LoTR vs GoT Characters

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AWESOME article about who would win if we all asked the question...."In the two parallel books Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, who would win against whom?"

SO many possibilities to think of!

Aragorn versus Jaime.

Cersei versus Arwen.

Tyrion versus  Frodo.

Tywin versus Gandalf.

Jon versus Gimli.

Robb versus Legolas.

Arya versus Eowyn.

Daenyers versus the Witch King.

Eddard versus Boromir. (hee hee hee)

Theon versus Faramir.

Samwell Tarly versus Samwell Gamgee. (c'mon, you all knew I would put the two Sams together)

A White Walker versus Gollum.

Varys versus Galadriel.

Littlefinger versus Wormtongue.

Anyone else??


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