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Happy Name Day Lena Headey!

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Happy name day to the only woman who could so convincingly portray the steely cold, equally calculating Cersei Lannister.

I can't stand the character, because she is evil personified (same with Joffrey). But I do appreciate the time when she said how awful it was to have such high intellect but have to suffer all because you are a woman.

I like to think that Cersei Lannister, in some very backward weird way, is a feminist. I appreciate her frustration in the sense where she feels trapped by her gender. All major decision are made by either her son, her father or the small council. It's just a formal courtesy that they let her sit on the privy council.

It must have totally sucked to be a woman back in Westeros. The positions of womanhood vary quite sharply: you are either a lady, a prostitute, an indentured servant, a nun, an outcast, a pawn, a sister, a mother or a daughter. You can't outright be a powerful woman, otherwise you are regarded as a threat. Cersei has, quite possibly, the most powerful title that a woman can obtain in the Seven Kingdoms. Yet, for all the wealth and privilege, she is downright miserable.

I'm glad I live in today's society.