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The Watchers on the Wall

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A lot of people were lamenting about why an entire episode was devoted to a big fight.

If you're a book reader, you understand how important that event was and what happens next. If you are not a book reader, well, all I can say to you is that you don't have the whole picture and are missing out on a lot of detail.

Read the books. Don't ask book readers for spoilers. There is simply too much detail that goes on and it would either confuse you or maybe it would bore you. The point is that an entire episode needed to be aired strictly about the attack on Castle Black and just how beleaguered the Night's Watch is because you have to look at it from a few perspectives: Mance, Jon, Sam and the Wildlings and just how fierce the attack was going to be.

My personal opinion is that the series should have 12 episodes instead of 10. There is more than enough material to use and it would actually be a good thing; certain plot lines and character arcs would be explained in more detail. Not to mention the added bonus of having 2 more episodes to watch.

The battle was hard fought and hard won, but the Brothers of the Night's Watch barely made it. They incurred some serious damage and unfortunately, Jon's good friends Pip and Grenn were killed by some of the Wildings. That just stinks but then again, they have to make it so that way the audience feels more pity, sympathy and anger for both Sam and Jon.

And to think, this was just the first round of attacks. If the Brothers think that they've won the war against the Wildlings, that was only the first round. There is plenty more coming their way.

HBO Watch Episode Review

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I wrote an episode review for Season III's episode #5 - "Kissed by Fire."

Have to say, it was a fantastic episode! Can't wait for next week! :)

Been real busy with work and report cards.....stay tuned for additional musings.

Would LOVE to see a scene with the mighty Tywin and the formidable Olenna. Imagine those two trading barbs! LOL


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This Game of Thrones Exhibit at the Design Exchange surpassed the one that I attended last year at the Bell TIFF Lightbox centre.

In total: 399 pictures were taken.

Submitted my review of the exhibit to the good folks at HBOWatch.

Will post some new pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Less than three weeks! Hip hip HOORAY!

Rome Comes to Westeros (well, sort of)

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I am totally stoked that one of my favourite actors (not to mention older man crushes) is going to be a part of Season III: A Storm of Swords!! Ciaran Hinds is joining the Game of Thrones cast for Season III as Mance Rayder, King Beyond the Wall.

If you are not familiar with who Ciaran Hinds is: go to Internet Movie Database. You'll see that he has a long history of stage and theatrical productions, not to mention he's been in a lot of motion pictures. I watched Rome a few years back and thought he was brilliant as Julius Caesar.

That tall stature, that handsome face, the deep voice that delivered lines laced with authority or a quiet menace: what's not to like about Ciaran Hinds? If you've read the novels, as I have, you've probably come to understand that Mance's character is a bit younger. At least that is what I've read on many Game of Thrones related websites. I like the fact that the good folks at HBO cast Ciaran in the role of Mance Rayder. I think it takes a certain amount of wisdom and experience to become the King Beyond the Wall, to once be a Brother of the Night's Watch and turn your nose up at it all and head North to seek freedom, to rally people - Wildlings - to your vision and sick to it.

Not only that, but you are living in frigid, winter like conditions all year round. Would you rather have your freedom and live as you please or would you rather be down South, in one of the many cities in Westeros, where treachery and betrayal are a part of everyday living?

It'll be interesting when Ygritte takes Jon Snow to meet Mance Rayder. So far, I was very interested in meeting Lady Olenna Redwyne and Ser Brynden Tully, the Blackfish of Riverrun, in Season III. Add one more intriguing character to the list! 

"Y" is for Ygritte!

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Ygritte is a Wildling. She lives as a free woman, far beyond the Wall. She is 'kissed by fire' - meaning that because of her natural red hair, she has been blessed by the Old Gods.
Ygritte is very handy with an axe, as well as knives and spears. Jon Snow first encountered her while out with Qhoran Halfhand. He was supposed to kill her. Instead, he hesitated. That hesitation turned into the comedy of errors. He became separated from the rest of the Brothers and was the butt of many jokes. Ygritte enjoyed taunting Jon. Especially where women were concerned.
I think they are attracted to each other, but too stubborn to admit it. After being captured by the Lord of Bones, Qhoran instigated Jon into fighting. Eventually, Jon kills him. He is sad and confused about the awful turn of events. Ygritte looks at him in astonishment - Jon Snow took out Qhoran Halfhand. Qhoran was the toughest ranger and was respected and feared by the Wildlings. Ygritte realizes there is more to Jon then meets the eye.
"You know nothing, Jon Snow." Ah, Ygritte. We miss you so! Looking forward to seeing the fiery haired beauty teach the lone wolf a thing or two in Season III!