Arya Stark: Warrior Princess

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Yes, I used the word 'princess' and the word 'Arya' in the same sentence.

Make no mistake, I use it with the greatest respect, in the sense that Arya is a fierce little princess, capable of holding her own against the big boys, in fact, anyone who crosses her path. I don't mean princess in the way everyone thinks of - long gowns, sweeping hairstyles, jewels, fine needle point and an air of genteel breeding.

Hell, no! I mean a young girl who is suddenly thrust into the vicious Game of Thrones, who is able to read people's intentions, train with a sword, learn a few ancient and noble languages, defend her House's honour, stand up and fight for herself and take off in order to survive, study other people, what they say and what they try to hide, accept her growing power as a warg and ultimately, learn how to become one of the most skilled assassins in Westeros. THAT is the type of princess I'm talking about - armed with chain mail, daggers, Needle, shape shifting powers, be multilingual and above all - conquer her fears and take down her enemies.

Arya always knew that she was different from other girls her age. She knew she would never be like her older sister and somehow, that did not disappoint her. She knew it, felt it and accepted it. She was surprised and shocked to learn and understand from her father that she was just like her late aunt, Lyanna Stark. Shocking because Lyanna was considered to be a great beauty in the Seven Kingdoms and surprised because Lyanna had the same spirit and had a rebellious streak in her. It's as if the ghost of Lyanna has come back to guide her niece. And this is a notion that I want to believe in.

I adore Arya Stark - she wants to believe in justice and equality and yet is canny enough, at a young age, to know that Westeros is made up of very dangerous men and women who will lie, cheat, steal and kill to get what they want. We all know that power is an aphrodisiac. Arya doesn't seem to be tainted by it, say the way that Joffrey and Cersei are. No, she knows that anyone can be killed and that you have to be very careful and play the game well and make allegiances with the right sort of people in the Seven Kingdoms. Otherwise, you will find yourself swinging from a rope or have a sword go through your belly.

None of those options are what Arya has in mind for herself. No, not this young wolf pup. She has to go through some very frightening and challenging times in order to grow as a young woman and as an individual, who is trying to survive and learn the skills she needs to - because in time we know what she will use them for.


And it is my feverent hope that Arya Stark not only survives many assassins and outlaws, but that with each passing day, she remembers that she is a survivor. That she is strong minded and tougher than most.

That she is a Stark.

That she is not a victim.

When the time comes to exact her revenge on the world, may the Seven Old Gods and the New have mercy on her enemies.

For I will not.

The North Remembers.

Valar Morgulis ~ Valar Dohaeris.

Sansa Stark - "The Lady"

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Sansa Stark will always be regarded as the Stark daughter who has the genteel breeding that was traditional of a young girl in a medieval society, like Westeros. She is accomplished at needlepoint, poetry and chatelaine duties. It seems to me that her sole duty is to marry well and into a high born family, as befits her own family's station and status in the Seven Kingdoms. She is elegant and poised and to quote her directly, "Courtesy is a lady's best armor." Really?! How about armor is your best protection against the enemy - both protective to your body and your wit?! Sansa may be the perfect daughter, but she lacks the ability to see through people's motives and has no thought to the idea that people have the ability to be malevolent. However, Sansa's biggest priority is getting engaged to a dreamy prince of the realm and making her parents happy.

This bugs me. As in to no end. Yes, I understand that she wants to make her family happy but what about how she is going feel, think and act? It bothers me to such a degree that women are regarded as the silent gender in A Song of Ice and Fire and Sansa embodies this well. Be seen but not heard. No thought to your own wishes and will, but the will of your lord and master.

I think that perhaps a little cunning and intelligence are the order of the day. Let's face it: Sansa dreams of a world where everybody is kind and gentle and they all adhere to the notions of courtly love. Being betrothed to Joffrey Baratheon was no picnic and for viewers of the show and readers of the books, we all know how she was mentally and psychologically abused. She was isolated and used as a pawn by others who had plenty of power over her. In short, Sansa is a victim and has no real power over her own life. Choices are made for her. When Sansa chose that spoiled wretch, Joffrey, over her sister and Mykah in Season I, that is when I lost all respect for her. Joffrey was a maniac and I thought to myself many times, "If that was a preview of what your married life was going to look like, good luck with that one. You deserve that pompous ass for a husband." That and - Arya is YOUNGER than you and can see through people's b.s. and you can't?! (shaking my head right now)

Season II and III fare no better for her - but we do catch small glimpses where Sansa is beginning to understand that people in King's Landing can be duplicitous and it doesn't hurt to have a protective mask in place and perhaps...even lie once in a while! Everyone else at court is a liar and a user, so you might as well try to beat them at their own game.

Being married off to Tyrion Lannister, in my opinion, was the safest thing that could've happened to her. As the wife of Tyrion Lannister, she had the protection of the Lannister family, plus the wealth to go along with it. And Tyrion is not Joffrey, not by a long shot. He might be a "half man" but by the Old Gods and the New, he is an experienced man and ladies, you get my meaning. Sansa could have had a chance to be happy with him, if she allowed herself to look past the fact that he wasn't so golden like one of the Tyrell sons or that he wasn't her perfect picture of a man. In those days, it was rare enough to have a true love match. However, having the Lannister name was an ace up her sleeve.

Will Sansa develop a stronger sense of worth? Will she develop a back bone and start to see all the dangers and intrigue around her? Or will she always be that ignorant little girl who dreams of courtly love, from Winterfell? Or will she surprise all of us fans and end up seated on the Iron Throne, with an army to back her up?

Arya and Sansa - Two Sides of the Same Coin?

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I came across an article that was in defence of Sansa Stark.

Not sure if I like the tone of it but, well, that's for everyone to decide on their own.

However, I will say this: are Arya and Sansa two sides of the same coin? Yes, they have the same last name and are both daughters of the late Ned and Catelyn Stark.

But how different can two teenage daughters/sisters be?

I will write a blog post in defence of one and in reflection of the other. I think you all know that I am #TeamArya.


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Call this a fantastic promotional strategy....or a way for fans of the realm to take their frustrations out on King Joffrey Baratheon, through the use of social media!

A few days ago, HBO launched the first ever "Roast Joffrey" event - where fans could take to Twitter and say a few, ahem, 'nice' things about the spoiled, delusional and egotistical King. I know I put in a few Twitter roast posts about him!

With the thousands of fans giving their two cents' worth, I have a feeling that future 'roasts' may be launched and I can think of a few other Game of Thrones characters I'd love to see that for...



Petyr Baelish.

Walder Frey.

Roose Bolton.

Ramsay Snow.

Not bad, eh?!


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Do you know what is SO awesome?!

Arya Stark memes.

Do you want to know what could possible top that?

A Tumblr account about #AryaStarkMemes.

SO awesome! Posting the link in the Game of Thrones link section!

Dangerous Women

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I have been thinking lately of all the times when I used to make fun of my older brothers. They were and still are huge Stark Trek and Star Wars fans. While I totally loved Star Wars, I couldn't get into the Trekkie thing. Both of my brothers collected the toys, figurines, magazines - anything with the Star Trek crew.

The turn of the tide has come full circle - as I look back on the past few years and look at the incredible amount of A Song of Ice and Fire collectibles that I have purchased. I have spent a small fortune on books, magazines, graphic novels, exhibition tickets, drinking steins, magazines, detailed map books, Funko Vinyl figures mugs, shot glasses, hats, graphic prints, framed portraits, essay books and plushie dolls.

If that wasn't bad enough, I read last night on 109 We Come from the Future an article about GRRM and hos he weaves yet another compelling tale about the politics of war and how much dragons play a part in his newest novella, "Dangerous Women."

My poor husband. I already told him that he has to order the third round of Funko Dolls for Valentine's Day next year. Now this.

Dangerous, indeed, for a woman like me!