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Trivial Pursuit A No Go

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Meh. I e-mailed the good folks at Hasbro, regarding an idea for a Game of Thrones Trivial Pursuit edition of their board game.

While they appreciated my zeal and enthusiasm with the idea, right now there are no plans to produce a Game of Thrones edition. Well, that's okay. I'm not totally crushed with their decision but admit it, you like the idea of a Westeros Ice and Fire limited edition Trivial Pursuit board game! I didn't come up with the suggestion so I could profit off of it. No, that wouldn't be fair to George R R Martin. I just liked the idea of what it would be like!

If they ever plan on releasing one, you know yours truly will be purchasing two board games! :)

What to do Now That A Clash of Kings is Over

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Hi there. I'm trying to figure out how I can enhance my "Winds of Westeros" blog. So far, I have added a Feedjit Live Feed to it. I like to see where people visit from. Always nice to know that people from all over check out my humble little blog. As well, I will take more pictures (when the occasion calls for it) and will post more images (of course I do not own them and will make the disclaimer known) as they appear.

Now that we all have to wait another 10 months until the premiere of "Game of Thrones: A Storm of Swords," I was thinking of all the things I'd like to post about. Here is what I came up with so far:

*drum roll please*

Various posts about each respective House in Westeros, according to what I have read and how I feel;
Character posts;
Book signings and events;
My Game of Thrones PS-3 game, the various campaigns I go on and my progress;
A Song of Ice and Fire Book reviews;
Changes from books to screenplays;
The idea of who Jon Snow's parents could be and my theory behind it;
Comic Con dates;
My actors and actresses wish list for Season III;
My Pinterest board and its' progress;
Cakes that I order with a Game of Thrones theme (so far, my birthday cake this year was a purple cake with certain House sigils on it);
My views on the men in Westeros;
My views on women in Westeros;
If Trivial Pursuit responds back to my inquiry about a Game of Thrones limited edition board game
if George R R Martin ever responds back to some of my friendly e-mails.

Yes, I sent him some pictures and I also sent him the idea of the Trivial Pursuit game.

I feel that these ideas for my blog will keep me occupied for a while.

Happy reading to all!


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Dear George R R Martin, HBO and the good folks at Trivial Pursuit:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE create a Game of Thrones edition of your board game! I swear that if you do, I will go out and buy two of them!

And if you play Trivial Pursuit the way I do, you will want ME on YOUR team.

Trust me on that one!