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Book readers aren't too thrilled with some of the changes that have been taking place on the HBO series.

Let me reiterate that I understand it's a huge challenge to include every single character and every single plot line from book to screen play adaptation.

However, I think it's kind of silly when they don't include ones that fans were strongly hoping for (Lady Stone heart) but end up throwing characters together for the sake of another plot twist (placing Bronn and Jaime together, in order to go to Dorne, which does not happen).

I will concede that getting rid of some of the long winded plots (the endless travels and shenanigans that Tyrion has to undergo in order to get to Daenerys Targaryen) were a solid move. The faster Tyrion is on the move and gets into Dany's inner circle, the better. Same with Margaery and Tommen getting married and making Tommen older on the show. That was a good move. I also heartily approve of Tyrion and Jorah together, as well as placing Podrick and Brienne together. We need some comedic relief and some serious dramatic monologues, and those four are great with both.

BUT REALLY?! SER BARRISTAN and MANCE dying?! David and Dan, what on earth are you thinking?! And you wonder why fans are getting ticked off?!

When will the Book be Released?

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Another Winds of Winter chapter has been released. While this is amazing for fans, you have to sit and wonder about the actual time frame of the book release.

Given GRRM's track record for releasing books, you'd think that this year would've been ideal for The Winds of Winter to be released. After all, he released A Dance with Dragons in the summer of 2011. Now, that being said, he also attends numerous press junkets and Comic Cons, so that just adds to his never ending to do list.

Fans, do not despair. At least we get a brand new chapter every once in a while. :)

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

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Another book will be released this fall about the tales of Ser Duncan the Tall and Egg (Aegon). I was quite excited to read this on GRRM's blog, 'Not a Blog.'

So, of course, I just had to preorder 3 copies of set book from Amazon, because, well, why not? I already purchased 3 copies of the History and Lore of Westeros that came out this past October. Just more books to ass to my ever growing collection of GRRM stuff.

Who is the Sexiest Book Character?

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Good question.

Anybody care to comment on who they think is the sexiest male and female book character?

I have a feeling the odds in favourites will be Thor, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Iron Man and countless others.

Although, right now, I can't really think of any other book characters, unless they're from Game of Thrones.

A Complete History of A Song of Ice and Fire

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What arrived at my door today? After days of anxiously awaiting the package, it finally came!

I ordered 3 copies of the new book, "The World of Ice and Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones."

Two of them came today and one is on its' way as a gift for someone special: my mother.

I got her into A Song of Ice and Fire books about two years ago. I guess after hearing me rant and rave about the books and the HBO series at how many family gatherings and get togethers, curiosity got the better of her.

I haven't opened my books yet but boy, oh boy is it a beauty! It's a large book, with an appealing burnt orange slash brown colour to it and they are individually sealed.

I can't wait to open it up and start reading the contents. But with Halloween around the corner and my full time occupation of teaching wee little ones, this week is just way too busy to crack the book open.

Friday night, however, is another story!

Dangerous Women

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I have been thinking lately of all the times when I used to make fun of my older brothers. They were and still are huge Stark Trek and Star Wars fans. While I totally loved Star Wars, I couldn't get into the Trekkie thing. Both of my brothers collected the toys, figurines, magazines - anything with the Star Trek crew.

The turn of the tide has come full circle - as I look back on the past few years and look at the incredible amount of A Song of Ice and Fire collectibles that I have purchased. I have spent a small fortune on books, magazines, graphic novels, exhibition tickets, drinking steins, magazines, detailed map books, Funko Vinyl figures mugs, shot glasses, hats, graphic prints, framed portraits, essay books and plushie dolls.

If that wasn't bad enough, I read last night on 109 We Come from the Future an article about GRRM and hos he weaves yet another compelling tale about the politics of war and how much dragons play a part in his newest novella, "Dangerous Women."

My poor husband. I already told him that he has to order the third round of Funko Dolls for Valentine's Day next year. Now this.

Dangerous, indeed, for a woman like me!

Shout out to N!

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I just discovered that the lady I go to for my manicures and pedicures is reading A Song of Ice and Fire!

Come ON already! That is totally awesome!! Shout out to N! You rock, lady!

Kobo Reader vs Books

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Ah, July. One of my favourite months. Summer time, friends, family and lots of things to do.

I came across one of those Kobo readers during one of my jaunts to Chapters. Hm. While it looks nice, I just don't think I could purchase one.

Call me old school, but there's something nostalgic about the way a book looks, feels and smells. I like turning the pages. I like looking at the front and back covers. And reading the inserts.

Yup, I'll take my flesh and blood, big books, to have and to hold and stack them on my bookshelf!

I like big books and I cannot lie! Now, where the heck am I going to put my Hedge Knight books?! I need a bigger book shelf!

My Game of Thrones Cakes and Mom is a Fan!

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Less than a week to go.

My cake lady e-mailed me today, confirming that she would be making two amazing Game of Thrones themed cakes for this Sunday's party!

Oh yes, one more thing.

I got my MOM into Game of Thrones. All because she mentioned, "Oh by the way, I watched an episode, where I think it was a good man, he was surrounded by a lot of enemies and he was stabbed in the leg with a spear. Then, there was another man, very smug. He got rid of his own man for that action. I think the man who got hurt in the knee, his name was Ed? Or was it Ned? I can see why you like that series so much. I found it enthralling."


I went and bought her the first two books, in larger editions.

Yay for moms!

More Game of Thrones Literature

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Just received the "Game of Thrones: Second Season Essays" by Pearson Moore and "Logic cuts Deeper then Fear" book by Henry Jacoby. I am a very happy camper.

In the midst of marking, sorting and inputting marks in for the various classes I teach, it was nice to get something delivered to me that wasn't a bill! I am looking forward to reading these two books in the next two months' time.

Because we all know (especially those on my Twitter feed and Facebook account) that I am looking forward to the Season III premiere of Game of Thrones. I, and about a million other fans!

Happy that I read on George's "Not a Blog" blog spot that he has completed another chapter in the next novel, "The Winds of Winter." Keep at it, George R. R.! We all look forward, with great anticipation, of the release date for this book!

Still wondering when I am going to read "A Dance With Dragons."

GoT Essays: Season Two

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I finished Pearson Moore's "Game of Thrones Season One Essays" a while back and I ordered the next one. Patiently waiting for Amazon to deliver it to my door step.

85 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Storm of Swords Party

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I actually had the nerve to email a few of my friends on Facebook and invite them to a little get together that I'll be having on March 31, 2013. (imagine planning things way in advance!)

Oh, wait. What's so special about that date? It's seven and a half months away!

In case you haven't read my blog, followed me on Pinterest, haven't read my character profiles on HBO Watch or don't have me as a Facebook friend, then you've been living under a rock! (just joking). I am a HUGE Game of Thrones fan. March 31, 2013 kicks off the season premiere of the third season, known to us all as "Game of Thrones: A Storm of Swords."

I've invited six people so far. Five are coming. I am going to order two cakes from my fantastic cake lady to commemorate the auspicious occasion! One will be a blue and white cake with the Stark dire wolf sigil on it. I'm thinking chocolate vanilla swirl for the House Stark cake (I always order chocolate from my cake lady for my cake flavours so I'll be bold and try something different). As for the second cake, it will be red and gold, as it will represent House Lannister. Flavour? Hm. Strawberry might be a good choice. Lemon is always a crowd pleaser, too.

And NO, I won't be dressing up as Arya, as someone had previously teased me about. Although one day I will go to a Comic Con and I will dress up in a Game of Thrones costume. I've see legions of dedicated fans do it countless times and who says you can only dress up in costumes on Halloween?!

Of course, it goes without saying that the guests I've invited were told to watch Season II before coming by for the Game of Thrones get together (I actually got one of my friends hooked on the series and he totally thanked me for it).

Books vs Screenplay

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Okay, we all know that it is almost near impossible to create the Game of Thrones series by staying 100% true to the books. I would say that the screenwriters have done an excellent job so far. They are at 90%, in terms of keeping true to the plot lines.

In various Game of Thrones feeds, there are fans who complain about how Season II is deviating from the actual book. Well, I am not a screenwriter but you have to give them credit where it is due. They have to take what they can from the books but also have a little bit of creative liberty, too. All in all, I am a pretty happy camper with the results.

A Feast for Crows

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Officially started reading "A Feast for Crows." This is - for those of you who don't know - the fourth book in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series, written by George R. R. Martin. So far, it was a little slow for me, I think because I'm still watching the second season and don't want to get too far ahead of myself. Then again, I really do enjoy reading about new characters and seeing how the story line is developing. I'll think I'll just stay the course.

"Seven Devils"

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For everyone who started watching all of the Game of Thrones trailers, I have to say that the best one they came out with was the one titled, "Seven Devils." Why? Because the trailer captures the corruption, the desolation of some of the locations, the isolation some of the characters feel, the peril some of them face firsthand and the sheer determination of the characters. The music in the trailer is from a group called Florence and the Machine. The good folks at HBO could not have picked a more perfect piece of music to reflect the mood for the second season. Thanks to the trailer, Florence and the Machine's "Seven Devils" track on YouTube has picked up a lot more visitors! You go, Flo!

A New Generation of GoT Fans

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It just occurred to me: George R. R. Martin wrote the first three books of "A Song of Fire and Ice" in the late 1990's and early 2000s. Which means that when book number four and five came out, people began to flock to those ones just as quick! Of course, with HBO creating and producing the hit series "Game of Thrones" in April 2011 and 2012, the audience for his literary works has now doubled, or perhaps tripled. I am a fan, no doubt.

Soon, there will be a new member in my family, a nephew (who is due anyday now) and you know what that means, don't you? I'm going to have to purchase his first Game of Thrones t-shirt, lunchbox, bottle, etc. When I was little, both my older brothers and I were major "Star Wars" fans. We had the bedsheets, the toys, the lego and the lunchboxes. Three cheers for "Star Wars" & "Game of Thrones!" May the fans carry on all the funny and silly traditions that go along with popular films and book series!

A Game of Thrones: Graphic Novel

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I just purchased the first of George R.R. Martin's "A Game of Thrones" graphic novels. He has approved them being created and the they will be sold in volumes. I purchased volume I and it did not disappoint. The adaptation is by Daniel Abraham and the art is done by Tommy Patterson. There is a pretty in-depth preface by George R. R. himself. For people who don't want to read the books, this will provide them with the opportunity to read the story in a different medium. The graphics and art are amazing. New fans will be sure to add this to their collection. Outstanding! Can't wait for the next Volume to come out!

GRRM Website

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George R. R. Martin has his own website. This is a spectacular feat - he lists all his likes, what he's reading, letters/pictures from fans, book signings, a Game of Thrones countdown ticker, a merchandise icon, etc. You can even read his blog - which is called 'Not A Blog.' His e-mail is in case you want to e-mail him a picture, a comment, a letter, etc. He is a very busy man at the moment, doing all sorts of press junkets in Europe and across the United States, so if he doesn't respond back to any e-mail you've sent, don't take offence. He just takes his time (like with writing his books). However, he always delivers a quality response back (just like his books, you get a product of HIGH quality). :)