to the old Gods and the new that she gets what's coming to her!!! BIG TIME!!!

I heard a little birdie say that Margaery is released by the Faith Militant....has she gone over to their side or is it a ruse to survive?!

Can't wait to see Tyrion, Jaqen, Arya, Bran, Jon and all the awesome flashbacks in April!

They don't call it a teaser trailer for nothing!

I Know Nothing

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Okay, seriously. With Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, pics of sets and actors/actresses can be uploaded in seconds.

So, if anyone thinks that Jon Snow is still dead, well, you might want to check out any Game of Thrones fan website.

In other news, now that the filming is taking place in Spain, Ireland and parts of Croatia and Macedonia, fans are scrambling for pictures of costumes, sets and which actors and actresses are on location.

Lots of buzz about certain storylines (Jaime and the Tyrells) and a certain dead character coming back to life (Lady Stoneheart). I wouldn't mind if LSH made an appearance.

Confirmed character come back is the Hound. Rory McCann has been spotted way too many times in Ireland for it to be a coincidence. Lots of friends and family members keep asking me what's going to happen in Season 6. This is the first time that I can honestly say, "I don't know."

Makes me feel like Jon Snow. Because in truth, the 6th book isn't out yet; we only have posted chapters from GRRM's blog to by and massive fan speculation.

I know nothing.


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Folks, I am NOT A PATIENT person, especially when it comes to anything news related about Game of Thrones.

You can just imagine my dread and sheer frustration in having to read that Game of Thrones will not be airing until end of April....or worse, the beginning of May.

It seems with the new series Vinyl hitting the television in February, it will end up bumping the premiere of Season Six.

As if winter isn't already long enough. Yeah, I am TICKED about this.

You know, the good folks over at HBO could have Vinyl debut in January. There are seven days in a week. Instead of having it on a Sunday night, why not make it for a Monday or a Friday evening? It would break up the monotany of the week and give fans something else to look forward on a different night of the week.

Of course, this makes sense, so why the hell would they bother doing so? And yes, as a Game of Thrones fan, I am disgruntled and will toss out any suggestion to serve my selfish purposes. Well, too bad, it's my blog and I don't care if I come across being selfish in this regard.

I think a few million fans would agree with me.

The Return of the Tully's

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Breaking news: Edmure Tully, the beleaguered son in law of Walder Frey and the Blackfish, Brendan Tully, are set to return for Season Six.

This is very exciting, as it heavily hints at the Riverrun storyline being included.

Lots of fan threads and speculation about Jaime and Ser Bronn venturing into Tully territory is very exciting, indeed! I'm glad at this particular development, because we all know that the show is now venturing off course, as book six is not yet published.

Are you looking forward to two good guys returning to Westeros? I am!

Is he dead? Or alive?

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With so many Kit Harrington sightings in Belfast and on current production sets, the question remains: is Jon Snow dead or alive?

Spoilers below.....you've been warned.

If you go to Westeros.org or Watchers on the Wall, let's just say that there's plenty of photos to suggest that *maybe* Jon is going to be present in Season 6.

Here's hoping!!!!

More Big Names Praise the Old Gods and the New

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Okay, so now Richard E Grant has been cast in Season 6. This is very interesting, indeed. He's had some pretty eclectic roles in movies and television. I wonder who's he's going to portray?

My husband is a huge fan of the Danish series, Borgen. You can imagine his delight at reading that Danish actor Pilou Asbaek has been cast as Euron Greyjoy. 

But what really got my attention is who else was cast.....and for their specific role!! If you've been watching Dowtown Abbey (I have become a fan in the past few years), then you'll definitely remember a certain stern patriarch, Lord Cinderby.

OMG. That actor is perfect for the role of Samwell Tarly's father, Randyll. James Faulkner will be playing the notoriously rigid and cold Tarly patriarch. Boy, do I ever feel for Same now! His dad was cold as ice and I have to say that they cast the actor perfectly for the role. Kudos!

Excellent Emmys

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How fortuitous......the Emmy's just happened to fall on GRRM's birthday (September 20).

And what a birthday present he got! Game of Thrones won in several areas, most notably being Peter Dinklage winning his second Emmy award.

He is awesome, his wit razor sharp and his political savvy a blessing. No wonder why Peter Dinklage won the Emmy - Tyrion Lannister is not only a fan favourite, but every time fans are fortunate enough to see Tyrion on screen, we know something interesting, dynamic or shocking is about to happen.

Happy birthday, GRRM. So, um....as a birthday present for your fans....any chance that The Winds of Winter will be coming out winter of 2016??

Leaked Phots & Clips - Jaime, Margaery & Tommen

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Leaked photos and footage of what's going to go DOWN in King's Landing, especially with Margaery, the Faith Militant and Jaime!!!

I love the folks over at Watchers on the Wall, because they get all the awesome information ahead of time. And I love them all the more for it.

Check out Daddy Tyrell's feather plume. It's so fabulous! News like this makes me happy because it's September, Winter is Coming and the days are passing by. Not that I'm wishing time away or anything like that, but I can handle Season Six being less than 7 months away.

This footage and seeing Jaime.....OMG does this mean what I think it does?!

And is Grandma Olenna coming back to lay the smack down on that evil witch, Cersei? OH I SURE HOPE SOOOO!!!

September Squeals

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More Game of Thrones Funko Pop figures have been ordered.

Yes. I know. I already have 24 in my collection.

But.....but....I just want to order a "few more".....as in 8. LOL

I am STILL WAITING for my Jaqen H'gar Funko doll!!!!

Tower of Joy Confirmed!!!

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Can I get an amen and hallelujah?! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tower of Joy has officially been confirmed!! Flashbacks have also been confirmed, as a young actor has been cast to portray Eddard Stark when he was a teenager!

Could this mean that us rabid fans will FINALLY be able to solve a long awaited theory......L + R = J?!?!

Super stoked to know that other young actors have also been cast. This could mean that we get to see a young Robert Baratheon, perhaps Ser Arthur Dayne, Benjen and Brandon Stark!!!

Yes!!! Excellent news, indeed!!

New Actors Cast!!

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Excitng news! Ian McShane and Max Von Sydow have both been cast for Season 6!!!

This is amazing news! Now, who do you think they're going to portray? My money's on Ian portraying Randyll Tarly! As for Max Von Sydow, perhaps a Maester or old patriarch of an ancient House, perhaps??

I want to Believe....!!!

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I swear to GOD, either the folks at HBO are the worst when it comes to keeping a secret OR it's just sheer coincidence that Kit Harrington has been sighted in Belfast.

As in, he was on the same flight as our sexy assassin, Jaqen (Tom Wlaschiha) and has been seen walking around the streets with the actor who portrays Dolores Edd.

C'mon, already!!!!!!! I REALLLLLY want to believe Jon will be coming back in one form or another?!

Jon Snow?

Jon Stark?

More Funko Dolls

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Rumour has it that another round of Funko Pop dolls are going to be coming to a store near us...

I'm patiently waiting for a new version of Braavos Arya and Jaqen H'ghar. Is that too much for a fan to ask?!

And with Comic Con in full swing, I am feeling a bit blue. I really wanted to go this year, but alas, house renovations took precedence over flying out to San Diego.


Someday, I suppose.

Mother's Mercy

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Another season has ended.

Many fans have felt that the Dorne plot was the weakest link. I agree. Nothing but voyeurism at its' best. No characters to really draw me in, with the exception of Prince Doran, Aero Hotah and Ellaria Sand. The Sand Snakes were a complete bore. But whatever. And anyone who thought Ellaria had submitted her will to Prince Doran, well, come on already! You KNOW she was acting all the way. Revenge is something that does not go unfulfilled, especially with the paramour of the late Oberyn Martell.

The prophecy still stands true: Marcella paid the ultimate price for that, unfortunately. It's always the innocent that pay in blood for the games that other people play. Jaime now knows what it feels like to have a child die in his arms.

Happy to see Tyrion put at the helm of a large and ancient city - Meereen. And happy to see Varys and Tyrion teamed up again. "I did miss you."  "I know." (doesn't that sound like a #StarWars throwback to Leia and Han?)

 Daario and Jorah are off to find Dany, who's sailed halfway across Westeros on Drogon's back. Poor dragon - he's wounded and tired. And she's an idiot. There, I said it. I'm tried of her storyline. It only got interesting for me once Tyrion came into the picture. Kind of wondering, how the grayscale is going to affect Jorah in the long run. And as for Dany dropping her ring, in a sea of tall grass, before the Dothraki horde comes charging about, I felt that was a bit lame. Of all places, you're going to drop your ring in there?!

Fave part: Arya finally got her hit list kill and Ser Meryn Trant deserved all the agony that he was put through. A violent man, prone to beating under age girls and a pedophile to boot, I felt elated to see Arya BAMF Stark return with a vengeance. The only problem is....well, she kinds took a face from the House of Black and White and sort of kinda didn't say anything to Jaqen about it. Whoops. Well, lovely girl, only death can pay for life. Your eyesight is now forfeit - but don't lose hope fans. Something bigger is in store for our awesome Stark Jedi padewan apprentice.

Stannis wasn't having a good day, good month or a good year for that matter. His wife commits suicide; half his men deserted him and he ends up getting killed by none other than Brienne of Tarth. I'm glad that Ser Davos was at Castle Black but boy is he going to be p***ed off once he finds out the REAL truth about poor Princess Shireen. How fitting that Melisandre rides to Castle Black and says nothing of how it all went down. And no witnesses to challenge her, either.

Reek/Theon finally snaps out of his pathetic slump and pushes that sociopath little cur, Myranda, off the battlements. SPLAT! Music to my ears. Sansa and Theon hold each other's hands and make a leap of faith off the steep castle walls. Not to worry, my friends. It's *snowing* in the north and Winterfell has plenty of snow around the castle, the portcullis and the outer grounds. Lots of fluffy, white snow.

Glad that Sam, Gilly and baby Sam got the hell out of Dodge! As for Jon Snow, well, hard to truly say if he met his demise or not. According to some pictures I saw, he's lying there, blood seeping out of his body. The next frame is his eyes - they got completely white - as in warging. I hope and pray something happens because let's face it, if Melisandre is there (how convenient that she is) and she has the ability to resurrect someone back from the dead, well, she'd better GET ON THAT. FAST!

My second fave part was watching Cersei go through the ultimate humiliation - being forced to walk naked through the streets of King's Landing, while the people watch on the sidelines, screaming and throwing rotten food and excrement at her. I felt absolutely ZERO pity for her.

My beef with this finale is that we did not see Margaery or Loras; nor did we see Lady Olenna or Littlefinger. Guess we'll just have to wait until March 2016.

And now, the long watch begins...


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That episode, tho!

First half was very informative.

The second, action packed.

I can truly say that I was literally on the edge of my seat watching the panic and chaos that surrounded the Wildlings and the Brothers of the Night's Watch.

Being a book reader, I more of less can predict what's going to happen next. Mind you, I got to thinking about where Hardhome is located, geographically. Watching the episode, I got that very eerie feeling that something awful was going to turn up. Yes, of course, so many people run off the mouth and make these kinds of claims and statements.

I can honestly say that I felt like this for two strong reasons: where they were situated, in terms of the geography of Westeros and the fact that conditions were prime. Those Wildlings were so stuck in their mentality about not joining forces with the "Crows" that they just couldn't see the forest for the trees. Here, you had Tormund and Jon speaking very bluntly about what is going to take place. Who cares about that stupid Iron Throne, especially when an army that is more horrific and more powerful than anyone could ever imagine, was coming to claim everyone's lives.

The Army of the Dead doesn't care if you are a man, woman or child. They don't care if you're poor or rich. They don't care what House you belong to. They don't care if you actually have any kind of claim to that stupid throne.

They don't care. Period. End of story.

And if you're armed with Dragon glass or Valyrian steel, than maybe you have a slim chance of survival.

If not, may the Seven have mercy on your wretched soul.

The Gift

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Finally, a match that everyone can be proud of: Tyrion and Dany meeting.

Oh yes, there was that little something extra about Cersei.

You see, there comes a time in everyone's life where Karma may come back to get them. If you have been a good person, have tried your best, hurt no one, been a loyal friend and/or family member and tried your best to live a good, productive life, then good Karma usually smiles on you.

However, if you have done nothing but lie, cheat, scheme, plot, betray, act violently or viciously towards other people, have used your power and wealth to get people abused, hurt, shamed or killed, well, then it stands to reason that eventually all of you bad deeds will come back to haunt you.

It usually happens when you least expect it. Say, when you frame your ex-fiance and his sister, who just happens to be your daughter in law, and have them tossed into jail. Say, when you sleep with your brother for years and the end result being three pregnancies, and you hide the fact that those children are not the offspring of your lawfully wedded husband and King. You know, when you commit incest with your brother. Oh, and with your cousin. Oh, yes...and get your cousin to ply your late husband with enough wine on a boar hunt to get him killed.

And conspire to have one of the greatest knights and fighters banished from your kingdom, because you are an idiot. And abuse and torment the daughter of your enemy. And constantly undermine and scheme to get rid of your younger brother. Let's also throw into the mix that you had relations with three other men of the Kings guard. The Kettleblack brothers.

Yes, these things have a tendency to come to light because you are an evil, sociopathic monster. You deserve everything that is coming your way.


Strip her of titles. Of wealth. Of power. Of protection.

She needs to be humiliated and dragged through the mud and be thrown to the wolves (yes, that is a nod to House Stark).

I feel no pity for a woman who has done nothing but bodily harm and acted incestuously for years, sowing the seeds of jealousy and hatred.

Oh, you're going to get yours, Cersei. And how poignantly the High Sparrow put it:

"What will we find, when we strip away your finery? A young man came to us, not long ago, broken in body and spirit. He had so much to strip away. So much weighing him down. But piece by piece, he unburdened himself. Let go of vanity, pride, sin. Now his soul is so light. He will float through the seven heavens like a bird... 

He has much to say about you...."

BOOM!!!!! Did you hear that? That was the sound of Karma exploding onto the scene!

Sansa.....and Ramsay?!

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WTH were you thinking, DB and D?!

REALLY?!?! Shame on you, using violence and assault on a character who has been abused and psychologically damaged for three seasons. Season Four was about her becoming smarter and learning survival skills at the hands of a master manipulator.

Yeah, stay classy, D & D.


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Book readers aren't too thrilled with some of the changes that have been taking place on the HBO series.

Let me reiterate that I understand it's a huge challenge to include every single character and every single plot line from book to screen play adaptation.

However, I think it's kind of silly when they don't include ones that fans were strongly hoping for (Lady Stone heart) but end up throwing characters together for the sake of another plot twist (placing Bronn and Jaime together, in order to go to Dorne, which does not happen).

I will concede that getting rid of some of the long winded plots (the endless travels and shenanigans that Tyrion has to undergo in order to get to Daenerys Targaryen) were a solid move. The faster Tyrion is on the move and gets into Dany's inner circle, the better. Same with Margaery and Tommen getting married and making Tommen older on the show. That was a good move. I also heartily approve of Tyrion and Jorah together, as well as placing Podrick and Brienne together. We need some comedic relief and some serious dramatic monologues, and those four are great with both.

BUT REALLY?! SER BARRISTAN and MANCE dying?! David and Dan, what on earth are you thinking?! And you wonder why fans are getting ticked off?!

Leaked Episodes

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Be honest.

How many people have watched the first four leaked episodes?

LOTS. There's arguments for and against watching them. Die hard fans are staunchly foregoing this option. Others want to wait it out and be surprised, week by week. Some fans are so obsessed that they couldn't wait to see what the first four episodes were all about.

Remember: there's going to be a ton of changes from the books. I am a book reader and am prepared to deal with a lot of changes, in terms of characters, plots and divergent storylines.

And many have asked about whether or not I've see a glimpse or two of the leaked episodes.

A girl sees nothing. A girl is no one.

Jaqen's BACK!!!!

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Women all over the realm are rejoicing that our favourite Faceless man is BACK!

What's up with Sansa?! Is she playing at being still so clingy and naive or is she playing up to Littlefinger? Hopefully she is turning to the dark side and learning to use her feminine wiles to hide a more devious side.

Arya + Jaqen = AWESOMENESS.

Jon and Sam = the Men in Black.

Dany......I just don't know what to say about you anymore. You're lost, confused and not doing a very good job at ruling people that you quite frankly don't know and don't understand. This is what happens when you are ignorant and try to carry out something noble. Without doing your background work and learning about the people you mean to rule, it blows up right in your face. Hell, your dragons don't want anything to do with you.

I am totally loving the Tyrion and Varys roadshow.


Dear Cersei: KARMA.

Am I forgetting anything else?!

SOOOO looking forward to Margaery and Tommen getting married. And hopefully seeing more of sassy Grandmother Olenna. BOOM


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The Seven are just. The day has finally arrived.

Millions of fans wait in anticipation, huddled together in front of their television screens, with family and friends, to rejoice and watch the Season Five premiere of Game of Thrones.

MAJOR shout out to my cake lady Linda, who made the most amazing cake creation for my get together. Lemon with chocolate cream filling.

A cake worthy of sitting on the Iron Throne of Westeros!



One Week!!!

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OH YEAH. One week left!!! Need I say more?! WHEHOOOOO!!!!!

When will the Book be Released?

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Another Winds of Winter chapter has been released. While this is amazing for fans, you have to sit and wonder about the actual time frame of the book release.

Given GRRM's track record for releasing books, you'd think that this year would've been ideal for The Winds of Winter to be released. After all, he released A Dance with Dragons in the summer of 2011. Now, that being said, he also attends numerous press junkets and Comic Cons, so that just adds to his never ending to do list.

Fans, do not despair. At least we get a brand new chapter every once in a while. :)

Second Trailer

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Today, the second trailer for Season V of Game of Thrones aired. I've watched it....a few times. Yes, somewhere between 20 to 40 times, at least.

I'm trying to analyze what each frame means, its' secrets, plot changes, new characters, and putting together predictions.

All I know is I AM STOKED!!!!!

Recruits, Ramblings and other Shenanigans

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I've recruited more to the realm. I often wonder....is it because my colleagues are just freaked out by my extreme enthusiasm or is it because they have heard so much about Game of Thrones on the Internet, the news and through conversation? I'd like to think it's all of the above.

Yes, I recommend binge watching all the Game of Thrones Seasons. Especially if you are reading my blog for the first time or want to get it all in before the April 12 Season V premiere.

Also in the news, how flipping AWESOME is it that some people are going to get the chance to win tickets to seeing the premiere a WHOLE MONTH ahead of everyone else?! The very fact that HBO is doing this in London - at the Tower of London famous landmark no less - is setting the standard pretty damned high!

I'm going to be doing my countdown and will try my hand at another 26 days until "Game of Thrones A to Z" blogs posts. It keeps me busy. It keeps me sharp and on my toes. It also channels my excitement and energy into the blog and will give my poor husband a break. Lol!

A George RR Martin plush doll is going to be released soon. The new Funko dolls have been released and yes, I ordered them, too. To say that this is beyond obsession is perfectly accurate.

It's all good. We all have our quirks, eclectic habits and hobbies. Right?

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

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Another book will be released this fall about the tales of Ser Duncan the Tall and Egg (Aegon). I was quite excited to read this on GRRM's blog, 'Not a Blog.'

So, of course, I just had to preorder 3 copies of set book from Amazon, because, well, why not? I already purchased 3 copies of the History and Lore of Westeros that came out this past October. Just more books to ass to my ever growing collection of GRRM stuff.

Tell Tale Games - The Lost Lords

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Alrighty! The second game came out on Wednesday (for PS3 players).

I've been a bit busy with my job. However, the weekend is HERE! Going to play it today, as it is a very cold and blustery day outside. Too much snow and not enough sunshine!

However, it's winter and in Canada, this is what we expect. Tomorrow, HBO will release their HBO A Day in the Life short on the behind the scenes production. Yay!

Game of Thrones Season V Trailer

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ALL THE FEELS!!!! I was trying to be productive at work. Honestly. A phone call changed all that.

I watched the leaked Season V Game of Thrones trailer.

In a word: STUPENDOUS!!!!!

IMAX is Coming

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So a ton of participating theatres around United States and Canada are hosting the last two episodes of Season IV's Game of Thrones in the IMAX format.

This is very exciting for two reasons: this is the first time an HBO series is getting this kind of royal treatment and secondly, this is an exclusive event, having them shown in IMAX formatting.

My ONLY complaint is that there are NO theatres in Ontario showing them. LOTS of fans are disappointed, but what can you do at this point?

At the end of the two episodes will be a short teaser trailer for Season V.

Valar Dohaeris.

Tell Tale Games - Game #2

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February is literally around the corner. With it are thoughts of Valentine's Day cards, flowers, dinner reservations and other equally romantic things to do.

Everybody be like, "Oh Valentine's Day is getting closer" and I'm here, like - "Tell Tale Games is releasing their second Game of Thrones game on February 5th!!!!!!!!!"

Whehoooooo!!! Clapping and lots of wolf whistles ensue!!!

Young Cersei Cast

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Oh this is getting better and better.

First, I find out that there's going to be a short special about Season V on February 8. Now, I find out that an actress has been cast to portray a young Cersei Lannister. 4

Can we say "flashback" coming to us very soon, via HBO?!

Happy 2015

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Happy New Year's to all the fans in the realm!

I just saw an article on 109 We Come from the Future and it's really exciting! On February 8, there will be a short behind the scenes glimpse on Game of Thrones.

Speculation is high: will it be a behind the scenes of Season 5? The new characters joining for the upcoming Season? Will it be something to do with how the show is diverging from the books? Who knows? For now, us fans must simply be content with the fact that it is now officially 100 days until Season 5. Hopefully all the news leaks on the internet were correct and that April 5 is the premiere date.

Although, I was thinking about it for a bit and well, maybe it will be a week earlier? If memory serves correct, Game of Thrones season premiere in 2014 took place on April 6. So maybe.....just maybe it will be the last Sunday in March (March 29th). There'll be no quarrel from me or my friends and family members, that's for sure!!