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Mr. Men Recreates GoT Characters

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Okay, as a little girl, I used to love the "Mr. Men" series of books. They were colourful, entertaining and usually had some sort of moral to the story.

I ask you, then, what could be better than regular "Mr. Men" books?

Game of Thrones Mr. Men books!!!

I will post the link in the links section.

As for my favourite Game of Thrones "Mr. Men" character, I'll give you three guesses!

And of course, that goes without saying that it is Ms. Arya Stark! (I'm kind of hoping that the creators of this will get around to drawing more of the characters, because I would love to see what Tywin, Tyrion, Margaery and Lady Olenna would be labeled as!)

My husband gave me the best suggestion: why not have the Arya Stark Mr. Men character as a tattoo, because I have been wanting to get one for a year now and it had to be specifically about Arya or Tyrion. Awesome suggestion, honey. This time, I'm going to listen to you!