A New Generation of GoT Fans

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It just occurred to me: George R. R. Martin wrote the first three books of "A Song of Fire and Ice" in the late 1990's and early 2000s. Which means that when book number four and five came out, people began to flock to those ones just as quick! Of course, with HBO creating and producing the hit series "Game of Thrones" in April 2011 and 2012, the audience for his literary works has now doubled, or perhaps tripled. I am a fan, no doubt.

Soon, there will be a new member in my family, a nephew (who is due anyday now) and you know what that means, don't you? I'm going to have to purchase his first Game of Thrones t-shirt, lunchbox, bottle, etc. When I was little, both my older brothers and I were major "Star Wars" fans. We had the bedsheets, the toys, the lego and the lunchboxes. Three cheers for "Star Wars" & "Game of Thrones!" May the fans carry on all the funny and silly traditions that go along with popular films and book series!

Game of Thrones Merchandise

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I'd like to purchase the four Game of Thrones beverage steins. Yes, I know, that seems a bit silly, but seeing as how I have five books and one graphic novel on my shelf, I may as well add to my Game of Thrones collection. The problem is that I don't want anyone to drink out of the Lannister one. I'm the only one allowed!

A Game of Thrones: Graphic Novel

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I just purchased the first of George R.R. Martin's "A Game of Thrones" graphic novels. He has approved them being created and the they will be sold in volumes. I purchased volume I and it did not disappoint. The adaptation is by Daniel Abraham and the art is done by Tommy Patterson. There is a pretty in-depth preface by George R. R. himself. For people who don't want to read the books, this will provide them with the opportunity to read the story in a different medium. The graphics and art are amazing. New fans will be sure to add this to their collection. Outstanding! Can't wait for the next Volume to come out!

GRRM Website

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George R. R. Martin has his own website. This is a spectacular feat - he lists all his likes, what he's reading, letters/pictures from fans, book signings, a Game of Thrones countdown ticker, a merchandise icon, etc. http://georgerrmartin.com You can even read his blog - which is called 'Not A Blog.' His e-mail is grrm@georgerrmartin.com in case you want to e-mail him a picture, a comment, a letter, etc. He is a very busy man at the moment, doing all sorts of press junkets in Europe and across the United States, so if he doesn't respond back to any e-mail you've sent, don't take offence. He just takes his time (like with writing his books). However, he always delivers a quality response back (just like his books, you get a product of HIGH quality). :)

HBO Website

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For die hard "Game of Thrones" fans, HBO has set up a comprehensive website, with detailed icons about episodes, live chats and interactive features. I love HBO!

A Storm of Swords

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I just finished reading the third novel in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series, 'A Storm of Swords.' When it comes time for Season III to air (which will be April 2013), I hope the writers carry on with their amazing penmanship and stay true to the plotlines. The book, in a word, was astounding. There were a few things I did not see coming!

Favourite Character

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Who is your favourite character? I've plowed right through three books already and know enough to say that my favourite is Tyrion, hands down! Actually, I have three, truth be told. Tyrion Lannister: because he is the ultimate bad ass, he is smart, cunning, manipulative and calls people on their bull. The very fact that he is a dwarf endears him to me even more. I have a soft spot for any underdog. Make no mistake - Tyrion might be half a man's size but he more then makes up for that in the intelligence department. That, and he has a real dry sense of humour. I love the fact that he loathes his sister and will seek out appropriate vengeance, when the time arrives. Oh, and he also puts snot nosed Joffrey in his damned place.

The next two characters that I can't decide between are Arya Stark and Jon Snow. They are both tough, they are survivors. Arya does not have any of the false sincerity and longs to be more then just a lady who will marry a high born Lord and raise sons in a castle of her own. She's spunky, fiesty and knows how to handle a sword. Jon Snow is a the illegitimate son of Eddard Stark. So what, he's a bastard. As Tyrion once told him - 'wear that fact on your sleeve and it can never be used against you.' He is tough, eager to learn, wants to protect the realm and is an honest guy. True, he is conflicted, as he wants to know who is lady mother was. I like the bond Jon has with his brothers and Arya.

Brandon Stark also tugs at my heart strings. Perhaps he will outlive everyone in the series.

The Houses of Westeros

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First off, there are so many Houses in the Seven Kingdoms, that I'm going to dedicate many a blog post to them. I can't do it in one single swoop. Besides, for me, who likes detail, it wouldn't be much fun. I'll begin by stating that there are Seven Kingdoms in Westeros. Winterfell, King's Landing, Casterly Rock, The Eyrie, Inn at the Crossroads, Storm's End and Highgarden. All the major Houses - Stark, Baratheon, Tully, Lannister, Greyjoy, Frey, Targaryen, Tyrell - to name a few, have all been vying for power and control. Some of the Houses are relatively peaceful. Others have been downright power hungry, smashing and destroying all enemies who they come across unless fealty is sworn to them. Make no mistake, Game of Thrones takes place in a medieval world, where allegiances are forged and betrayals take place on a daily basis.

The Starks hail from Winterfell. Their House motto is "Winter is Coming." Their sigil is the Direwolf. The Baratheons hail from Storm's End. Their House motto is "Ours is the Fury." Their sigil is the Stag.

The Lannisters hail from Casterly Rock. Their House motto is "Hear me Roar." Their sigil is the Lion.

The Tullys hail from Riverrun, located at the Inn at the Crossroads. Their House motto is "Family. Duty. Honour." Their sigil is the Fish.

The Targaryens used to hail from Storm's End and Dragonstone, until they were usurped and forced to flee. Their House motto is "Fire and Blood." Their sigil is a Three Headed Dragon.

The Tyrells hail from Highgarden. Their House motto is "Growing Strong." Their sigil is a Tudor shaped rose, growing.

The Grejoys hail from the Islands of Pyke. Their House motto is "We Do Not Sow." Their sigil is a Kraken.

The Freys hail from Riverlands. Their House motto is not known. Their sigil is Twin Grey Towers with a Bridge. The Martells hail from the lower region of Highgarden. Their House motto is "Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken." Their sigil is Sun pierced with a Spear.

When you begin reading the books, you can clearly see who's in power and who is vying for it. The books are so character rich, that you need to remember who is who, or better yet, turn to some graphic organizers, so that you can see where the characters are grouped together. I will try to find some images that help group the Houses together, for those that like the visual aid.

Thank you, George R R!

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I first came to know "A Game of Thrones" back in the late 1990s. It wasn't until many years later that I actually read the first book. I literally picked it up, started reading it and found I could not put it down.

After that, I was hooked. I quickly purchased the next two books in the series: "A Clash of Kings" and "A Storm of Swords." Problem with that is no sooner had I purchased the books, I pretty much finished them.

A surprising thing happened in winter 2011 (how fitting, considering House Stark's motto is 'Winter is Coming'): I saw a fleeting trailer for this action packed, medieval drama.....and yes, it was Game of Thrones!

I counted the weeks and days down until it's debut. Not to be conceited or rude, but I found it completely awesome that HBO decided to choose April to premiere this series. April is the month of my wedding anniversary and birthday. A fitting present for me, indeed!

I shut my phone off, I told family and friends NOT TO BOTHER ME on April 17, 2011. Sorry folks....but leave me alone to my HBO series. And it did NOT DISAPPOINT. I was enraptured. I wanted more. I didn't want to wait every single Sunday evening to watch it.

Then I thought of the old adage, 'patience is a virtue.' Surely I was not the only fan who became excited and couldn't wait for the next episode. I quickly joined Twitter's Game of Thrones group, not to mention find the Game of Thrones page on Facebook. There, I found thousands of fans, just like me.

Fast forward a year later. Yes, Game of Thrones debuted - once again - in April. I had the opportunity to meet George R. R. Martin at a book signing in March 2012. I was like a little girl, giggling. Or to be more accurate, like a teenage fan for the Jonas Brothers or Zac Efron. I waited for 3 hours and it was worth it. I had four out of five of my Game of Thrones books signed.

And so, I just wanted to say a humble "thank you" to the great George R. R. Martin. You have provided me with countless hours of reading pleasure. Meeting you was fantastic! I can't wait to keep posting more blog entries on the books, the plot lines and HBO series!

Game of Thrones Entries

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Many of my blog entries will be about the Houses, the various Kingdoms and the characters.

I also want to add that none of the images that I have posted are my own (except the birthday cake, meet and greet, the little sigil frames and the Game of Thrones exhibition shots). I do not own the other images and have retrieved them off of the internet.

But if I had an extensive collection of images and props, I would probably need another room, or two, to showcase them in!

A Song of Ice and Fire

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I am a voracious reader.

For those of you who know me, you know that I can go to Chapters or the library and spend countless hours (and money) purchasing books. I love to read all sorts of genres. However, the main one I like to read is the medieval, fantasy genre.

Anything to do with myth, magic, dragons and danger is something that has always fascinated me. I took a lot of English Literature courses during my four year tenure at university. My favourite ones were Medieval Folklore and Legend, Chaucer and his works and Medieval Fantasy.

I first became acquainted with "A Song of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones" in the late 1990s. It would be a decade before I read the first book in the series. From that moment on, I became a dedicated fan of George R. R. Martin.

Then, the impossible was brought to life: HBO decided to take on the complex books and produce it into a 10 part series. You have NO idea what that did to me as a fan and as an avid sci-fi geek!

Can we say, "fandimonioum?"

And so, having a lot of time off to think, read and analyze, I decided to create a blog specifically for Game of Thrones. This blog will be dedicated to my musings, ramblings and commentary on the books, the HBO series and the characters.

I have two ladies to thank for this: Daniela and Julia. Thank you!