HBO Watch Episode Review

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I wrote an episode review for Season III's episode #5 - "Kissed by Fire."

Have to say, it was a fantastic episode! Can't wait for next week! :)

Been real busy with work and report cards.....stay tuned for additional musings.

Would LOVE to see a scene with the mighty Tywin and the formidable Olenna. Imagine those two trading barbs! LOL

Margaery and Olenna

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Olenna (aka the Queen of Thorns) and Margaery rock. Simply put.

Remember, Westeros is not an easy society to live in, especially if you're a woman. Oh, sure it helps if you have a pretty face, money and a powerful family.

Even those things may not be enough to save you from the constant threat of violence, assault and deceit.

Although, I must say, I quite enjoy every scene that has one or both of those ladies. The elder, wise in the ways of the world, court intrigue and politics is teaching and clearing the path for one who is younger, sexier and far more shrewd. Although Margaery has so far been careful the way she chooses her words and actions.

Love how she is getting under Cersei's skin.

Oh yes, and how daddy Tywin puts Cersei in her place. BOOM!

Can we please have a scene with Tywin and Olenna? Would love to overhear a conversation between those two...

Elio and Linda at Westeros

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I've been subscribing to Elio and Linda's website.

These two people are amazing! I love this website - so comprehensive and full of links, forums, pictures, articles, fanfare and episode reviews.

Elio and Linda upload a weekly review of each episode. There are fan forums that people can post discussions on the books, the television series, theories, fan works, etc. I love it because it is everything a A Song of Ice Fire Fan could ever want for (with the exception of GRRM's website).

I follow Elio and Linda on Twitter. I totally recommend this website for people who need to get immersed in the GRRM culture.

Keep up the good work, Elio and Linda!

House Bolton

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All I will say is that I was seriously disturbed by this past weekend's episode.

Just when you see Jamie making a change of heart...where he actually developing a with his hand!

Westeros is no place for a woman. Or a man - if you make an attempt to flee or trust the wrong person.

Until next week.

Can't wait for a "ahem" white wedding...or should I say...'red?'

Happy B-day to Me

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As an avid Game of Thrones fan, it's kind of funny that I am pre-ordering all the Funko Vinyl dolls. an e-mail from Amazon. Season III can apparently be preordered now. Hm. Not that I am complaining.

Both are gifts that I am bestowing on myself. As any good Game of Thrones fan would!



Season 4!

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As if there was any doubt! Due to the enormous popularity (and strategic campaigning) of HBO's Game of Thrones, it makes sense for them to green light a fourth season.

And why not? We, the fans, get to see more action unfold. George RR Martin acquires new fans, due to the books and people wanting to read them and jump on the bandwagon. As for DB Weiss and Daniel Benioff, it's a recipe for success: give the fans what we want while creating a high quality show.

Now, hopefully when it comes time for A Dance with Dragons to be green lit...they split it into two seasons, because that is one massive book!

Valar Dohaeris

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I am a very content woman.

Everyone at the premiere party were pretty happy, too. Well worth the wait.

Some heavy dialogue between Tywin and Tyrion - and it was my favourite scene, to be honest. I also like how Margaery is doing her own thing, on  the sly helping the orphans and this may well be a very calculated move on her part. After all it's not like Joffrey has done anything to endear himself to the people of Westeros.

House Tyrell may be one of those Houses to keep an eye on. I can't wait to meet the 'Queen of Thorns.'

Samwell and gang are beleaguered, north of the Wall. Ghost was in fine form! As for Robb and the Stark banner men, Harrenhal was a ruin, a tomb of dead bodies. Only one person survived.

Is it April 7th yet?