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Those are the words of my husband.

I finished reading Pearson Moore's Season Two Essays on Game of Thrones. I only received the delivery less then a week ago.

I know. I get it. Sigh. I have issues where A Song of Ice and Fire is concerned.

I tried my best to put the book down. But...Pearson Moore has a way with words. His essays on each chapter are insightful, provocative and challenging. I enjoyed the book immensely and hope that he releases a third one, later this year.

75 days left to go.

I have report cards that need my undying attention.

I really need to prioritize my time. I am going to try my best and NOT read the next book...the one by William Jacoby, "Fear Cuts Deeper then Swords" which is a philosophy book about the characters and story lines of HBO's Game of Thrones.

I give it 48 hours before I succumb to temptation.


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