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The Ice Dragon

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Recently, I ordered two books from Amazon Canada. The first one was "Season One Essays from Game of Thrones" by Pearson Moore. I've already  read a few chapters. Pretty impressed with that book, but it is "The Ice Dragon" by George R R Martin that really got me going.

As in, this is a children's book he wrote in 1980 (I was a wee little thing) and a 2006 edition has been produced, complete with beautiful pictures by Yvonne Gilbert.

Yes, it is a children's storybook but approach with caution: this is George R R Martin we're talking about; therefore there is bound to be some heartache in it somewhere.

I cried. I cried like a little girl. Like the time I watched "Watership Down." I've NEVER had such a visceral reaction to a children's storybook before! Of course, I am drawn to anything that GRRM has written, so it's no surprise that I had to add this children's book to my already growing collection.

Oh Adara, your Ice Dragon will always be with you!