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OKAY!!!! husband purchases the Tell Tale game, Iron From Ice, for me. I also bought another Funko figure for myself - well, okay, I bought the White Walker and Jaime Lannister one, too. I was totally stoked and prepared to do some serious gaming.

Guess what happens?!

My Playstation 3, for some unknown reason, decides to power down and off. Nothing wrong with it. It worked just fine and it's not like I use it on a regular basis. You can just imagine my disappointment at having the game, having the remotes completely charged and the unit just shuts down on me, no rhyme and no reason.

Such is life. My husband took it to get repaired. We'll see if I can get it back for the following weekend. All the reviews have been great and I really do want to play it!


What to do Now That A Clash of Kings is Over

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Hi there. I'm trying to figure out how I can enhance my "Winds of Westeros" blog. So far, I have added a Feedjit Live Feed to it. I like to see where people visit from. Always nice to know that people from all over check out my humble little blog. As well, I will take more pictures (when the occasion calls for it) and will post more images (of course I do not own them and will make the disclaimer known) as they appear.

Now that we all have to wait another 10 months until the premiere of "Game of Thrones: A Storm of Swords," I was thinking of all the things I'd like to post about. Here is what I came up with so far:

*drum roll please*

Various posts about each respective House in Westeros, according to what I have read and how I feel;
Character posts;
Book signings and events;
My Game of Thrones PS-3 game, the various campaigns I go on and my progress;
A Song of Ice and Fire Book reviews;
Changes from books to screenplays;
The idea of who Jon Snow's parents could be and my theory behind it;
Comic Con dates;
My actors and actresses wish list for Season III;
My Pinterest board and its' progress;
Cakes that I order with a Game of Thrones theme (so far, my birthday cake this year was a purple cake with certain House sigils on it);
My views on the men in Westeros;
My views on women in Westeros;
If Trivial Pursuit responds back to my inquiry about a Game of Thrones limited edition board game
if George R R Martin ever responds back to some of my friendly e-mails.

Yes, I sent him some pictures and I also sent him the idea of the Trivial Pursuit game.

I feel that these ideas for my blog will keep me occupied for a while.

Happy reading to all!

Playstation Game!!

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I had a VERY pleasant surprise last night.

I found a little package with a bow on it, on the kitchen counter. Inside: the Playstation 3 game: Game of Thrones!! The official game guide was also in the package.

I got home late last night and was unable to start playing and reading. However, the weekend is almost here. I will start my journey on Saturday afternoon! Can't wait.

Love you, my Jon Snow. (that is my husband's nickname)