Merry Christmas GoT Fans

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Wishing all the fans in the realm a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

As of December 25, there will be 108 days to go!!!

And 108 days is way better than 208! And by the time January 2 rolls around, we will officially be into a double digit countdown (99 days to go).

Have you checked out HBO's Year Ender trailer?

You see Cersei walking with some of the Kingsguard; Jon back at Castle Black; Arya standing on a the shore (which I presume she has safely landed in Braavos) and Tyrion looking pretty grim and disguised with longer hair and a full on beard. It's only 8 seconds long but it is better than nothing!


The Sight

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Do you see what I see?

HBO just released another tiny teaser trailer about the sight....

Who do you see in this trailer? I've watched it a few times and this is what I can make out in the screen shot:

A blurry Sansa, staring at someone or something; Tyrion in the dark (from last season); a Weirwood tree and a Three Eyed Raven; the throne room looking desolate and in ruins; a mystery guy in what looks like a small boat, paddling away on a river; a hand touching the surface of a river; a woman behind what looks to be a screen of some sort (Cersei?) and finally a book being slammed shut. That books looks like the very large tome that Jaime Lannister was skimming through last season.

16 seconds is not long enough!

A Game of Thrones Christmas Carol

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So, the bosses over at HBO Watch decided to publish a little parody that I wrote of "12 Days of Christmas."

Take a peek here and drop me a line if you think it was alright!


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OKAY!!!! husband purchases the Tell Tale game, Iron From Ice, for me. I also bought another Funko figure for myself - well, okay, I bought the White Walker and Jaime Lannister one, too. I was totally stoked and prepared to do some serious gaming.

Guess what happens?!

My Playstation 3, for some unknown reason, decides to power down and off. Nothing wrong with it. It worked just fine and it's not like I use it on a regular basis. You can just imagine my disappointment at having the game, having the remotes completely charged and the unit just shuts down on me, no rhyme and no reason.

Such is life. My husband took it to get repaired. We'll see if I can get it back for the following weekend. All the reviews have been great and I really do want to play it!