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Who is the Sexiest Book Character?

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Good question.

Anybody care to comment on who they think is the sexiest male and female book character?

I have a feeling the odds in favourites will be Thor, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Iron Man and countless others.

Although, right now, I can't really think of any other book characters, unless they're from Game of Thrones.

Sansa Stark - "The Lady"

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Sansa Stark will always be regarded as the Stark daughter who has the genteel breeding that was traditional of a young girl in a medieval society, like Westeros. She is accomplished at needlepoint, poetry and chatelaine duties. It seems to me that her sole duty is to marry well and into a high born family, as befits her own family's station and status in the Seven Kingdoms. She is elegant and poised and to quote her directly, "Courtesy is a lady's best armor." Really?! How about armor is your best protection against the enemy - both protective to your body and your wit?! Sansa may be the perfect daughter, but she lacks the ability to see through people's motives and has no thought to the idea that people have the ability to be malevolent. However, Sansa's biggest priority is getting engaged to a dreamy prince of the realm and making her parents happy.

This bugs me. As in to no end. Yes, I understand that she wants to make her family happy but what about how she is going feel, think and act? It bothers me to such a degree that women are regarded as the silent gender in A Song of Ice and Fire and Sansa embodies this well. Be seen but not heard. No thought to your own wishes and will, but the will of your lord and master.

I think that perhaps a little cunning and intelligence are the order of the day. Let's face it: Sansa dreams of a world where everybody is kind and gentle and they all adhere to the notions of courtly love. Being betrothed to Joffrey Baratheon was no picnic and for viewers of the show and readers of the books, we all know how she was mentally and psychologically abused. She was isolated and used as a pawn by others who had plenty of power over her. In short, Sansa is a victim and has no real power over her own life. Choices are made for her. When Sansa chose that spoiled wretch, Joffrey, over her sister and Mykah in Season I, that is when I lost all respect for her. Joffrey was a maniac and I thought to myself many times, "If that was a preview of what your married life was going to look like, good luck with that one. You deserve that pompous ass for a husband." That and - Arya is YOUNGER than you and can see through people's b.s. and you can't?! (shaking my head right now)

Season II and III fare no better for her - but we do catch small glimpses where Sansa is beginning to understand that people in King's Landing can be duplicitous and it doesn't hurt to have a protective mask in place and perhaps...even lie once in a while! Everyone else at court is a liar and a user, so you might as well try to beat them at their own game.

Being married off to Tyrion Lannister, in my opinion, was the safest thing that could've happened to her. As the wife of Tyrion Lannister, she had the protection of the Lannister family, plus the wealth to go along with it. And Tyrion is not Joffrey, not by a long shot. He might be a "half man" but by the Old Gods and the New, he is an experienced man and ladies, you get my meaning. Sansa could have had a chance to be happy with him, if she allowed herself to look past the fact that he wasn't so golden like one of the Tyrell sons or that he wasn't her perfect picture of a man. In those days, it was rare enough to have a true love match. However, having the Lannister name was an ace up her sleeve.

Will Sansa develop a stronger sense of worth? Will she develop a back bone and start to see all the dangers and intrigue around her? Or will she always be that ignorant little girl who dreams of courtly love, from Winterfell? Or will she surprise all of us fans and end up seated on the Iron Throne, with an army to back her up?

LoTR vs GoT Characters

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AWESOME article about who would win if we all asked the question...."In the two parallel books Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, who would win against whom?"

SO many possibilities to think of!

Aragorn versus Jaime.

Cersei versus Arwen.

Tyrion versus  Frodo.

Tywin versus Gandalf.

Jon versus Gimli.

Robb versus Legolas.

Arya versus Eowyn.

Daenyers versus the Witch King.

Eddard versus Boromir. (hee hee hee)

Theon versus Faramir.

Samwell Tarly versus Samwell Gamgee. (c'mon, you all knew I would put the two Sams together)

A White Walker versus Gollum.

Varys versus Galadriel.

Littlefinger versus Wormtongue.

Anyone else??

HBO Watch: Theon Greyjoy

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They did it again!!

The good folks at HBO Watch published my second character profile piece of writing. Made my day! Check it out on the 'HBO Write for us' website. You'll see how "hopelessly devoted" I am to Theon Greyjoy....NOT!


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A week and a half ago, I was reading the HBO Watch Game of Thrones website when a small icon in the top right hand corner caught my eye. Yes, an invitation for fans to write character profiles for HBO Watch! And not just Game of Thrones character profiles, you can pick from a number of interesting HBO shows.

For me, my first love is Game of Thrones. To my utter surprise and delight, one of the editors responded back to my e-mail inquiry. True to my fire sign (Aries) of having a fire lit underneath me, I promptly fired off four pieces of writing to him.

Today, I received an e-mail, telling me that the first piece of writing was published on the HBO Watch Game of Thrones cast site.

Yes, I am extremely flattered and very happy! I wasted no time in posting onto my Facebook wall, my Twitter page and of course, I had to inform my husband. He takes it all in stride and is glad that I found a way to channel my creative side.

I hope you enjoy the character profiles that I have contributed to HBO Watch. I have plenty more that I want to write about! Bring it on!

Westeros Map in Coloured Detail

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I just found this freaking AMAZING map of Westeros with all the character's travels included on it. It is in colour, in detail and absolutely incredible!

Thank you to the fan that put this together. I love the fact that this fan read the books and said that he wanted to have a visual of locations where characters had been and didn't want to forget the places on the map. A fan by the name of Ser Mountain Goat created the colour map but another fan, Private Major, stepped up his game by adding in where the characters had been, via colour coding.

Thank you both! This is amazing, especially for people who require a visual map or graphic organizer! You guys rock!!

What to do Now That A Clash of Kings is Over

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Hi there. I'm trying to figure out how I can enhance my "Winds of Westeros" blog. So far, I have added a Feedjit Live Feed to it. I like to see where people visit from. Always nice to know that people from all over check out my humble little blog. As well, I will take more pictures (when the occasion calls for it) and will post more images (of course I do not own them and will make the disclaimer known) as they appear.

Now that we all have to wait another 10 months until the premiere of "Game of Thrones: A Storm of Swords," I was thinking of all the things I'd like to post about. Here is what I came up with so far:

*drum roll please*

Various posts about each respective House in Westeros, according to what I have read and how I feel;
Character posts;
Book signings and events;
My Game of Thrones PS-3 game, the various campaigns I go on and my progress;
A Song of Ice and Fire Book reviews;
Changes from books to screenplays;
The idea of who Jon Snow's parents could be and my theory behind it;
Comic Con dates;
My actors and actresses wish list for Season III;
My Pinterest board and its' progress;
Cakes that I order with a Game of Thrones theme (so far, my birthday cake this year was a purple cake with certain House sigils on it);
My views on the men in Westeros;
My views on women in Westeros;
If Trivial Pursuit responds back to my inquiry about a Game of Thrones limited edition board game
if George R R Martin ever responds back to some of my friendly e-mails.

Yes, I sent him some pictures and I also sent him the idea of the Trivial Pursuit game.

I feel that these ideas for my blog will keep me occupied for a while.

Happy reading to all!

Game of Thrones Entries

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Many of my blog entries will be about the Houses, the various Kingdoms and the characters.

I also want to add that none of the images that I have posted are my own (except the birthday cake, meet and greet, the little sigil frames and the Game of Thrones exhibition shots). I do not own the other images and have retrieved them off of the internet.

But if I had an extensive collection of images and props, I would probably need another room, or two, to showcase them in!