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Folks, I am NOT A PATIENT person, especially when it comes to anything news related about Game of Thrones.

You can just imagine my dread and sheer frustration in having to read that Game of Thrones will not be airing until end of April....or worse, the beginning of May.

It seems with the new series Vinyl hitting the television in February, it will end up bumping the premiere of Season Six.

As if winter isn't already long enough. Yeah, I am TICKED about this.

You know, the good folks over at HBO could have Vinyl debut in January. There are seven days in a week. Instead of having it on a Sunday night, why not make it for a Monday or a Friday evening? It would break up the monotany of the week and give fans something else to look forward on a different night of the week.

Of course, this makes sense, so why the hell would they bother doing so? And yes, as a Game of Thrones fan, I am disgruntled and will toss out any suggestion to serve my selfish purposes. Well, too bad, it's my blog and I don't care if I come across being selfish in this regard.

I think a few million fans would agree with me.

The Return of the Tully's

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Breaking news: Edmure Tully, the beleaguered son in law of Walder Frey and the Blackfish, Brendan Tully, are set to return for Season Six.

This is very exciting, as it heavily hints at the Riverrun storyline being included.

Lots of fan threads and speculation about Jaime and Ser Bronn venturing into Tully territory is very exciting, indeed! I'm glad at this particular development, because we all know that the show is now venturing off course, as book six is not yet published.

Are you looking forward to two good guys returning to Westeros? I am!

Is he dead? Or alive?

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With so many Kit Harrington sightings in Belfast and on current production sets, the question remains: is Jon Snow dead or alive?

Spoilers've been warned.

If you go to or Watchers on the Wall, let's just say that there's plenty of photos to suggest that *maybe* Jon is going to be present in Season 6.

Here's hoping!!!!