Leaked Episodes

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Be honest.

How many people have watched the first four leaked episodes?

LOTS. There's arguments for and against watching them. Die hard fans are staunchly foregoing this option. Others want to wait it out and be surprised, week by week. Some fans are so obsessed that they couldn't wait to see what the first four episodes were all about.

Remember: there's going to be a ton of changes from the books. I am a book reader and am prepared to deal with a lot of changes, in terms of characters, plots and divergent storylines.

And many have asked about whether or not I've see a glimpse or two of the leaked episodes.

A girl sees nothing. A girl is no one.

Jaqen's BACK!!!!

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Women all over the realm are rejoicing that our favourite Faceless man is BACK!

What's up with Sansa?! Is she playing at being still so clingy and naive or is she playing up to Littlefinger? Hopefully she is turning to the dark side and learning to use her feminine wiles to hide a more devious side.

Arya + Jaqen = AWESOMENESS.

Jon and Sam = the Men in Black.

Dany......I just don't know what to say about you anymore. You're lost, confused and not doing a very good job at ruling people that you quite frankly don't know and don't understand. This is what happens when you are ignorant and try to carry out something noble. Without doing your background work and learning about the people you mean to rule, it blows up right in your face. Hell, your dragons don't want anything to do with you.

I am totally loving the Tyrion and Varys roadshow.


Dear Cersei: KARMA.

Am I forgetting anything else?!

SOOOO looking forward to Margaery and Tommen getting married. And hopefully seeing more of sassy Grandmother Olenna. BOOM


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The Seven are just. The day has finally arrived.

Millions of fans wait in anticipation, huddled together in front of their television screens, with family and friends, to rejoice and watch the Season Five premiere of Game of Thrones.

MAJOR shout out to my cake lady Linda, who made the most amazing cake creation for my get together. Lemon with chocolate cream filling.

A cake worthy of sitting on the Iron Throne of Westeros!



One Week!!!

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OH YEAH. One week left!!! Need I say more?! WHEHOOOOO!!!!!