Game of Thrones Season V Trailer

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ALL THE FEELS!!!! I was trying to be productive at work. Honestly. A phone call changed all that.

I watched the leaked Season V Game of Thrones trailer.

In a word: STUPENDOUS!!!!!

IMAX is Coming

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So a ton of participating theatres around United States and Canada are hosting the last two episodes of Season IV's Game of Thrones in the IMAX format.

This is very exciting for two reasons: this is the first time an HBO series is getting this kind of royal treatment and secondly, this is an exclusive event, having them shown in IMAX formatting.

My ONLY complaint is that there are NO theatres in Ontario showing them. LOTS of fans are disappointed, but what can you do at this point?

At the end of the two episodes will be a short teaser trailer for Season V.

Valar Dohaeris.

Tell Tale Games - Game #2

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February is literally around the corner. With it are thoughts of Valentine's Day cards, flowers, dinner reservations and other equally romantic things to do.

Everybody be like, "Oh Valentine's Day is getting closer" and I'm here, like - "Tell Tale Games is releasing their second Game of Thrones game on February 5th!!!!!!!!!"

Whehoooooo!!! Clapping and lots of wolf whistles ensue!!!

Young Cersei Cast

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Oh this is getting better and better.

First, I find out that there's going to be a short special about Season V on February 8. Now, I find out that an actress has been cast to portray a young Cersei Lannister. 4

Can we say "flashback" coming to us very soon, via HBO?!

Happy 2015

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Happy New Year's to all the fans in the realm!

I just saw an article on 109 We Come from the Future and it's really exciting! On February 8, there will be a short behind the scenes glimpse on Game of Thrones.

Speculation is high: will it be a behind the scenes of Season 5? The new characters joining for the upcoming Season? Will it be something to do with how the show is diverging from the books? Who knows? For now, us fans must simply be content with the fact that it is now officially 100 days until Season 5. Hopefully all the news leaks on the internet were correct and that April 5 is the premiere date.

Although, I was thinking about it for a bit and well, maybe it will be a week earlier? If memory serves correct, Game of Thrones season premiere in 2014 took place on April 6. So maybe.....just maybe it will be the last Sunday in March (March 29th). There'll be no quarrel from me or my friends and family members, that's for sure!!