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Recruits, Ramblings and other Shenanigans

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I've recruited more to the realm. I often it because my colleagues are just freaked out by my extreme enthusiasm or is it because they have heard so much about Game of Thrones on the Internet, the news and through conversation? I'd like to think it's all of the above.

Yes, I recommend binge watching all the Game of Thrones Seasons. Especially if you are reading my blog for the first time or want to get it all in before the April 12 Season V premiere.

Also in the news, how flipping AWESOME is it that some people are going to get the chance to win tickets to seeing the premiere a WHOLE MONTH ahead of everyone else?! The very fact that HBO is doing this in London - at the Tower of London famous landmark no less - is setting the standard pretty damned high!

I'm going to be doing my countdown and will try my hand at another 26 days until "Game of Thrones A to Z" blogs posts. It keeps me busy. It keeps me sharp and on my toes. It also channels my excitement and energy into the blog and will give my poor husband a break. Lol!

A George RR Martin plush doll is going to be released soon. The new Funko dolls have been released and yes, I ordered them, too. To say that this is beyond obsession is perfectly accurate.

It's all good. We all have our quirks, eclectic habits and hobbies. Right?

I'm Recruiting More People

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Yes, I have been spreading the word to my colleagues about watching Game of Thrones.

Happy to say that two more people are on board.

Because, I'm pretty persuasive.

And more importantly, because Game of Thrones is THAT awesome!