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Now Recruiting!

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I have successfully recruited three colleagues to the realm.

I know.

Either I'm awesome or I am kind of borderline obsessed/crazy.

I prefer to think of it as having an extreme level of enthusiasm.


PS - I am totally liking Oberyn Martell.

I'm going to Dorne!

A Dance with Dragons

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In light of the fact that the school year is coming to a close and that HBO's Game of Thrones is winding down (*sigh*), I've decided to pick up where I left off from last year.

I have been reading A Dance with Dragons.

And BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it ever a meaty read!

Action! Adventure! Betrayal! Surprise journeys! Power! Crime! Intrigue!

And ONE VERY BIG glitch that I did not see coming.

New characters. Shady pasts. Possible hope for a better future.

A lost, forgotten member of a House.

And that's all I'm going to say right now.

Happy reading to me! :)

Getting Back to ADwD

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Now that the holidays are upon us (and I have two glorious weeks off of work), I am going to start reading "A Dance With Dragons." (I read about 155 pages....but have been sidetracked with professional development and two jobs)

I can't wait to curl up and start that book!

99 days left until Game of Thrones Season III premiere!

Happy holidays & Merry Christmas! :)