Toronto 2014 Game of Thrones Exhibition

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I attended the third Game of Thrones exhibition downtown Toronto. It was good, with lots of props, story boards and costumes from the first three seasons. It also included some new costumes and banners from the fourth season.

My only bone to pick is that it was held at the Bell TIFF Light box. Which is a very small space, especially for something enormous as Game of Thrones.

I had a good time, went strolling through the displays and took over 200 pictures. They also had a new feature - the "Oculus Rift" - where fans stood in line for over 45 minutes to experience a 3-D virtual reality ascension of the Wall. I did it and it was fun but it only lasted 2 minutes.

I enjoyed the exhibition last year - please HBO Canada, make sure you book the Design Exchange. THAT is an event location that is large and spacious and hint, hint: you can have A LOT MORE displays for next year!


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