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Teaser Trailers

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Could it be possible that additional flashbacks are taking place in Season 6?!

Ser Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning???

Bran having visions - his eyes going white and flashbacks to his siblings and their respective fates?!

Jon!!! Sansa!! Arya!!! WTF is happening to all the beloved Starks?

I hate you Ramsay!! And as for Cersei, I pray to the old Gods and the new that she gets what's coming to her!!! BIG TIME!!!

I heard a little birdie say that Margaery is released by the Faith Militant....has she gone over to their side or is it a ruse to survive?!

Can't wait to see Tyrion, Jaqen, Arya, Bran, Jon and all the awesome flashbacks in April!

They don't call it a teaser trailer for nothing!

Tower of Joy Confirmed!!!

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Can I get an amen and hallelujah?! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tower of Joy has officially been confirmed!! Flashbacks have also been confirmed, as a young actor has been cast to portray Eddard Stark when he was a teenager!

Could this mean that us rabid fans will FINALLY be able to solve a long awaited theory......L + R = J?!?!

Super stoked to know that other young actors have also been cast. This could mean that we get to see a young Robert Baratheon, perhaps Ser Arthur Dayne, Benjen and Brandon Stark!!!

Yes!!! Excellent news, indeed!!