Trivial Pursuit A No Go

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Meh. I e-mailed the good folks at Hasbro, regarding an idea for a Game of Thrones Trivial Pursuit edition of their board game.

While they appreciated my zeal and enthusiasm with the idea, right now there are no plans to produce a Game of Thrones edition. Well, that's okay. I'm not totally crushed with their decision but admit it, you like the idea of a Westeros Ice and Fire limited edition Trivial Pursuit board game! I didn't come up with the suggestion so I could profit off of it. No, that wouldn't be fair to George R R Martin. I just liked the idea of what it would be like!

If they ever plan on releasing one, you know yours truly will be purchasing two board games! :)


Unknown said...

I wish that they would, I would be amazing at that game.

Anonymous said...

I just ended up here searching for a got edition of trivial pursuit. Pretty bummed they dismissed your pitch in 2012.... Did they say why they didn't consider it a feasible idea?

Anonymous said...

I vaguely recall the reason being something along the lines that they hadn't been approached yet by anyone official. But wouldn't it be a fantastic idea?! I would buy it!

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