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Book readers aren't too thrilled with some of the changes that have been taking place on the HBO series.

Let me reiterate that I understand it's a huge challenge to include every single character and every single plot line from book to screen play adaptation.

However, I think it's kind of silly when they don't include ones that fans were strongly hoping for (Lady Stone heart) but end up throwing characters together for the sake of another plot twist (placing Bronn and Jaime together, in order to go to Dorne, which does not happen).

I will concede that getting rid of some of the long winded plots (the endless travels and shenanigans that Tyrion has to undergo in order to get to Daenerys Targaryen) were a solid move. The faster Tyrion is on the move and gets into Dany's inner circle, the better. Same with Margaery and Tommen getting married and making Tommen older on the show. That was a good move. I also heartily approve of Tyrion and Jorah together, as well as placing Podrick and Brienne together. We need some comedic relief and some serious dramatic monologues, and those four are great with both.

BUT REALLY?! SER BARRISTAN and MANCE dying?! David and Dan, what on earth are you thinking?! And you wonder why fans are getting ticked off?!

Books vs Screenplay

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Okay, we all know that it is almost near impossible to create the Game of Thrones series by staying 100% true to the books. I would say that the screenwriters have done an excellent job so far. They are at 90%, in terms of keeping true to the plot lines.

In various Game of Thrones feeds, there are fans who complain about how Season II is deviating from the actual book. Well, I am not a screenwriter but you have to give them credit where it is due. They have to take what they can from the books but also have a little bit of creative liberty, too. All in all, I am a pretty happy camper with the results.