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Musical Chairs in Westeros

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As promised....I am coming up with some musical selections for some of the Houses in Westeros.

Not only will I do my best to pick a fitting piece of music per House, I'm also going to try and select the most appropriate piece of music for some of our favourite Game of Thrones characters, too!

Take into consideration that this is going to be a pretty big endeavour. I just got the 'green light' from Jacob at HBO Watch, so the finished product(s) will be published to the HBO Watch website.

So far, I have several songs from Led Zeppelin, Metallica, The Doors, The Cult, Madonna, Pink, Pink Floyd and LMFAO, to name a few!

You'll have to log on to if you want to read the polished pieces of writing. I hope to do this particular piece justice. If there are any suggestions in terms of songs, please readers, feel free to leave me some commentary!

Time to cut a rug!

The Houses of Westeros

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First off, there are so many Houses in the Seven Kingdoms, that I'm going to dedicate many a blog post to them. I can't do it in one single swoop. Besides, for me, who likes detail, it wouldn't be much fun. I'll begin by stating that there are Seven Kingdoms in Westeros. Winterfell, King's Landing, Casterly Rock, The Eyrie, Inn at the Crossroads, Storm's End and Highgarden. All the major Houses - Stark, Baratheon, Tully, Lannister, Greyjoy, Frey, Targaryen, Tyrell - to name a few, have all been vying for power and control. Some of the Houses are relatively peaceful. Others have been downright power hungry, smashing and destroying all enemies who they come across unless fealty is sworn to them. Make no mistake, Game of Thrones takes place in a medieval world, where allegiances are forged and betrayals take place on a daily basis.

The Starks hail from Winterfell. Their House motto is "Winter is Coming." Their sigil is the Direwolf. The Baratheons hail from Storm's End. Their House motto is "Ours is the Fury." Their sigil is the Stag.

The Lannisters hail from Casterly Rock. Their House motto is "Hear me Roar." Their sigil is the Lion.

The Tullys hail from Riverrun, located at the Inn at the Crossroads. Their House motto is "Family. Duty. Honour." Their sigil is the Fish.

The Targaryens used to hail from Storm's End and Dragonstone, until they were usurped and forced to flee. Their House motto is "Fire and Blood." Their sigil is a Three Headed Dragon.

The Tyrells hail from Highgarden. Their House motto is "Growing Strong." Their sigil is a Tudor shaped rose, growing.

The Grejoys hail from the Islands of Pyke. Their House motto is "We Do Not Sow." Their sigil is a Kraken.

The Freys hail from Riverlands. Their House motto is not known. Their sigil is Twin Grey Towers with a Bridge. The Martells hail from the lower region of Highgarden. Their House motto is "Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken." Their sigil is Sun pierced with a Spear.

When you begin reading the books, you can clearly see who's in power and who is vying for it. The books are so character rich, that you need to remember who is who, or better yet, turn to some graphic organizers, so that you can see where the characters are grouped together. I will try to find some images that help group the Houses together, for those that like the visual aid.