50 Shades of Charles Dance

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Oh. Ma. Gawd.

A few days ago, http://io9.com/5978104/tywin-lannister-reads-50-shades-of-gray-for-your-sexy-sexy-pleasure posted this hilarious clip of actor Charles Dance, also know as the AWESOME Tywin Lannister, reading an excerpt of "50 Shades of Grey" on a British television game show called 'Big Fat Quiz.'

He is illegally sexy.

His voice just oozes sophistication.

OK. I'm off to take a cold shower now! Laters!

PS - "Yeah, that's what I thought..."


Anonymous said...

I think he is about 50 years PAST being sexy. Kind of like comparing a prune to a grape. LOL. Can he even GET an erection these days??

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