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Toronto 2014 Game of Thrones Exhibition

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I attended the third Game of Thrones exhibition downtown Toronto. It was good, with lots of props, story boards and costumes from the first three seasons. It also included some new costumes and banners from the fourth season.

My only bone to pick is that it was held at the Bell TIFF Light box. Which is a very small space, especially for something enormous as Game of Thrones.

I had a good time, went strolling through the displays and took over 200 pictures. They also had a new feature - the "Oculus Rift" - where fans stood in line for over 45 minutes to experience a 3-D virtual reality ascension of the Wall. I did it and it was fun but it only lasted 2 minutes.

I enjoyed the exhibition last year - please HBO Canada, make sure you book the Design Exchange. THAT is an event location that is large and spacious and hint, hint: you can have A LOT MORE displays for next year!

Game of Thrones Exhibition 2014!!!!!

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Oh yeah! Once again, Toronto is on the list for another HBO Game of Thrones exhibit.

I went to the first one (March 2012)at the Bell TIFF Lightbox, downtown Toronto. As an extremely enthusiastic Game of Thrones fan, I felt it was rather bare.

Fast forward to March 2013. The second HBO Game of Thrones exhibit was held at the Design Exchange, downtown Toronto. This one did not disappoint! I took so many pictures - 500, to be exact!

Hopefully, the third time is a charm! For all the fans in the realm, the third one will be held back at the Bell TIFF Lightbox May 14 to 18. Again, it's a free event and sure to be sold out within minutes of the ticket box office opening.

I plan on getting mine as soon as the box office opens. Maybe even get a few more this time around!



E's Game of Thrones, by the Numbers!!

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Just a breakdown:

1 subscription to HBO so I can watch my favourite show!

1 Pinterest board - "A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones" board with almost 4,000 pins.

5 "A Song of Ice and Fire" books.

4 of them signed by the man himself, GRRM!!!!!! (nobody is allowed to touch them but

1 extra set of "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels for my mother. :)

1 extra set of "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels that people can ask to borrow from me.

2 "A Song of Ice and Fire" graphic novels.

9 Funko Vinyl dolls.

2 Rolling Stone magazines with Peter Dinklage on the cover.

2 Entertainment Weekly magazines with the Lannisters and Jon/Dany on the covers.

10+ articles on HBO Watch (most of them pertaining to Game of Thrones).

1 Hand of the King pin.

2 Game of Thrones drinking steins (House Lannister and House Baratheon).

1 Winds of Westeros BlogSpot.

1 Twitter account with lots of links to HBO Watch and Game of Thrones events, news and updates.

2 Seasons of Game of Thrones on regular DVDs.

2 Season of Game of Thrones on Blu-ray DVDs.

1 Season III of Game of Thrones Blu-ray special edition pending order.

1 USB stick full of gawd knows how many Game of Thrones things.

1 e-mail to the makers of Trivial Pursuit and 1 response that "at this time, they are not currently looking into making an edition especially for Game of Thrones." (from 2011)

1 e-mail to Crayola with the idea to make "Game of Thrones" Crayola crayons (from 2011).

2 "The Wit and Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister" books impending order.

3 Game of Thrones calendars.

2 tickets from 2012 and 2013's HBO's Game of Thrones Toronto exhibitions.

4 Game of Thrones shot glasses.

3 Game of Thrones essay style books.

1 on-line membership to "" - the friggin' PHENOMENAL on-line community built by Elio and Linda!

Too many pics from the March 13, 2012 meet George RR Martin book signing downtown at Indigo.

3 Game of Thrones styled cakes (one for birthday and wedding anniversary - April 2012 and 2 for season premiere party 2013, with countless more to go for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017).

3 Plushie Dragon Eggs on order.

6 Plushie Direwolves on order.


I don't even want to think of what my next Visa bill is going to look like or how thick the envelope is going to be!


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This Game of Thrones Exhibit at the Design Exchange surpassed the one that I attended last year at the Bell TIFF Lightbox centre.

In total: 399 pictures were taken.

Submitted my review of the exhibit to the good folks at HBOWatch.

Will post some new pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Less than three weeks! Hip hip HOORAY!


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I am having a serious case of NERD RAGE RIGHT NOW.


Now, finally, after a very long autumn and dreary winter, the light is at the end of the tunnel.

I have tickets to go see the Game of Thrones Toronto exhibition at the Design Exchange for this Monday night.

I would've gotten tickets to go all week if I could! I also have other obligations and work commitments to attend to during March Break.

Oh. Ma. Gawd. 21 days left to go.

I have been updating my Twitter and Facebook accounts to the point where I'm sure friends of mine probably hide my annoying status update feeds, because I tend to get, how shall I say - 'carried away?'

MARCH 31 - I can now say, you are just around the bend!