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Excellent Emmys

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How fortuitous......the Emmy's just happened to fall on GRRM's birthday (September 20).

And what a birthday present he got! Game of Thrones won in several areas, most notably being Peter Dinklage winning his second Emmy award.

He is awesome, his wit razor sharp and his political savvy a blessing. No wonder why Peter Dinklage won the Emmy - Tyrion Lannister is not only a fan favourite, but every time fans are fortunate enough to see Tyrion on screen, we know something interesting, dynamic or shocking is about to happen.

Happy birthday, GRRM. So, a birthday present for your fans....any chance that The Winds of Winter will be coming out winter of 2016??

Peter Dinklage On His Own Terms

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I just finished reading the full length article in Rolling Stone magazine that features Peter Dinklage, also known as Tyrion Lannister, and it was amazing. His sense of humour - more to the point - his deadpan lines are hilarious. I am happy that Peter Dinklage won both the Emmy and the Golden Globe for his portrayal of the Imp.

I bought two copies - one that everyone can read and one that I have tucked away, underneath my bed for safe keeping.  As an added bonus, RS magazine also has an interview with George R R Martin, based on how he came to create the character of Tyrion Lannister and why he was happy that Peter Dinklage accepted the role.

That Emmy and Golden Globe were bestowed on the right actor! Long live Peter!

A Man Without Honour

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After watching (and rewatching) last night's had to wonder, who in Westeros truly has honour?

I believe that Ned Stark did, as did Bariston Selmy. I believe that the old bear, Lord Commander Mormont does and Jon Snow possesses it, too. King Robb Stark is also a man with honour, as in evidence by the way he talks to his troops, the way he cares for them and how he listens to his bannermen's counsel. (He really should've listened to his mother's, regarding the Greyjoy's).

I was sad to see Ser Rodrick Cassel die. That upset me. However, it creates the sort of dramatic tension in order to keep the audience riveted to the screen and also instill a fierce loyalty to the remaining Stark crew. Brandon has forced to become a man in such a short span of time, even though he is only a teen.

And Tyrion has his own sense of honour, given who his brother, sister and father are. He truly cares for his niece Myrcella and nephew Tommen, but as for the rest of them, he knows they don't truly respect him because of his "imp" status. And amazing are her scenes with the great Tywin? Even though they are on duelling paths and he (apparently) has no knowledge that she is a Stark, you have to love their banter back and forth. He likes that fact that she is quick to sum up a situation. She likes that she can have a conversation, it is her way of being savvy at gathering information for future use. Also love how Tywin sees through what she says but he enjoys her company.

"You're a sharp little thing, aren't you?"

Rolling Stone Magazine

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I went to three Chapters/Indigo stores who did NOT have the brand new RS issue in stock.

Needless to say, that did not make me a happy camper. I was told to come back on Monday, May 14.

You don't need to remind me twice, either!

Peter Dinklage on Rolling Stone Mag!

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I have to admit....I have a serious crush on Peter Dinklage. I find out tonight that he's going to be gracing the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. The issue comes out this Friday. Which means I'm going to purchase several copies and put one away in my Game of Thrones time capsule.

Tyrion, get medieval on someone!!!!!!!!