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I don't know how else to say this: but I am truly distraught.

Last night's episode just broke my spirit. I feel for House Stark, I really do. How much suffering can one House endure?!

I am NOT happy with House Frey or House Bolton at the moment and hope in time, that they find themselves in less than kind circumstances. As in fall on VERY hard times.

Ah, Arya. My heart just breaks for you. Ironically enough, your only source of comfort is the presence of the Hound.

Bran and Rickon: you must seperate to stay safe. It's going to be a hard journey.

Sansa, your husband will be bringing you bad news in next week's episode, I am sure.

I have to remember, this is Game of Thrones. Don't show weakness. Don't drop your guard.

You win or die. :(

Books versus HBO Adaptation

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It goes without saying that you'll have people that are happy to watch the series without reading the books. Fine, no problem.

However, if you've read the books, then you have a pretty good idea what may transpire on screen. The past two episodes, I've actually found that this was not the case. I understand that changes have to be made and that you can never really 100% fully adapt the pages to the screen.

I know there were some mixed reactions to last week's episode. I agree on two points: the ending scene with Jon and Ygritte and the Wall should not have been last. It didn't leave a powerful image in my mind, What should have been left to the end, for shock value and for a rise in tension, was Petyr Baelish's "The Climb" speech.

Wow, talk about power hungry and evil.

Dare I say....that the past few episodes with Jaime Lannister have actually started to change my opinion of the King slayer?! As in, I'm having a change of heart? I'm happy to see that he has started to become more human, away from the malicious influence of his deranged sister? That he had to suffer pain beyond humiliation, in order to feel again and get his blood fan the fires of living again for revenge?!

First season, I loathed him. Now, I find that I am liking the fact that he has become human, with thoughts and feelings that nobody was previously witness to. I like Brienne because she seems to bring out a more sensitive side to Jaime. Perhaps these two lost souls were meant to form a strong bond.

As for the impending Frey Tully man....don't want to go there...!

House Bolton

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All I will say is that I was seriously disturbed by this past weekend's episode.

Just when you see Jamie making a change of heart...where he actually developing a with his hand!

Westeros is no place for a woman. Or a man - if you make an attempt to flee or trust the wrong person.

Until next week.

Can't wait for a "ahem" white wedding...or should I say...'red?'

Musical Selections

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So, I was on a brief road trip with my husband to Niagara County, Ontario and we were listening to the Classic Vinyl and Classic Rewind stations on my Sirius XM radio when a wave of inspiration hit me: there are so many amazing songs out there, that perhaps I could blog about many of them, but that they should be classified according to their appropriate House.

There are, of course, many songs in different musical genres, so this provides me with an outstanding variety of songs to choose from.

Are there any songs out there, that you, my blog visitors, can think of for any of the Houses in Westeros? Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

I'm going to go through all of my MP3 files and Cd's to see what songs would be appropriate.

Now that I think about it, Florence and the Machine's "Seven Devils" was such an appropriate choice for one of the Season II trailers....that I often wonder what they'll do for the Season III trailers that will be out for spring 2013?

"F" is for Frey!

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We come to the letter "F." Normally, I don't mind the letter but I detest who this post represents. "F" stands for Frey. The Frey that most comes to mind is the cantankerous, sly old fox, Walder Frey. What I remember from Season I is how Lady Catelyn went to negotiate terms with him and he was newly a 15 year old teenage girl. Talk about revolting. "And her honey's all mine." Could Walder Frey get any more disgusting?!

Yes, the man is called "Late Lord Frey," because he is known in the Seven Kingdoms for showing up late for battles. Preferable when the battles are over. How convenient. He has a lot of children and even more bastards. He is also very ambiguous in the series and extremely cranky in the books.

I know from what I've seen and what I've read, that I would not want Lord Walder Frey as my enemy. He has lived to be almost 90 years old and there's a reason for it: his cunning. He has outlived many a man because he is sly and able to look at situations and judge them for better or for worse.

Interesting to note that two betrothals were brokered at the end of Season I between two of his children to Robb Stark and Arya Stark.  Now that we've all finished watching Season II, we all know that Arya is so far removed from being engaged to one of Lord Walder Frey's sons, that really, she has nothing to worry about. It's Robb Stark's actions that have been a real breach of contract.

I have read four out of five books and I will not spoil anything for anyone checking out my little blog spot. But I will say this: Lady Catelyn Stark implored her son not to rub Lord Walder Frey the wrong way. He doesn't need the banner men of the North. More like, they need him because of his bridge. He has the advantage where he can call the tune and name his price to all that need to cross the Frey bridges.

Robb Stark: for all your military skill, you sure lack in common sense. And for what? A pretty face! Lord Walder Frey is a dangerous man. You will soon find out just how dangerous and vicious a 90 year old man can be...