Arya Stark: Warrior Princess

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Yes, I used the word 'princess' and the word 'Arya' in the same sentence.

Make no mistake, I use it with the greatest respect, in the sense that Arya is a fierce little princess, capable of holding her own against the big boys, in fact, anyone who crosses her path. I don't mean princess in the way everyone thinks of - long gowns, sweeping hairstyles, jewels, fine needle point and an air of genteel breeding.

Hell, no! I mean a young girl who is suddenly thrust into the vicious Game of Thrones, who is able to read people's intentions, train with a sword, learn a few ancient and noble languages, defend her House's honour, stand up and fight for herself and take off in order to survive, study other people, what they say and what they try to hide, accept her growing power as a warg and ultimately, learn how to become one of the most skilled assassins in Westeros. THAT is the type of princess I'm talking about - armed with chain mail, daggers, Needle, shape shifting powers, be multilingual and above all - conquer her fears and take down her enemies.

Arya always knew that she was different from other girls her age. She knew she would never be like her older sister and somehow, that did not disappoint her. She knew it, felt it and accepted it. She was surprised and shocked to learn and understand from her father that she was just like her late aunt, Lyanna Stark. Shocking because Lyanna was considered to be a great beauty in the Seven Kingdoms and surprised because Lyanna had the same spirit and had a rebellious streak in her. It's as if the ghost of Lyanna has come back to guide her niece. And this is a notion that I want to believe in.

I adore Arya Stark - she wants to believe in justice and equality and yet is canny enough, at a young age, to know that Westeros is made up of very dangerous men and women who will lie, cheat, steal and kill to get what they want. We all know that power is an aphrodisiac. Arya doesn't seem to be tainted by it, say the way that Joffrey and Cersei are. No, she knows that anyone can be killed and that you have to be very careful and play the game well and make allegiances with the right sort of people in the Seven Kingdoms. Otherwise, you will find yourself swinging from a rope or have a sword go through your belly.

None of those options are what Arya has in mind for herself. No, not this young wolf pup. She has to go through some very frightening and challenging times in order to grow as a young woman and as an individual, who is trying to survive and learn the skills she needs to - because in time we know what she will use them for.


And it is my feverent hope that Arya Stark not only survives many assassins and outlaws, but that with each passing day, she remembers that she is a survivor. That she is strong minded and tougher than most.

That she is a Stark.

That she is not a victim.

When the time comes to exact her revenge on the world, may the Seven Old Gods and the New have mercy on her enemies.

For I will not.

The North Remembers.

Valar Morgulis ~ Valar Dohaeris.

Sansa Stark - "The Lady"

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Sansa Stark will always be regarded as the Stark daughter who has the genteel breeding that was traditional of a young girl in a medieval society, like Westeros. She is accomplished at needlepoint, poetry and chatelaine duties. It seems to me that her sole duty is to marry well and into a high born family, as befits her own family's station and status in the Seven Kingdoms. She is elegant and poised and to quote her directly, "Courtesy is a lady's best armor." Really?! How about armor is your best protection against the enemy - both protective to your body and your wit?! Sansa may be the perfect daughter, but she lacks the ability to see through people's motives and has no thought to the idea that people have the ability to be malevolent. However, Sansa's biggest priority is getting engaged to a dreamy prince of the realm and making her parents happy.

This bugs me. As in to no end. Yes, I understand that she wants to make her family happy but what about how she is going feel, think and act? It bothers me to such a degree that women are regarded as the silent gender in A Song of Ice and Fire and Sansa embodies this well. Be seen but not heard. No thought to your own wishes and will, but the will of your lord and master.

I think that perhaps a little cunning and intelligence are the order of the day. Let's face it: Sansa dreams of a world where everybody is kind and gentle and they all adhere to the notions of courtly love. Being betrothed to Joffrey Baratheon was no picnic and for viewers of the show and readers of the books, we all know how she was mentally and psychologically abused. She was isolated and used as a pawn by others who had plenty of power over her. In short, Sansa is a victim and has no real power over her own life. Choices are made for her. When Sansa chose that spoiled wretch, Joffrey, over her sister and Mykah in Season I, that is when I lost all respect for her. Joffrey was a maniac and I thought to myself many times, "If that was a preview of what your married life was going to look like, good luck with that one. You deserve that pompous ass for a husband." That and - Arya is YOUNGER than you and can see through people's b.s. and you can't?! (shaking my head right now)

Season II and III fare no better for her - but we do catch small glimpses where Sansa is beginning to understand that people in King's Landing can be duplicitous and it doesn't hurt to have a protective mask in place and perhaps...even lie once in a while! Everyone else at court is a liar and a user, so you might as well try to beat them at their own game.

Being married off to Tyrion Lannister, in my opinion, was the safest thing that could've happened to her. As the wife of Tyrion Lannister, she had the protection of the Lannister family, plus the wealth to go along with it. And Tyrion is not Joffrey, not by a long shot. He might be a "half man" but by the Old Gods and the New, he is an experienced man and ladies, you get my meaning. Sansa could have had a chance to be happy with him, if she allowed herself to look past the fact that he wasn't so golden like one of the Tyrell sons or that he wasn't her perfect picture of a man. In those days, it was rare enough to have a true love match. However, having the Lannister name was an ace up her sleeve.

Will Sansa develop a stronger sense of worth? Will she develop a back bone and start to see all the dangers and intrigue around her? Or will she always be that ignorant little girl who dreams of courtly love, from Winterfell? Or will she surprise all of us fans and end up seated on the Iron Throne, with an army to back her up?

Arya and Sansa - Two Sides of the Same Coin?

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I came across an article that was in defence of Sansa Stark.

Not sure if I like the tone of it but, well, that's for everyone to decide on their own.

However, I will say this: are Arya and Sansa two sides of the same coin? Yes, they have the same last name and are both daughters of the late Ned and Catelyn Stark.

But how different can two teenage daughters/sisters be?

I will write a blog post in defence of one and in reflection of the other. I think you all know that I am #TeamArya.


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Call this a fantastic promotional strategy....or a way for fans of the realm to take their frustrations out on King Joffrey Baratheon, through the use of social media!

A few days ago, HBO launched the first ever "Roast Joffrey" event - where fans could take to Twitter and say a few, ahem, 'nice' things about the spoiled, delusional and egotistical King. I know I put in a few Twitter roast posts about him!

With the thousands of fans giving their two cents' worth, I have a feeling that future 'roasts' may be launched and I can think of a few other Game of Thrones characters I'd love to see that for...



Petyr Baelish.

Walder Frey.

Roose Bolton.

Ramsay Snow.

Not bad, eh?!


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Do you know what is SO awesome?!

Arya Stark memes.

Do you want to know what could possible top that?

A Tumblr account about #AryaStarkMemes.

SO awesome! Posting the link in the Game of Thrones link section!

Dangerous Women

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I have been thinking lately of all the times when I used to make fun of my older brothers. They were and still are huge Stark Trek and Star Wars fans. While I totally loved Star Wars, I couldn't get into the Trekkie thing. Both of my brothers collected the toys, figurines, magazines - anything with the Star Trek crew.

The turn of the tide has come full circle - as I look back on the past few years and look at the incredible amount of A Song of Ice and Fire collectibles that I have purchased. I have spent a small fortune on books, magazines, graphic novels, exhibition tickets, drinking steins, magazines, detailed map books, Funko Vinyl figures mugs, shot glasses, hats, graphic prints, framed portraits, essay books and plushie dolls.

If that wasn't bad enough, I read last night on 109 We Come from the Future an article about GRRM and hos he weaves yet another compelling tale about the politics of war and how much dragons play a part in his newest novella, "Dangerous Women."

My poor husband. I already told him that he has to order the third round of Funko Dolls for Valentine's Day next year. Now this.

Dangerous, indeed, for a woman like me!

Fabulous Funko Figures!!!!

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OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just what the doctor ordered: a new wave of Game of Thrones Funko Vinyl figures!

Right in time for Valentine's Day (or a few days thereafter) but the point is - I will have more to add to my ever expanding collection!

This is INSANE! Better than my Barbie collection!

I am going to order the Brienne of Tarth, Tywin, Hodor, Ghost, Drogon and Ygritte figures!

Not too keen on ordering the Prince Joffrey one, though.

This just made waiting for the Season IV premiere a little better!


I keep paying down my Visa but, it's so hard to get it all the way down to nothing. Especially when the folks at Funko go and release more Game of Thrones figures!

I guess I better not purchase any Walking Dead ones, right?

I can't wait until they make the Margaery and Lady Olenna Tyrell figures!

Less is More!

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Alright, I admit that math is not my strong suit but apparently, there's less than 134 days left to go!

How sweet is that??


A Little Site Called Etsy...

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Well, just when I thought I had completely paid off my Visa, I heard about this site called "Etsy."

Truth be told, I saw an article about these gorgeous, hand made custom designed Game of Thrones hoodies and I wanted to order them.

Yikes! At $200 per hoodie, that means I have to rethink my strategy. I will not be purchasing the Baratheon or Targaryen hoodies. Yes, I know, it's still an expensive endeavour for me to follow through with but I will be purchasing the House Stark and House Lannister ones.

The seller is on Etsy under the name of "Rarity's Boutique." She sold out her first order. Perhaps this is a good thing. I'll have to wait 2 months to place my order. That will be after the holiday season, so my debts will be paid off!


Mr. Men Recreates GoT Characters

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Okay, as a little girl, I used to love the "Mr. Men" series of books. They were colourful, entertaining and usually had some sort of moral to the story.

I ask you, then, what could be better than regular "Mr. Men" books?

Game of Thrones Mr. Men books!!!

I will post the link in the links section.

As for my favourite Game of Thrones "Mr. Men" character, I'll give you three guesses!

And of course, that goes without saying that it is Ms. Arya Stark! (I'm kind of hoping that the creators of this will get around to drawing more of the characters, because I would love to see what Tywin, Tyrion, Margaery and Lady Olenna would be labeled as!)

My husband gave me the best suggestion: why not have the Arya Stark Mr. Men character as a tattoo, because I have been wanting to get one for a year now and it had to be specifically about Arya or Tyrion. Awesome suggestion, honey. This time, I'm going to listen to you!



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I cannot take credit for this but felt compelled to put this in my humble little blog.

"Tywinning" - Portmanteau of "Tywin" and the word "winning." This is mostly used to refer to the character,  Tywin Lannister, Hand of the King from "Game of Thrones." Especially when he destroys his enemies, orders members of his family around, field dresses a moose and otherwise, acting LIKE A BOSS.

"Medieval Land Fun-Time World" Video

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If you want to watch the most hilarious video of bits and pieces of Game of Thrones, then click the link and have a good time!

The people who came up with this are brilliant!!!

I think I've watched this about 25 times already. And it only came out yesterday.

E's Game of Thrones, by the Numbers!!

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Just a breakdown:

1 subscription to HBO so I can watch my favourite show!

1 Pinterest board - "A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones" board with almost 4,000 pins.

5 "A Song of Ice and Fire" books.

4 of them signed by the man himself, GRRM!!!!!! (nobody is allowed to touch them but

1 extra set of "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels for my mother. :)

1 extra set of "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels that people can ask to borrow from me.

2 "A Song of Ice and Fire" graphic novels.

9 Funko Vinyl dolls.

2 Rolling Stone magazines with Peter Dinklage on the cover.

2 Entertainment Weekly magazines with the Lannisters and Jon/Dany on the covers.

10+ articles on HBO Watch (most of them pertaining to Game of Thrones).

1 Hand of the King pin.

2 Game of Thrones drinking steins (House Lannister and House Baratheon).

1 Winds of Westeros BlogSpot.

1 Twitter account with lots of links to HBO Watch and Game of Thrones events, news and updates.

2 Seasons of Game of Thrones on regular DVDs.

2 Season of Game of Thrones on Blu-ray DVDs.

1 Season III of Game of Thrones Blu-ray special edition pending order.

1 USB stick full of gawd knows how many Game of Thrones things.

1 e-mail to the makers of Trivial Pursuit and 1 response that "at this time, they are not currently looking into making an edition especially for Game of Thrones." (from 2011)

1 e-mail to Crayola with the idea to make "Game of Thrones" Crayola crayons (from 2011).

2 "The Wit and Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister" books impending order.

3 Game of Thrones calendars.

2 tickets from 2012 and 2013's HBO's Game of Thrones Toronto exhibitions.

4 Game of Thrones shot glasses.

3 Game of Thrones essay style books.

1 on-line membership to "" - the friggin' PHENOMENAL on-line community built by Elio and Linda!

Too many pics from the March 13, 2012 meet George RR Martin book signing downtown at Indigo.

3 Game of Thrones styled cakes (one for birthday and wedding anniversary - April 2012 and 2 for season premiere party 2013, with countless more to go for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017).

3 Plushie Dragon Eggs on order.

6 Plushie Direwolves on order.


I don't even want to think of what my next Visa bill is going to look like or how thick the envelope is going to be!

I Think....I Need

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I didn't want to exit off of my Pinterest account last night.

My husband made me!

"Oh, as if 3,700 pins on your Game of Thrones board isn't enough," he went on to say.

EXCUSE ME! THAT is NOT the point!

Yes, I'm a wee bit kerfluffled. I like going on Pinterest. Just in case anyone else was wondering, I also have other boards, some educational and some just for fun, that I occasionally pin something to.

I reluctantly logged off and let him have the PC.

Maybe I need help.

Or maybe I *need* someone to buy me Game of Thrones stuff. LOTS of it, too!

Yes, I guess I should, from time to time, slow down on my GoT obsession.

But "not today."


Tyrion, How do I Love Thee? Let me Count the Ways...

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If I thought I could get away with it, I would name my future son Tyrion.

My husband does not approve of the name. He says it is best to leave it where it belongs, on HBO and for GRRM's awesome hero, Tyrion Lannister.

I heard that the book, "The Wit & Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister" will be released to Britain in October, so you all know that I have already ordered two copies.

In the meantime, I found this article and thought it was just brilliant! A compilation of Tyrion Lannister quotes we can all enjoy.

And then, there's a bonus scene at the end of the article.

One I think we all love to watch over and over and over....

Walter White and Tywin Lannister

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Apparently GRRM loves AMC's "Breaking Bad." My husband and I have checked it out from time to time, although I confess, I have been WAY too obsessed with HBO's Game of Thrones, with the second runner up, Boardwalk Empire, to actually start following "Breaking Bad" on a regular basis.

I will admit that I am a little bit obsessed with "The Walking Dead," too.

GRRM blogged about how he felt that "Water White was a bigger monster than anyone in Westeros."

Yikes! Really?! I don't know if I agree with that, GRRM. One poster, on the "109 We Come From the Future" website, wrote his points on an excellent article about GRRM and Breaking Bad, that Walter White was like Tywin Lannister.

I thoroughly agree with his points, as they were well thought out and eloquently written.

I'll be posting links to those amazing articles on the right hand side, where the Game of Thrones links are.


Shout out to N!

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I just discovered that the lady I go to for my manicures and pedicures is reading A Song of Ice and Fire!

Come ON already! That is totally awesome!! Shout out to N! You rock, lady!

Another New Character!!

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This just in and hot off the press....

Mark of Gatiss, of "Sherlock Holmes" fanfare, is set to play the character of Tycho Nestoris, who hails from the Iron Bank of Braavosi.

I won't give it away but to put it REALLY don't want the men from the Iron Bank of Braavos coming to collect late fees, interest or ANY outstanding accounts.

The end result isn't good.

To quote the late rapper, Biggie Smalls, "Mo money, mo problems."

(Cersei: have you been paying attention?)

NFL Game of Thrones style Sigils

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NFL teams plus Game of Thrones style sigils = PURE AWESOMENESS.

Yes, I am well aware that awesomeness is not an actual word, but I like the way it sounds. And it totally fits the bill for this!

A New Daario?

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Hmmmm. More internet buzz. The actor who portrayed Daario Naharris has been recast.

I was just starting to get used to him, too!

Michiel Huisman, who has been on Treme, is now set to play Daario. Will he live up to the fan's expectations? Only time will tell!

Heard a Rumour...

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Apparently, the actor who played Tommen Baratheon has been replaced with the actor who played Martin Lannister in Season III.

According to Winter is Coming, that is the buzz on the street. I guess this change is needed, because after all, we know that certain events may be taking place in Season IV and I guess, in all honesty, Tommen has to look as though he has gotten a little bit older. My guess is that he was about 6 or 7 when the first season started. He has to look a little bit older for the coming events.

227 days to go!

Animated Shorts

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A few days ago, I was on the internet and was watching a few animated short clips from Game of Thrones (off of the 109 We Come From the Future website), when I came across an article about an animated short about a street rat who, through a series of events, finds himself inside of a research lab and falls in love with a female albino rat. The title is called "One Rat Short." It was done in 2006.

I can't begin to tell you what watching "One Rat Short" did to me, or of its' aftermath on my somewhat happy and peaceful life.

Who knew that watching an animated short could reek tears and despair? I felt inconsolable, depressed and quite forlorn. I haven't felt like this since Brandon Stark was thrown from the window, since Lady was killed, since Ned Stark was beheaded and since the AWFUL Red Wedding.

I couldn't help but comparing the feelings of angst and heartache that the two rats endure in this short, to the love story of Daeneyrs and Khal Drogo, Ned and Catelyn Stark and Robb and Talisa Stark.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Sometimes, it is an act of violence that takes your loved one away. Other times, it is a mercy killing that needs to take place, because your loved one is no longer the same person and it hurts to see them suffering. Other situations, it is the act of betrayal and being stabbed (in the back) by someone you once trusted. In the case of the rats, it is a few seconds delay amongst chaos and the door closing, separating the loved ones for good.

I will post the link on my Game of Thrones links.

I am still bummed. Warning: when you watch this animated short, be prepared to cry. And make sure you have a box of Kleenex near by.

Next Theme Song

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The second season of Game of Thrones had an incredible song called "Seven Devils" by Florence and the Machine.

Totally appropriate for what the season was showcasing.

I thought, will the folks at HBO pick another amazing song for the season three official trailer? Ding! Ding! They picked a song called "Bones" by the group MS MR. Extremely in tune with all the dark themes of season three.

I wonder...what song will be chosen for the fourth season's official trailer? March...8 months away.  A lot of wondering and waiting for us fans in the realm!

Vamps, Villains & Victors

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Who do you consider to be the sexiest vamp on Game of Thrones?

Who, in your humble opinion, is the most dastardly of men, in the Seven Kingdoms?

Who do you think will reign supreme and come out on top - proving many people wrong and perhaps raising a few eyebrows?

I think Margaery is the sexiest vamp to hit the screen. Cunning, lethal and seductive, not only does she know how t play Joffrey like a lute, she dresses to accentuate her womanly curves and titillates with her come hither eyes.

The most vile, dastardly of men....well, this is a tough one! I asked my husband and his answer (right away, without hesitation) was Roose Bolton's bastard, Ramsay Snow.

I agree with his choice. I also want to add Walder Frey and Petyr Baelish in that club, too. Dirty rotten scoundrels! And yet, these men seem to be outlasting a lot of other people!

As for who will come out on top, well, I would love to see this happen: I would love for Arya Stark to somehow, someway, meet up with Dany Targaryen and become a member of her Queen's Guard. In fact, I would love to see those two women team up and have each others' back. Dany with her dragons and Arya with her street smart, assassin savvy skills, well, what more could you ask for?! Well, of course, I would love to add Tyrion Lannister to the mix. He would be the political advisor to Dany Targaryen. That would be SO awesome!

I'd also like to see Jaime say, "Eff you, Cersei!" and never, ever be under her malignant influence again! He should go off in search of Tyrion, beg his forgiveness and restore the bonds of brotherhood. I'd also like to see Jon Snow become the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch with Samwell Tarly by his side, as his most trusted confidant. I'd love to see Margaery rule - through Tommen and have her grandmother at her side as a political force to be reckoned with. BOOYEAH.

I'd like to see Cersei get her JUST DESSERTS. I would also like to see Bran and Rickon reunited with Jon, somehow, someway, with the Reeds, Osha and Hodor intact, too!

I know, I know. Perhaps this is just wishful thinking on my part...

WOW!! Ellaria Sands Casting!

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I was a huge fan of the HBO series, Rome. So you can just imagine my excitement at hearing that Indira Varma, who played Niome, in Rome, has been cast as Ellaria Sands, the paramour of the Red Viper!

I think she is going to be excellent - she has an exotic look and is quite alluring. I think we have something along the lines of 240 days or so to go until Season IV rolls around!

Good times, y'all!

Game of Thrones Casting: RED VIPER

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So, I read some articles and GRRM's blog about some big hoopla.

Apparently, a lot of people are upset and freaking out over the fact that some actor has been cast in the role of the Red Viper of Dorne.

Just the name sounds sort of mysterious and seductive, at the same time. I don't know who Pedro Pascal is, but I did read up on him on IMDB. I say, give the guy a chance. So many of the actors and actresses that were cast in the first season were unknown.

I am stoked to know that with every coming week, there seems to be a little snippet of Game of Thrones news, whether it be casting, scouting out of locations or Comic Con junkets.


Kobo Reader vs Books

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Ah, July. One of my favourite months. Summer time, friends, family and lots of things to do.

I came across one of those Kobo readers during one of my jaunts to Chapters. Hm. While it looks nice, I just don't think I could purchase one.

Call me old school, but there's something nostalgic about the way a book looks, feels and smells. I like turning the pages. I like looking at the front and back covers. And reading the inserts.

Yup, I'll take my flesh and blood, big books, to have and to hold and stack them on my bookshelf!

I like big books and I cannot lie! Now, where the heck am I going to put my Hedge Knight books?! I need a bigger book shelf!


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I did something bad.

I kind of ordered 6 of those Funko vinyl figures. You know, the ones for Game of Thrones. Can't imagine how that happened?!

Somehow, as if by magic, or by unseen forces, the Hedge Knight, volumes one and two, were also ordered.

Um, the next Visa bill is going to be pretty interesting!

I think I need more shelf space.

Or an entire room in my house. :)

Game of Thrones Withdrawal

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I am feeling a wee bit bummed.

I look at the clock every Sunday evening and think..."Yup! 9:00 p.m. Game of Thrones o'clock!"

Then, reality sets in.

How many more days until Season IV starts?! 277 days I think?

It's going to be *a very long winter indeed!*

Game of Thrones Season Finale

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Well, we have to wait another 290 days or so until Season IV, which begins March 2014. Man, is it going to be a very long winter.

I want to state that I am a HUGE Game of Thrones fan, as evidence of my blog, my articles for HBO Watch and my memorabilia are all proof. :)

I have to say that I was slightly disappointed with the season finale. To be more specific: the ending. I really thought that ending it off with Dany - once again - was a let down and totally burst my balloon.
I was left yelling at the television after the credits had started to roll. As in, "Give me a break already! What the hell is this?! The Dany Targaryen show?! Last time I looked, the title of the episode was called "Mysha." Yes, Dany is the 'Mother of Dragons' but there are other mothers in the Game of Thrones series.

You have every one's favourite wicked witch of Casterly Rock, Cersei.

Of course, we can't forget the totally awesome grandmother, Olenna Tyrell, who with a look, could freeze a person in their tracks and run roughshod over the strongest or sliest person. After all - you're talking about a woman who had the balls to stand up to Tywin. And live to tell the tale, too! Grandma got game!

Gilly the Wilding is starting to come out of her shell since escaping her cruel and depraved father.

There was mother to be Talisa Stark. May she rest in peace.

What about Catelyn Stark?! Now, there's a woman and a mother who had been thoroughly robbed of her purpose to live! There could have been a spectacular (or spooky way) of ending the season finale with her...

I loved everything in the season finale except the final scene.

Highlights: Tywin and Tyrion. And how Tywin totally intimidated Joffrey. Jaime and Brienne coming back to King's Landing. Davos risking his life to free Gendry. Bran and company meeting with Sam and Gilly. That was bittersweet. Hodor being Hodor. Yara standing up to her father and suiting up to go get Theon back and (hopefully) whipping Ramsay Snow to death. Sam being reunited with Jon! Arya and The Hound. ARYA!!!!!

Lows: Walder Frey and Roose Bolton gloating in the aftermath of the Red Wedding. SHAME ON YOU BOTH! They are MONSTERS!! Ygritte crying after shooting Jon with a few arrows. Really, Ygritte?! Ramsay Snow taunting Theon. Gross! C'mon, you knew he would flee! Showing Dany as the saviour of yet another city, Yunkai. While I am happy that she is finally acquiring some girl power and trying to right a few wrongs in a tough, unforgiving world, this ending was a huge let down. I can't recall a time where I was so unbelievably frustrated that I actually had a fandimonium tantrum!!!

Okay, end rant. I just wanted to get that off my chest! I respectfully state my opinion and that I totally respect other people's opinions about the story lines and endings.


A Dance with Dragons

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In light of the fact that the school year is coming to a close and that HBO's Game of Thrones is winding down (*sigh*), I've decided to pick up where I left off from last year.

I have been reading A Dance with Dragons.

And BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it ever a meaty read!

Action! Adventure! Betrayal! Surprise journeys! Power! Crime! Intrigue!

And ONE VERY BIG glitch that I did not see coming.

New characters. Shady pasts. Possible hope for a better future.

A lost, forgotten member of a House.

And that's all I'm going to say right now.

Happy reading to me! :)


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I don't know how else to say this: but I am truly distraught.

Last night's episode just broke my spirit. I feel for House Stark, I really do. How much suffering can one House endure?!

I am NOT happy with House Frey or House Bolton at the moment and hope in time, that they find themselves in less than kind circumstances. As in fall on VERY hard times.

Ah, Arya. My heart just breaks for you. Ironically enough, your only source of comfort is the presence of the Hound.

Bran and Rickon: you must seperate to stay safe. It's going to be a hard journey.

Sansa, your husband will be bringing you bad news in next week's episode, I am sure.

I have to remember, this is Game of Thrones. Don't show weakness. Don't drop your guard.

You win or die. :(

Things Happen in Three's

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So, we've come to the point where Tyrion and Sansa have now been united in holy matrimony. Or unholy. I guess it depends on how you look at it. I feel for the both of them - being used as political pawns at the behest of Tywin and Joffrey. I really wish Sansa would grow up and start showing a little more maturity - after all, it's Tyrion she's wedded to and not Joffrey. She also needs to develop a sense of cunning and keen wit. How else will she survive?

Joffrey was insufferable, as usual. However, for all the fans that can't stand him: I counsel patience. He will get his soon enough.

I find Shae annoying and a real idiot. When she said "Your father does not rule the world," to Tyrion when the news broke of Tyrion's impending nuptials, I thought what an absolute fool she was! Mind you, I've read the books and I didn't like her character to begin with, so I was on red alert with her.

I totally dug how Lady Olenna was trying to breakdown the very complicated and six degrees of separation relationships that both her grandchildren were going to have through marriage. Classic - she is the female version of Tywin, although her strength does not come from armies or brute force, but from wicked wit, intrigue and knowledge.

Cersei is nothing but a power hungry drunk. Funny, all those times she chastised Robert for drinking, eh? Her little speech to Margaery has really not endeared her to me. Mind you, I never liked Cersei to begin with. She thinks she has power and thinks she has the female gender's interests at heart but she does not. I've never seen a poorer example of a feminist being portrayed. Hence, I don't feel sorry for her and everything that she has coming to her, well, frankly, she deserves. The wedding banquet scene was priceless. I'm glad Tyrion insulted his nephew under the guise of being drunk. Or was he? Was that a spot of acting on Tyrion's part? And Tywin - very cleverly intervening - in order to save face in front of their guests and to disarm Joffrey's sadistic nature - was well timed. Who's playing who, you have to wonder...

Love Arya and the Hound. He doesn't get enough credit. He's kind of like Jaime. You can't stand them both equally and hope they get their just desserts. It's kind of weird - that moment where you actually start to like a character that you couldn't stand previously! The Hound is an observant, deep thinker. Nobody gives him credit.

The introduction of Daario Naharis into the fold is timely. He sure is nice eye candy to look at. I could feel the sparks fly between him and Dany. About time, too! And what about Melisandre? She's freaky! I'm glad Ser Davos is back in the fold, counselling Stannis. Someone needs to have some clarity and common sense where she's concerned! And let us not forget, the ravens, the hut, the dark frigid north and that eerie Weirdwood tree with all the noise from the ravens. And of course, Samwell the Slayer! Samwell has finally broken out of the timid shell. He attacked that White Walker first with his sword (but was unsuccessful), then with the Obsidian. Boo yeah! The White Walker cracked, as if made of glass, and shattered! Awesome! Three cheers for Samwell.

I'm bracing myself for the second wedding, which should take place over the final two episodes.

This wedding is not for the faint at heart - readers of the books will know exactly what I am talking about.

I have a feeling the royal wedding with Joffrey and Margaery will take place next season.

After all, I think Weiss and Benioff want to leave fans shocked, angry and above all, hungry for more!

Books versus HBO Adaptation

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It goes without saying that you'll have people that are happy to watch the series without reading the books. Fine, no problem.

However, if you've read the books, then you have a pretty good idea what may transpire on screen. The past two episodes, I've actually found that this was not the case. I understand that changes have to be made and that you can never really 100% fully adapt the pages to the screen.

I know there were some mixed reactions to last week's episode. I agree on two points: the ending scene with Jon and Ygritte and the Wall should not have been last. It didn't leave a powerful image in my mind, What should have been left to the end, for shock value and for a rise in tension, was Petyr Baelish's "The Climb" speech.

Wow, talk about power hungry and evil.

Dare I say....that the past few episodes with Jaime Lannister have actually started to change my opinion of the King slayer?! As in, I'm having a change of heart? I'm happy to see that he has started to become more human, away from the malicious influence of his deranged sister? That he had to suffer pain beyond humiliation, in order to feel again and get his blood fan the fires of living again for revenge?!

First season, I loathed him. Now, I find that I am liking the fact that he has become human, with thoughts and feelings that nobody was previously witness to. I like Brienne because she seems to bring out a more sensitive side to Jaime. Perhaps these two lost souls were meant to form a strong bond.

As for the impending Frey Tully man....don't want to go there...!

HBO Watch Episode Review

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I wrote an episode review for Season III's episode #5 - "Kissed by Fire."

Have to say, it was a fantastic episode! Can't wait for next week! :)

Been real busy with work and report cards.....stay tuned for additional musings.

Would LOVE to see a scene with the mighty Tywin and the formidable Olenna. Imagine those two trading barbs! LOL

Margaery and Olenna

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Olenna (aka the Queen of Thorns) and Margaery rock. Simply put.

Remember, Westeros is not an easy society to live in, especially if you're a woman. Oh, sure it helps if you have a pretty face, money and a powerful family.

Even those things may not be enough to save you from the constant threat of violence, assault and deceit.

Although, I must say, I quite enjoy every scene that has one or both of those ladies. The elder, wise in the ways of the world, court intrigue and politics is teaching and clearing the path for one who is younger, sexier and far more shrewd. Although Margaery has so far been careful the way she chooses her words and actions.

Love how she is getting under Cersei's skin.

Oh yes, and how daddy Tywin puts Cersei in her place. BOOM!

Can we please have a scene with Tywin and Olenna? Would love to overhear a conversation between those two...

Elio and Linda at Westeros

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I've been subscribing to Elio and Linda's website.

These two people are amazing! I love this website - so comprehensive and full of links, forums, pictures, articles, fanfare and episode reviews.

Elio and Linda upload a weekly review of each episode. There are fan forums that people can post discussions on the books, the television series, theories, fan works, etc. I love it because it is everything a A Song of Ice Fire Fan could ever want for (with the exception of GRRM's website).

I follow Elio and Linda on Twitter. I totally recommend this website for people who need to get immersed in the GRRM culture.

Keep up the good work, Elio and Linda!

House Bolton

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All I will say is that I was seriously disturbed by this past weekend's episode.

Just when you see Jamie making a change of heart...where he actually developing a with his hand!

Westeros is no place for a woman. Or a man - if you make an attempt to flee or trust the wrong person.

Until next week.

Can't wait for a "ahem" white wedding...or should I say...'red?'

Happy B-day to Me

Author: Anonymous /

As an avid Game of Thrones fan, it's kind of funny that I am pre-ordering all the Funko Vinyl dolls. an e-mail from Amazon. Season III can apparently be preordered now. Hm. Not that I am complaining.

Both are gifts that I am bestowing on myself. As any good Game of Thrones fan would!



Season 4!

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As if there was any doubt! Due to the enormous popularity (and strategic campaigning) of HBO's Game of Thrones, it makes sense for them to green light a fourth season.

And why not? We, the fans, get to see more action unfold. George RR Martin acquires new fans, due to the books and people wanting to read them and jump on the bandwagon. As for DB Weiss and Daniel Benioff, it's a recipe for success: give the fans what we want while creating a high quality show.

Now, hopefully when it comes time for A Dance with Dragons to be green lit...they split it into two seasons, because that is one massive book!

Valar Dohaeris

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I am a very content woman.

Everyone at the premiere party were pretty happy, too. Well worth the wait.

Some heavy dialogue between Tywin and Tyrion - and it was my favourite scene, to be honest. I also like how Margaery is doing her own thing, on  the sly helping the orphans and this may well be a very calculated move on her part. After all it's not like Joffrey has done anything to endear himself to the people of Westeros.

House Tyrell may be one of those Houses to keep an eye on. I can't wait to meet the 'Queen of Thorns.'

Samwell and gang are beleaguered, north of the Wall. Ghost was in fine form! As for Robb and the Stark banner men, Harrenhal was a ruin, a tomb of dead bodies. Only one person survived.

Is it April 7th yet?

< Than 24 to Go!

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"<" is the less than symbol.

As in, "there are < than 24 hours left to go until the Season III premiere of Game of Thrones!"

Yes! It's here! FINALLY!

I have two cakes for the occasion and have uploaded the images, so you can see one is for Team Lannister and the other for Team Stark!

Millions of fans have been anxiously awaiting and now....the realm is quiet.

It is the calm before the "storm."

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to those who are celebrating this long weekend.


My Game of Thrones Cakes and Mom is a Fan!

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Less than a week to go.

My cake lady e-mailed me today, confirming that she would be making two amazing Game of Thrones themed cakes for this Sunday's party!

Oh yes, one more thing.

I got my MOM into Game of Thrones. All because she mentioned, "Oh by the way, I watched an episode, where I think it was a good man, he was surrounded by a lot of enemies and he was stabbed in the leg with a spear. Then, there was another man, very smug. He got rid of his own man for that action. I think the man who got hurt in the knee, his name was Ed? Or was it Ned? I can see why you like that series so much. I found it enthralling."


I went and bought her the first two books, in larger editions.

Yay for moms!


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9 more days!

Two new trailers!!


Days away!! YEAH!!!


Author: Anonymous / Labels: , , , , , ,

Two weeks left.

I have been watching all of the extras from the Season II Blu-ray DVDs. I must say, they are quite entertaining and educational. When you listen to all the characters speak of their respective Houses, past events and transgressions and point of view details, you are left to decide for yourself who is telling the truth, who is stretching it and who is outright lying.

It's a nice way to learn about the history and lore of Westeros.

My favourite extras are the House Lannister, House Stark and House Tyrell shorts.

14 days. Can't wait!


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This Game of Thrones Exhibit at the Design Exchange surpassed the one that I attended last year at the Bell TIFF Lightbox centre.

In total: 399 pictures were taken.

Submitted my review of the exhibit to the good folks at HBOWatch.

Will post some new pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Less than three weeks! Hip hip HOORAY!


Author: Anonymous / Labels: , , , , ,

I am having a serious case of NERD RAGE RIGHT NOW.


Now, finally, after a very long autumn and dreary winter, the light is at the end of the tunnel.

I have tickets to go see the Game of Thrones Toronto exhibition at the Design Exchange for this Monday night.

I would've gotten tickets to go all week if I could! I also have other obligations and work commitments to attend to during March Break.

Oh. Ma. Gawd. 21 days left to go.

I have been updating my Twitter and Facebook accounts to the point where I'm sure friends of mine probably hide my annoying status update feeds, because I tend to get, how shall I say - 'carried away?'

MARCH 31 - I can now say, you are just around the bend!


Extended GoT Trailer for Season III

Author: Anonymous / Labels: , , , ,

EXTENDED TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot begin to explain how excited I am over this new development. I think I watched the extended trailer at least 100 times.

Okay, maybe 200.


Author: Anonymous / Labels: , , , , , ,

It's not March.

Nope, not in my humble opinion. Yes, we said "goodbye" to February.

This month will be officially known as "Game of Thrones" month.

Brace yourselves, FB, Twitter and blog friends. More annoying status updates are on their way!

Less than 30 days.




Author: Anonymous / Labels: , , ,

In case you didn't see it on Jimmy Kimmel last night, here is the link to the new trailer.

The song is called "Bones" by UK band Ms Mr.

March 31 - HURRY UP!!!!!!!


Author: Anonymous / Labels: , , ,



TOTALLY made my weekend!

37 days left!!!!!

Got GOT Milk?!

Author: Anonymous / Labels: , ,

Wouldn't it be terribly clever if the good folks at HBO and Dairy Farms got together to produce new kinds of "Got Milk?" commercials?!

Specifically, for Game of Thrones?!

Am I a genius or what?!

ha ha ha!

Plush Toys!

Author: Anonymous / Labels: ,

Game of Thrones plushies toys?!

Heck YEAH! I am already planning my list as to which ones and how many to order.

Yeah yeah. Say what you want. Some women like expensive, fancy purses and clothing lines. Others, it's gold and diamonds.

Me, just give me Game of Thrones books, Blue-Ray DVDs, graphic novels and plush toys and I am a very happy camper!

42 days left to go Game of Thrones fans!

Attention Toronto & GTA GoT Fans!!!

Author: Anonymous / Labels: , , , ,

ATTENTION TORONTO and surrounding Greater Toronto Area Game of Thrones fans: there will be another HBO Game of Thrones Exhibit downtown at the Design Exchange from March 9 to 16, 2013.

They are open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm during weekdays and 11:00 am to 8:00 pm on the weekends of the display.

I first read this last night in the Rogers magazine that my husband and I subscribe to! I am totally stoked to go to this event! I went last year to the HBO Game of Thrones exhibit down at the Bell Lightbox theatre with two very good friends and enjoyed it immensely!

It's a free, ticketed event! I will leave you with the Design Exchange's website for more information!

44 days left to go!!

The Design Exchange -

49 Days Left

Author: Anonymous / Labels: , , ,

The climb is all there is.

Check out the new Season III teaser trailer on Youtube.

I am totally LOVING Tyrion's expression at the end!


Author: Anonymous / Labels: , , ,


55 days left!!!!!!

50 Shades of Charles Dance

Author: Anonymous / Labels: ,

Oh. Ma. Gawd.

A few days ago, posted this hilarious clip of actor Charles Dance, also know as the AWESOME Tywin Lannister, reading an excerpt of "50 Shades of Grey" on a British television game show called 'Big Fat Quiz.'

He is illegally sexy.

His voice just oozes sophistication.

OK. I'm off to take a cold shower now! Laters!

PS - "Yeah, that's what I thought..."

Game of Thrones Crayola Crayons

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Wouldn't it be fantastic if Crayola started making special crayons packs to commemorate certain movies or series on television?!

How freaking AMAZING would it be....if....Crayola came up with a Game of Thrones inspired crayon pack???

You know, I would end up purchasing, oh say, about 20 packs of them. Forgive me, I teach Visual Arts to JK and SK students. Hence, my fascination with Crayola and colouring. I love Crayola. I love Game of Thrones.

It's a perfect pair, wouldn't you think?!



Author: Anonymous / Labels: , , ,

Those are the words of my husband.

I finished reading Pearson Moore's Season Two Essays on Game of Thrones. I only received the delivery less then a week ago.

I know. I get it. Sigh. I have issues where A Song of Ice and Fire is concerned.

I tried my best to put the book down. But...Pearson Moore has a way with words. His essays on each chapter are insightful, provocative and challenging. I enjoyed the book immensely and hope that he releases a third one, later this year.

75 days left to go.

I have report cards that need my undying attention.

I really need to prioritize my time. I am going to try my best and NOT read the next book...the one by William Jacoby, "Fear Cuts Deeper then Swords" which is a philosophy book about the characters and story lines of HBO's Game of Thrones.

I give it 48 hours before I succumb to temptation.

More Game of Thrones Literature

Author: Anonymous / Labels: , , , , , , , ,

Just received the "Game of Thrones: Second Season Essays" by Pearson Moore and "Logic cuts Deeper then Fear" book by Henry Jacoby. I am a very happy camper.

In the midst of marking, sorting and inputting marks in for the various classes I teach, it was nice to get something delivered to me that wasn't a bill! I am looking forward to reading these two books in the next two months' time.

Because we all know (especially those on my Twitter feed and Facebook account) that I am looking forward to the Season III premiere of Game of Thrones. I, and about a million other fans!

Happy that I read on George's "Not a Blog" blog spot that he has completed another chapter in the next novel, "The Winds of Winter." Keep at it, George R. R.! We all look forward, with great anticipation, of the release date for this book!

Still wondering when I am going to read "A Dance With Dragons."

GoT Cake!!!!

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Okay. I saw the BEST Game of Thrones inspired cake EVER!!!!

My birthday is basically a week after Season III premieres (actually, my wedding anniversary is the day before my birthday). So, it's only fitting that I have a three tiered cake, with the top layer being dedicated to House Targaryen, the middle layer being dedicated to Arya, Jon, the Wall and House Stark and the bottom tier being dedicated to House Baratheon and Tyrion Lannister.

Top layer: double chocolate with chocolate butter cream filling.

Middle layer: marble with chocolate and strawberry butter cream filling.

Bottom layer: lemon with strawberry filling.

I just gained 20 pounds and my birthday is not for another 91 days!!!!

GoT Essays: Season Two

Author: Anonymous / Labels: , , ,

I finished Pearson Moore's "Game of Thrones Season One Essays" a while back and I ordered the next one. Patiently waiting for Amazon to deliver it to my door step.

85 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03-31-13 is Getting Closer

Author: Anonymous / Labels: , , , ,

Happy New Year!

I am so pleased...88 days left to go! Just finished writing another Game of Thrones article for the fabulous site,

In addition to driving everyone around me a little bit bonkers about how Season III is approaching, I finished my "Game of Thrones Season One Essays" book by Pearson Moore. When can we expect the next book for Season II?! I also put the next installment of the GoT graphic novel on my Amazon wish list. I have to wait until June 2013 like everyone else but that's alright. By that time, I will have watched the third season (like millions of other fans), so I will be placated.

I wonder if there will be another teaser trailer coming out anytime soon? I seem to recall that last year, around this time, the "Cold Winds" teaser promo was out on YouTube and on HBO. I remember the first one, "The night is dark and full of terrors." I remember freaking out and saying to my husband and friends..."WHAT?! That's it?! 15 seconds?! Nooooooo!!"

A year has passed. I am a little calmer where Game of Thrones is concerned. I have learned to be a little more patient. Of course, it totally helps that I now have in my possession the "Inside the Making of Game of Thrones" book by HBO. Amazing read, by the way. And yes, I bought two copies of it. One for me, that only I get to read. The other, for anyone else who wants to look at it. It's a silly little kink of mine. Hey, it keeps me happy!

88 days until Game of Thrones on the tele....88 days to go, cross on off the calendar now, than it'll be 87 days until Game of Thrones on the tele....


Um, did I mention that I am up to almost 3000 pins on my "A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones" board on Pinterest?