"N" is for Nymeria!

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This post is dedicated to Nymeria, the direwolf that belonged to our favourite future assassin in training, Arya Stark. Nymeria - like Arya - is fierce, loyal and somewhat of an outcast. We all know Arya doesn't want to fulfil traditional gender roles at Winterfell. Nymeria is well suited to Arya, as she can be impulsive.

Just look at how she attacked Joffrey. He totally deserved it, especially seeing what an abusive jerk he turned out to be! In order to save Nymeria from being executed, Arya took her out to the forest and made her flee from Winterfell.

In my heart of hearts, I really hope Nymeria is alive and well. And that she has the much needed reunion with her owner! Us die hard Game of Thrones fans wish it, will it and desperately want it! I've read four of the books so far and every once in a while....there was the fleeting sensation that Arya sensed Nymeria's presence. Please....let there be a reunion of these two lost souls!

"M" is for Margaery Tyrell

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Here is one of my favourite female characters: Margaery Tyrell. The lovely Natalie Dormer portrays her in HBO's Game of Thrones.

Margaery is the only daughter from House Tyrell. She has three older brothers - Willas, Lord Garlan and Ser Loras. As a female, she is destined to marry into a great house and unite two families, securing wealth, political ties and forging new alliances.

In A Clash of Kings, we see that Margaery Tyrell has married Renly Baratheon and by rights, has become his Queen. We all know that Loras and Renly are having a secret relationship. This does not bother Margaery, as she has married her King, knowing what she was getting into and what was expected of her in this political arrangement.

For a female in Westeros, she is very well educated and pretty shrewd. I like to think that she gets that blunt and shrewd streak from her grandmother, Lady Olenna Redwyne. Margaery possesses looks and wit and understands the necessity of deception, especially to those in the court. What would've been a strategic marriage soon comes undone, as Renly is murdered by his brother and the red priestess from Asshai.

Margaery understands that being in the right position at the right time means that unrivalled power could be in her grasp. We see her pleading her case to King Joffrey, that she has become enamored of him and all his feats. Just watching Natalie Dormer state her intentions to Joffrey with that seductive twinkle in her eye and her regal wardrobe, well Joffrey pretty much likes what he sees and discards Sansa Stark in favour of Lady Margaery Tyrell.

Season III looks pretty exciting and I cannot wait to see how Margaery's character begins to show some real teeth and some edge. Margaery is savvy enough to know that she wants to be aligned with the most powerful man in Westeros, because it means prestige for her family and a secure position for her in court and for any future heirs. I don't think she will buckle under Joffrey the way Sansa did.

Perhaps she will use her sultry wiles on Joffrey to get what she wants. I say whatever she needs to do to get ahead, do it. The men of Westeros never flinch at having to wage weapons, threats and seize opportunities, when presented.

So if a woman chooses to make love instead of war to obtain power, it doesn't make her weaker. Pen is mightier than the sword. No man alive can withstand the alluring, tantalizing siren call from a woman. Especially Natalie Dormer's Margaery Tyrell. Watch her in the Tudors. Then you'll know exactly what I mean.

"L" is for Lannisters

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My favourite family from Westeros....NOT! The ONLY exception is Tyrion. He walks with a swagger, is extremely intelligent and cunning. I like how he sees through everyone else's lies and deceit.

The rest of his family are abhorrent.

Let's start with his older siblings, shall we? What can we say about a pair of fraternal twins who commit incest? Nothing pleasant, that's for sure! Cersei Lannister was the first twin born to Joanna and Tywin Lannister of Casterly Rock. Jaime was born second. Both blond, cherubic and healthy, they grew up looking almost identical. The twins were educated very differently, much to Cersei's chagrin. She was taught all the finer points that befits a young lady of her station: court etiquette, needlework, dancing, poetry, household management and the history of all the Houses in Westeros.

Jaime Lannister was trained by the Casterly Rock men at arms to use swords, shields, axes, lances and how to properly ride horses into battle and for transportation. After all, he was a man and expected to serve his family through politics or combat.

Growing up, the twins began to have a sick, sordid relationship, with each other.  This relationship was carefully guarded and ultimately produced three children, whom Cersei let her late husband think he was the father. Readers of the books and audience members who've watched the series all thought how absolutely disgusting the two of them were for carrying on in such a depraved manner.

Cersei is angry and resentful for being born a female and being made to marry and serve her family like chattel. Jaime is arrogant and condescending, because he is so skilled as a member of the King's guard.

Tyrion is the one everyone likes best. Why? He has survived heartache and ridicule by many, including his own family members. He has used the fact that he is a dwarf to build up his strengths and cultivate a memorable persona. He reads and writes. He is shrewd, intelligent and is very capable of having intelligent conversations about anything. He has empathy for those less fortunate then himself, a rare quality that his siblings and father do not possess. He is a total ladies man. We all love him for it, too!

Then there is daddy. Tywin Lannister does not take bull from anyone. The man stands well over 6'5 and carries himself regally. This is a man with a stern military background. His has been very successful in all of his campaigns. He is also very wealthy and understands court politics and financial policies very well. He has a keen mind and sharp, cutting wit. Tywin Lannister is not the kind of man you want to trifle with. Ever.

There are other Lannisters that we've been introduced to, namely Kevan Lannister and Lancel Lannister. Kevan is Tywin's younger brother. He serves on his brother's war council and gives prudent and thoughtful advice. He is smart enough to know that Tywin holds all the power and that it is best to serve a man who is in power and maintains control of that power.  Lancel Lannister is cousin to Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion. Lancel seems like a little whiner, a backstabbing man who will do anything to elevate his social position. I think we all enjoyed seeing Tyrion mess with his head during the second season. I know I enjoyed their scenes together. Nothing like Tyrion putting a member of his own family in their place! Rightfully so!!

Now, I would also like to include Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen. Joffrey is an outright psycho. His immature and power hungry behaviour speaks for itself. If only Tommen, the youngest boy, had been born first. Tommen has a very sweet and loving disposition. Totally opposite of what a Lannister is like. Myrcella is a sweet natured teenage girl. It's hard to believe that those two younger siblings have Cersei Lannister as their mother. She is a monster.

I wouldn't expect to see Cersei up for 'Mother of the Year' award anytime soon. As for Joffrey...is there anyone else out there who is waiting and counting that days to see what goes down in Season III next year?! I am!!

"K" is for King's Landing

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Ah, yes. King's Landing. A city that could easily be compared to medieval European cities, such as London, Paris or Rome. This jewel is the residence for the ruling King and his family and the royal court. King's Landing is the capital of Westeros and also the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. In that respect, I could compare it to Ottawa, which is the capital of Canada.

I'm not sure that I'd want to reside there. You see an awful lot of the rest of the city and how its' inhabitants fare. The poor live in cramped quarters at the bottom of the city, which is known as the "Flea Bottom" district. The peasants live in farms on property that surrounds King's Landing. It is built on a series of three hills and is walled, the way many European citadels were. The Red Keep is home to the infamous "Iron Throne." There is also the Great Sept of Baelor, where the most religious and fervent of Maesters come to worship.

I would not willingly want to visit or move to King's Landing anytime soon. In Season I, Arya Stark couldn't wait to leave and go back home to Winterfell. Call it a sixth sense or common sense, but from what us fans saw of King's Landing, there were too many evil things underfoot, too many people with ulterior motives in that nasty place. Sansa Stark was the total opposite - she thought the place was courtly and perfect, like something right out of a fairytale. And you wonder why I adore Arya - she has the keen ability to see things for what they are, instead of daydreaming of what the place could be like.

King's Landing seems to be the place for power hungry people to congregate to. That and all the liars, suck ups, back stabbers, spies, prostitutes, orphans, vying houses, tradespeople, soldiers and common folk flock to. I can see why George R R Martin compared King's Landing to medieval London or Paris. Those cities had various classes of people and all sorts of activity going on inside it.

The late Robert Baratheon sat on the Iron Throne. Now, his 'son' Joffrey sits on it and the Lannister family is the chief ruling family in King's Landing and in all of Westeros. King's Landing is no place to go for a vacation, or raise a family, let alone have one as power hungry and depraved as the Lannisters, rule from it.

I'm sure George R R Martin has a few surprises in store for us, especially in March 2013, when Season III debuts!

"J" is for Jaqen H'gar

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The baddest  - yet coolest - assassin on Game of Thrones is none other then Jaqen H'gar. You have to admit, there was something aloof...mysterious...dangerous about him, especially when we first caught a glimpse of him in that small cart, on the way to the Wall.

Anyone who can keep a calm composure and talk in third person without breaking a sweat is worth noting. Especially in Westeros, where there are so many characters and you really don't know who is a good guy or a bad guy until a few episodes have been shown.

Jaqen H'gar makes his debut in Season I, when Arya Stark had been disguised as a boy and was smuggled out of Kings Landing by Yoren, for her own safety. He is sitting in a small cart, apparently a prisoner and on his way to the Wall with the rest of the recruits that Yoren has found. He has red hair, with several streaks of white in it. He has the most hypnotic blue eyes I've ever seen. He doesn't bark or harass Arya, the way the others do. His quiet demeanour suggests that this man has some sort of secret power or ability that has yet to reveal itself. Yoren scoured the dungeons and prisons of Kings Landing, in search of new recruits for the Brotherhood of the Night's Watch. Apparently, other prisoners feared Jaqen H'gar. Perhaps with good reason, as we find out that he is a part of a secret troupe called the "Faceless Men" - they have the abilities to take on the physical appearance of others, and when that person's persona is no longer of use, they shape shift to become an entirely different person altogether! Which explains how he can take down so many people and not get caught.

When Arya meets up with him again in Season II while stationed at Harrenhal, she finds out that he is now serving Tywin Lannister's forces. She has a chance meeting with him and becomes upset, making her feelings known, stating that she should've just left him in the cart after being attacked by the Kings guard at the end of Season I. He doesn't flinch, nor does he deny what he is. He very calmly explains to her that he is now in debt to her. He asks her to name three people, because Arya owes the "Red God" three lives. Pretty sweet exchange, if you ask me, because this girl has a wicked agenda. She has a very long list and any help to getting rid of her enemies is just pure genius!

Jaqen H'gar helps out Arya Stark in ways she didn't even think of were possible. At first, she is skeptical of his abilities. Once the Tickler and Ser Amory Lorch are assassinated, she realizes that Jaqen H'gar is a force to be reckoned with and a very valuable ally. He also happens to arrange her escape from Harrenhal late one night, by simply stating to walk out of the gates at midnight. If you've seen the final episode, you'll know just how he took care of all the guards. At the end of Season II, Jaqen reveals all to Arya and asks that she go with him. Unfortunately, she rejects his offer, but not because she is scared or fears for her life, but because she needs to reunite with her brothers, sister and mother. He gives her a very strange but valuable coin with the phrase - "Valar Morghulis" - meaning "All men must die."

They part, Jaqen turns around to say goodbye to Arya and has completely changed looks! I am hoping and praying we see a little more of the elusive Jaqen H'gar in Season III or Season IV (I know, I'm being a bit pretentious when I say that, but hope springs eternal)!

"I" is for the Iron Throne

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Between you and I, would you really want to sit on the Iron Throne?

I did. Once. This happened in March. I went downtown Toronto to see the Game of Thrones exhibition at the Bell Lightbox and it was pretty cool. So, in a sense, I can truly say that I sat down on the Iron Throne. It was hard and lumpy. And that was just one of the prop chairs flown in from Dublin.

I know that the Iron Throne is not a seat of power that I'd want to occupy anytime soon. Especially since I've read four of the books already and know that the throne is a curse. Too much hatred to deal with. Too much greed from everyone wanting their share of wealth. Too many sleepless nights, worrying about assassins coming to get you, resentful Houses trying to wage war or revenge, getting deeper and deeper into debt. Give me another position, but not as a Queen on the Iron Throne.

That throne does something funny to those who occupy it. They either go slightly mad, they abuse their power or their reign is ended abruptly. I took many history courses when I attended university and the one main theme that seemed to carry over was that the path the paved the way to sitting on any throne, for that matter, was littered with sins, murder, blackmail and greed. When I watch the HBO series Game of Thrones, I totally understand and agree with the aforementioned statement.

Remember what the late King Robert Baratheon said to the late Ned Stark in Season I? All he wanted to do was, "eat, sleep, drink and whore his way into an early grave." Remember what Petyr Baelish said to Ros in Season II? "Too often those with the most power have the least grace." He was absolutely correct. The current King sitting on the Iron Throne, Joffrey Baratheon, is a psychotic, arrogant and condescending twit who is cruel to everyone around him. He has a malicious streak to him a mile wide. No doubt lovingly nurtured by his own saintly mother, Queen Regent Cersei. I wait in high anticipation for Season III to roll around next year...and to see which character says another profound quote about power or ruling the Seven Kingdoms.

Ruling from the Iron Throne means having only the most loyal people around you, having a keen intellect, a sharp eye for military and financial dealings and having courage. Having a backbone. And having really think skin, because the amount of people that hate you and openly mock you is enough to make anyone go in a corner and lick their wounds. A ruler who sits on the Iron Throne should also possess honour, strength, courage and tenacity. All the qualities that Joffrey does not possess.

Power shared is power halved. Joffrey knows that and clings tightly to his throne. Same with Cersei. Poor Ned Stark. He found out the hard way that trying to be noble instead of cunning cost him his life.

"When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground."

"H" is for the Hound & HBO

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The Hound. What more can I say?

He's tall, he's tough and he takes no prisoners. This man is raw and edgy. He goes into battle and always emerges the victor. He stands over 6'5. The man has a helmet that would frighten away most children. His face is burnt and scarred on one side.

This is not a man that you go running to for a hug. Don't expect him to feel sorry for you either. In fact, one could argue that the Hound feels nothing. He is a killer. He is a soldier. He guards Prince Joffrey. Don't make assumptions about him, though. In the books and in the HBO series, I always got the impression that he really resented his position in the Lannister household. After all, guarding Prince Joffrey seems like such a waste of his time. And Joffrey is no picnic.

I think beneath that hardened surface lies a man who feels, who thinks and who longs to be more then what he already is. I think that he is a very shrewd man, but that nobody gives him proper credit. He is just defined by his role as a blood thirsty killer who belongs to the Kings guard.

Actor Rory McCann is perfect for the role in every way possible: his dark visage, his height, the dark eyes that see right through a person and his voice - just watch his audition on YouTube and you'll know what I mean. The man can wear heavy armor, charge into battle and still stand straight. I do love his helmet, as it lends a sense of foreboding to his persona.

I think the Hound is tired of being around the Lannisters. He sees them as bullies, albeit powerful ones. He hates his older brother - Gregor Clegane, who is known as "The Mountain Who Rides." To add insult to injury, Gregor is known as "Ser" Gregor Clegane, with a keep and lands. Sandor Clegane is the younger brother, untitled and personal guard of Prince Joffrey Baratheon.

He sees how Joffrey treats Sansa in Season I. Season II gets a lot more gritty and violent and the Hound tells the truth to Sansa: - "We're all killers. Your father was a killer. Your brother is a killer. Your future sons will be killers." Not exactly what a 14 year old teenage girl wants to hear, but the Hound has a funny way of making sense, especially in a time where common sense is lacking big time in Westeros.

I look forward to seeing more the Hound in Season III. I've read four of the books so far...and let's just say that the Hound isn't the monster that I made him out to be a while back.

As for HBO, well, let's just say that this Canadian gal is super duper happy that Game of Thrones became a series, all thanks to a few savvy producers, writers and a certain author. Without the talents and hard work of so many people, this fantastic series would not have become a reality! There is also a satellite website called HBO Watch and this site is dedicated to bringing fans news about all the wonderful developments of HBO shows by providing articles, character profiles and point of view essays and opinions.  (**Shameless self promotion warning: I have written several character profiles for HBO Watch**)


"G" is for George R R Martin!

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Two topics for the letter "G" - George R. R. Martin, who we all know as the big guy who wrote this fantastic series of books! Thank you George, for giving us fans hours of endless reading pleasure. I am just about to start the fifth book, "A Dance with Dragons." :)

Also, "G" can stand for Game of Thrones soundtrack. What kind of music would you recommend for a potential "Game of Thrones" soundtrack? I love Ramin Djawadi's score. His music is absolutely key to creating the mood and delivering heavy on the emotion.

However, are there any songs out there that would be applicable to the series? The songs that come to mind so far are the following:

"Seven Devils" by Florence and the Machine;
"Immigrant Song" and "No Quarter" by Led Zeppelin;
"Scarborough Fair" by Simon and Garfunkel;
"Of Wolf and Man" by Metallica;
"A Real Human Being" by College;
"Run for the Hills" by Iron Maiden;
"Short People" by Randy Newman;
"Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon;
"Highway to Hell" and "Have a Drink On Me" by AC/DC.

Are there any other musical selections you can think of? Feel free to comment on my blog! Cheers

"F" is for Frey!

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We come to the letter "F." Normally, I don't mind the letter but I detest who this post represents. "F" stands for Frey. The Frey that most comes to mind is the cantankerous, sly old fox, Walder Frey. What I remember from Season I is how Lady Catelyn went to negotiate terms with him and he was newly married....to a 15 year old teenage girl. Talk about revolting. "And her honey's all mine." Could Walder Frey get any more disgusting?!

Yes, the man is called "Late Lord Frey," because he is known in the Seven Kingdoms for showing up late for battles. Preferable when the battles are over. How convenient. He has a lot of children and even more bastards. He is also very ambiguous in the series and extremely cranky in the books.

I know from what I've seen and what I've read, that I would not want Lord Walder Frey as my enemy. He has lived to be almost 90 years old and there's a reason for it: his cunning. He has outlived many a man because he is sly and able to look at situations and judge them for better or for worse.

Interesting to note that two betrothals were brokered at the end of Season I between two of his children to Robb Stark and Arya Stark.  Now that we've all finished watching Season II, we all know that Arya is so far removed from being engaged to one of Lord Walder Frey's sons, that really, she has nothing to worry about. It's Robb Stark's actions that have been a real breach of contract.

I have read four out of five books and I will not spoil anything for anyone checking out my little blog spot. But I will say this: Lady Catelyn Stark implored her son not to rub Lord Walder Frey the wrong way. He doesn't need the banner men of the North. More like, they need him because of his bridge. He has the advantage where he can call the tune and name his price to all that need to cross the Frey bridges.

Robb Stark: for all your military skill, you sure lack in common sense. And for what? A pretty face! Lord Walder Frey is a dangerous man. You will soon find out just how dangerous and vicious a 90 year old man can be...

"E" is for Eleonora

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In my defence, I am going to dedicate this blog post to all Game of Thrones fans, whose names begin with the letter "E." Seeing as how this is my blog, I more or less think I can get away with posting this, too.

Oh, alright. I'll include "The Eyrie," which we all know to be the ancestral home of House Arryn. This is a fortress that stands very tall, on top of a mountain range that is almost impossible to climb during any season except summer. It is certainly advantageous from a protection and a military standpoint. The Eyrie has a few floors for their prisoners, known as the 'Sky Cells.' Tyrion Lannister found that out when he was brought there for a trial by Lady Catelyn Stark.

Life appears to be very elegant in the Eyrie. As Lady Lysa Arryn once said, "Life is elegant here in the Vale, we have no executioner." The Vale of Arryn has yet to declare support for any of the ruling families who are fighting for the Iron Throne, thus it is seen to be neutral territory. The Vale of Arryn lands are situated between the lands of the north (belonging to House Stark) and the lands to the middle of Westeros (belonging to House Tully, which just happens to be Lady Lysa's father's lands).

The Eyrie is currently ruled by lady Lysa and her son, Lord Robert Arryn, a sickly and temperamental young boy.

"D" is for Dothraki

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The Dothraki are the nomadic tribe of fearsome warriors that we see (and read about) in Game of Thrones. They know how to ride a stallion, charge into battle, wield pretty scary looking swords, daggers, sabres and spears and conquer any civilization that is weak (and unfortunately, in their way).

The leader of the Dothraki tribe is Khal Drogo. In the series, he is played by actor Jason Momoa. He is a tall, powerfully built and sexy as hell warrior. I looked forward to seeing him during season I. His demeanour came across as frightening and dominant, as the same time. His hair was the longest - as is Dothraki custom. Until a warrior is defeated in battle, his hair grows very long. His ponytail was the longest.

The Dothraki roam from one coast to another and live across the narrow sea, far beyond Pentos. They live in the vast lands of Essos, north of the Red Waste. Their chief city is Vaes Dothrak. Their language is particularly difficult to master. Their way of life is almost prehistoric: men rule with an iron fist and women are subservient. It's not a life that I would freely choose. When Khal Drogo married Daenerys Targaryen, it was as if two worlds were about to collide. He was tall, built, undefeated in battle and had a well known reputation for being a violent warlord. She was a delicate, ethereal exiled princess who knew little of the ways of men.

The beginning of their marriage was a trial - Dany did not know the language, Dothraki customs and was not at all happy at sharing the marriage bed with Khal Drogo. Once tutored by a Dothraki handmaiden, she came to understand and value the power of female sexuality to enslave her warlord husband. It certainly worked and because she learned the language, adopted the mannerisms and the traditional garb of the Dothraki women, Khal Drogo came to respect his wife and cherish her.

It made me so sad to see that their union would not produce any children and that she would be left a widow, heart broken and lost in the world. All Dany was left with was her three petrified dragon eggs and the memories of her beloved Khal Drogo. You have to hand it to this woman: she still led a small horde across the Red Waste in order to try and save them and start anew. In her heart, no one will ever take the place of her beloved Dothraki prince, Khal Drogo.

"My sun and stars, moon of my life."

"C" is for Casterly Rock!

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I'd like to live at Casterly Rock. I'd have servants to attend my every whim; I'd have a huge room; lots of gold and oh, of course, I'd be residing in the ancient house of the Lannister clan.

What's there NOT to like?! Casterly Rock is the chief residence of the current ruling family - the Lannisters. Tywin Lannister is a rich and very powerful man. When Tyrion says to anyone within earshot that, "A Lannister always pays his debts," he's not joking!

Casterly Rock sits high on top of a great mountain range and deep within the earth, there are veins of molten gold deposits scattered throughout. No wonder why the Lannisters can pay for everything and never have any debts. When you sit on top of THE richest gold deposit in the Seven Kingdoms, then you'd be able to brag about it all day long, too! Life is pretty good in Westeros....especially if your surname is Lannister.

I believe that Casterly Rocks sits atop of a mountain range that overlooks Lannisport harbour. Casterly Rock has been the chief residence for all the Lannister dynasty. They have Lann the Cleaver to thank for that!

"B" is for Baratheon

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There once were three brothers: King Robert, Renly and Stannis. This story could've had a happier ending.
Alas, the truth is that Robert never loved any of his brothers. He was the eldest, known as the "Usurper King." Robert hated all things Targaryen. He loved womanizing and drinking wine. And for a very long time, he was spoiling for a war. He was married to Cersei Lannister. It wasn't a happy union. Although capable of fathering many illegitimate children, his three offspring with Cersei were not his. Bitter, tired and heavily in debt, Robert became disenchanted with the Seven Kingdoms. That, and he was always haunted by the ghost of Lyanna Stark.
Renly was the youngest Baratheon brother. Easy on the eyes, he was graceful and served on his late brother's small council. He disliked Cersei and didn't trust her - with good reason. Married to Margaery Tyrell, he had a very short reign as one of the five Kings vying for the Iron Throne. Too bad for Renly - there was a time where he was to make a worthy alliance with King Robb in the North. Sadly, he was murdered by dark forces.
Stannis Baratheon is the middle brother. A cold and austere man, he is used to giving military commands with force and skill. He doesn't have the warmest personality but has the strength of a massive army behind him. Then there is Melisandre, the Red Priestess from Asshai who is always by his side. Makes you wonder if Renly is the puppet master or the puppet. Blackwater Bay serves as a reminder that he had an army but was no where near to matching Tywin Lannister's forces.
It's too bad the Baratheon brothers weren't loyal to each other. Who knows how Westeros would've turned out. Maybe it would've been a pleasant place to live in.

"A" is for Arya!

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Well of course! What did anyone expect?!

If I ever have a little girl, I already told my husband that we are naming her Arya and that's the end of the discussion. He has perfected a way of acknowledging me, when he is either amused with my shenanigans, or hasn't really paid attention to them, by stating, "Yes, dear."

I hope I have a little Arya to call my own in the near future (here's hoping that job comes my way). Now, back to the topic at hand. Where to begin? We catch a glimpse of a young girl, bored to tears and doing some needlepoint in a room with other ladies at the castle of Winterfell. We also see just how bored Arya is with having to do such a pointless task (yes, I said pointless, I fully agree with Arya on that one).

We also see that Arya has a keen intellect and longs for something more. Arya can shoot a bow as well as any of her brothers. In fact, she actually makes Bran look bad in front of the older Starks. We also know that Arya resembles her late aunt, Lyanna Stark. They share the same looks and personality.

Arya had some pretty neat experiences during the first season- she travelled to King's Landing with her sister and father, she met Syrio Forel and took up fencing and swordplay and she began her training. Unfortunately, she has some terrible experiences, too: she fought against that turd Joffrey and Lady ended up paying the price for it, she came to see how evil the Lannisters were and was present while her father was executed.

In the second season, we see Arya toughen up - by circumstance. Yoren smuggles her out of King's Landing with Gendry (the late King Robert Baratheon's illegitimate son) and takes them to the safety of the Wall. Only they don't get too far. They end up at Harrenhal. She ends up being a cup bearer for Tywin Lannister, of all men. Not that it's a bad thing, mind you, especially when the men discuss warfare and strategy. We see Arya hold her own against the great lion. The little wolf pup is growing up and growing teeth, while she's at it.

She is tough, spunky and clever enough to pose as a boy and then as a commoner. Tywin grows rather fond of her and they have meaningful conversations. She shows a maturity that most 11 year old girls don't possess. She also meets the mysterious stranger, Jaqen H'gar. They have an unusual agreement. I can't wait to see more of Arya Stark in "A Storm of Swords" (season three).

April 2013 is going to ROCK!