February Fuzzies

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We're a month closer. That's what I'm talking about! Double digits in our countdown. And I'm all for that. I was a bit busy with work, hence why my blogging has been light as of that past few months.

Lots of speculation and HBO released a trailer.....very dark, very ominous and it's located in the House of Black and White. What does this mean? Why do we hear the dead speaking? Is this to provoke us? To bring back those suppressed feelings of rage and sorrow at seeing some of the best people die?!

Except Joffrey. I hated him and was thrilled to see him choke to death.

We're still patiently waiting for a trailer TRAILER, if you know what I mean. It's simply not ENOUGH for us to get a snippet of faces on the wall inside the House of Black and White.

Then again, fans have been freaking out over this. Why, you ask?! Well, duh. When a man or woman is given the "Gift" from someone inside the House of Black and White, then that means they're dead and gone.

Or are they........??

Valentine's Day

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I had the opportunity to watch a production of "Gaslight" at the Ed Mirvish theatre downtown Toronto, with my husband.

I got us really good seats. Why is this being posted on my Winds of Westeros blog? Well, for those of you who have PBS, they've been advertising the production in Toronto the past two months now and guess who stars in it: Owen Teale (Ser Aliser Thorne) and Ian McElhanney (Barristan Selmy).

It was a fantastic production and our seats were really good. I kept saying to my husband that I was fully prepared to bribe the seating personnel for autographs. Sigh. I didn't end up doing so but I enjoyed watching the two actors on screen.

This is as close to a Game of Thrones actor as I'm gonna get.