Under 40!!

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No, I'm not referring to my age.

We are now under 40 days left to go until Game of Thrones Season IV premieres! I don't know about you, but winter here in Ontario has been absolutely wretched, to say the least. Copious amounts of snow and horrible windchills have made this one of the worst winters, ever.

Not exaggerating. Just Google Toronto Ice Storm 2013 and you'll know I am not exaggerating.

38 days left in the realm. The intensity is building up. The excitement is raging through our veins.

HBO just put out little teaser trailers and posters.

It's right around the corner.

Valar Dohaeris!

Funko Funko FUNKO!!!!!

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YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will be arriving really really soon!!!!

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so don't want to see my Visa bill. I paid it off. I was a good girl. But then, I saw that Funko made the next series of Game of Thrones vinyl Pop figures. What's a girl to do?

I also pre-ordered the 3rd graphic novel that comes out this March. Totally stoked to get that delivered. And of course, I ordered a few Game of Thrones accompanying essay type books.

My husband gave me a Valentine's Day note last night that sums it up perfectly:

"I love it when...you freak out over anything GAME OF THRONES."

Oh, bless his heart. It takes a patient man to put up with the stubborn, sassy likes of me!

50 days, fan of the realm!!!

Game of Thrones: A Foreshadowing

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A preview designed to give fans of the realm a little taste of what is coming in April did not disappoint! Love the sets, the costumes and the behind the scenes questions and answers with the actors and actresses.

We are now officially under the 2 month mark. Which is a good thing, because the winter has been long. Too much frigid arctic air masses and not enough sunshine.

So stoked for April 6! :)

New Season IV Game of Thrones Pictures

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More eye candy to admire!

New faces!

New storylines! Amazing locations and gorgeous costumes.

61 days, people. 61.