Game of Thrones Cake Flavours

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Well, I asked my cake lady if she could make me 2 Game of Thrones themed cakes for the season premiere next year. Yeah, yeah. Laugh all you like, but she gets incredibly busy and I like to book her in advance.

So, obviously I will have a House Stark and a House Lannister cake. I was thinking, they should definitely reflect the geographic areas of Westeros. What flavours? What colours?

Hubster says that the House Lannister cake has to be red and gold. Okay, I suppose that's a given. He also said that a nice combination of flavours would be lemon sponge cake with strawberry filling or raspberry filling. So that means one cake is going to be light and fruity. The lemon sponge cake, as he pointed out to me, would be very rich, just like the Lannisters of Casterly Rock. I told him to calm down and if anyone is going to come up with those awesome ideas, it was going to be me!

As for the House Stark cake, I am inclined to go with blue and white, reflecting on the northern climate of Winterfell. I was thinking about a dark chocolate cake with fudge filling. Hubster totally disagreed with that option (um....should I remind him who is paying for set cakes?!). He said I should go with a nice vanilla cake and blueberries/strawberries/blackberries for the filling. I don't know. I'm not too crazy about the idea of doing a fruit medley for the House Stark cake.

I like the idea of a chocolate and vanilla swirl with chocolate icing and maybe some blueberries in there somewhere, in order to include blue as a colour, to give it that wintry feel. Besides, seeing as how he made suggestions for House Lannister's cake, I feel it only fair that I get what I want and have a chocolate fudgey ooey gooey kind of cake to eat.

Oh wait. I have to share it with my guests. Winter is coming, indeed!!!


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