50 Shades of Charles Dance

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Oh. Ma. Gawd.

A few days ago, http://io9.com/5978104/tywin-lannister-reads-50-shades-of-gray-for-your-sexy-sexy-pleasure posted this hilarious clip of actor Charles Dance, also know as the AWESOME Tywin Lannister, reading an excerpt of "50 Shades of Grey" on a British television game show called 'Big Fat Quiz.'

He is illegally sexy.

His voice just oozes sophistication.

OK. I'm off to take a cold shower now! Laters!

PS - "Yeah, that's what I thought..."

Game of Thrones Crayola Crayons

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Wouldn't it be fantastic if Crayola started making special crayons packs to commemorate certain movies or series on television?!

How freaking AMAZING would it be....if....Crayola came up with a Game of Thrones inspired crayon pack???

You know, I would end up purchasing, oh say, about 20 packs of them. Forgive me, I teach Visual Arts to JK and SK students. Hence, my fascination with Crayola and colouring. I love Crayola. I love Game of Thrones.

It's a perfect pair, wouldn't you think?!



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Those are the words of my husband.

I finished reading Pearson Moore's Season Two Essays on Game of Thrones. I only received the delivery less then a week ago.

I know. I get it. Sigh. I have issues where A Song of Ice and Fire is concerned.

I tried my best to put the book down. But...Pearson Moore has a way with words. His essays on each chapter are insightful, provocative and challenging. I enjoyed the book immensely and hope that he releases a third one, later this year.

75 days left to go.

I have report cards that need my undying attention.

I really need to prioritize my time. I am going to try my best and NOT read the next book...the one by William Jacoby, "Fear Cuts Deeper then Swords" which is a philosophy book about the characters and story lines of HBO's Game of Thrones.

I give it 48 hours before I succumb to temptation.

More Game of Thrones Literature

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Just received the "Game of Thrones: Second Season Essays" by Pearson Moore and "Logic cuts Deeper then Fear" book by Henry Jacoby. I am a very happy camper.

In the midst of marking, sorting and inputting marks in for the various classes I teach, it was nice to get something delivered to me that wasn't a bill! I am looking forward to reading these two books in the next two months' time.

Because we all know (especially those on my Twitter feed and Facebook account) that I am looking forward to the Season III premiere of Game of Thrones. I, and about a million other fans!

Happy that I read on George's "Not a Blog" blog spot that he has completed another chapter in the next novel, "The Winds of Winter." Keep at it, George R. R.! We all look forward, with great anticipation, of the release date for this book!

Still wondering when I am going to read "A Dance With Dragons."

GoT Cake!!!!

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Okay. I saw the BEST Game of Thrones inspired cake EVER!!!!

My birthday is basically a week after Season III premieres (actually, my wedding anniversary is the day before my birthday). So, it's only fitting that I have a three tiered cake, with the top layer being dedicated to House Targaryen, the middle layer being dedicated to Arya, Jon, the Wall and House Stark and the bottom tier being dedicated to House Baratheon and Tyrion Lannister.

Top layer: double chocolate with chocolate butter cream filling.

Middle layer: marble with chocolate and strawberry butter cream filling.

Bottom layer: lemon with strawberry filling.

I just gained 20 pounds and my birthday is not for another 91 days!!!!

GoT Essays: Season Two

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I finished Pearson Moore's "Game of Thrones Season One Essays" a while back and I ordered the next one. Patiently waiting for Amazon to deliver it to my door step.

85 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03-31-13 is Getting Closer

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Happy New Year!

I am so pleased...88 days left to go! Just finished writing another Game of Thrones article for the fabulous site, http://hbowatch.com/.

In addition to driving everyone around me a little bit bonkers about how Season III is approaching, I finished my "Game of Thrones Season One Essays" book by Pearson Moore. When can we expect the next book for Season II?! I also put the next installment of the GoT graphic novel on my Amazon wish list. I have to wait until June 2013 like everyone else but that's alright. By that time, I will have watched the third season (like millions of other fans), so I will be placated.

I wonder if there will be another teaser trailer coming out anytime soon? I seem to recall that last year, around this time, the "Cold Winds" teaser promo was out on YouTube and on HBO. I remember the first one, "The night is dark and full of terrors." I remember freaking out and saying to my husband and friends..."WHAT?! That's it?! 15 seconds?! Nooooooo!!"

A year has passed. I am a little calmer where Game of Thrones is concerned. I have learned to be a little more patient. Of course, it totally helps that I now have in my possession the "Inside the Making of Game of Thrones" book by HBO. Amazing read, by the way. And yes, I bought two copies of it. One for me, that only I get to read. The other, for anyone else who wants to look at it. It's a silly little kink of mine. Hey, it keeps me happy!

88 days until Game of Thrones on the tele....88 days to go, cross on off the calendar now, than it'll be 87 days until Game of Thrones on the tele....


Um, did I mention that I am up to almost 3000 pins on my "A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones" board on Pinterest?