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GoT Cake!!!!

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Okay. I saw the BEST Game of Thrones inspired cake EVER!!!!

My birthday is basically a week after Season III premieres (actually, my wedding anniversary is the day before my birthday). So, it's only fitting that I have a three tiered cake, with the top layer being dedicated to House Targaryen, the middle layer being dedicated to Arya, Jon, the Wall and House Stark and the bottom tier being dedicated to House Baratheon and Tyrion Lannister.

Top layer: double chocolate with chocolate butter cream filling.

Middle layer: marble with chocolate and strawberry butter cream filling.

Bottom layer: lemon with strawberry filling.

I just gained 20 pounds and my birthday is not for another 91 days!!!!

Happy Birthday George R R

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Happy birthday! Or should I say, happy name day, George R R Martin!

Maybe I'll celebrate with a cupcake in his honour.

I also missed a few of the Game of Thrones actors and actresses' birthdays in the summer months! I apologize for that, so happy belated name days to all I missed!

Only 193 more days until the premiere of Season III. But who's counting?!