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"I" is for the Iron Throne

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Between you and I, would you really want to sit on the Iron Throne?

I did. Once. This happened in March. I went downtown Toronto to see the Game of Thrones exhibition at the Bell Lightbox and it was pretty cool. So, in a sense, I can truly say that I sat down on the Iron Throne. It was hard and lumpy. And that was just one of the prop chairs flown in from Dublin.

I know that the Iron Throne is not a seat of power that I'd want to occupy anytime soon. Especially since I've read four of the books already and know that the throne is a curse. Too much hatred to deal with. Too much greed from everyone wanting their share of wealth. Too many sleepless nights, worrying about assassins coming to get you, resentful Houses trying to wage war or revenge, getting deeper and deeper into debt. Give me another position, but not as a Queen on the Iron Throne.

That throne does something funny to those who occupy it. They either go slightly mad, they abuse their power or their reign is ended abruptly. I took many history courses when I attended university and the one main theme that seemed to carry over was that the path the paved the way to sitting on any throne, for that matter, was littered with sins, murder, blackmail and greed. When I watch the HBO series Game of Thrones, I totally understand and agree with the aforementioned statement.

Remember what the late King Robert Baratheon said to the late Ned Stark in Season I? All he wanted to do was, "eat, sleep, drink and whore his way into an early grave." Remember what Petyr Baelish said to Ros in Season II? "Too often those with the most power have the least grace." He was absolutely correct. The current King sitting on the Iron Throne, Joffrey Baratheon, is a psychotic, arrogant and condescending twit who is cruel to everyone around him. He has a malicious streak to him a mile wide. No doubt lovingly nurtured by his own saintly mother, Queen Regent Cersei. I wait in high anticipation for Season III to roll around next year...and to see which character says another profound quote about power or ruling the Seven Kingdoms.

Ruling from the Iron Throne means having only the most loyal people around you, having a keen intellect, a sharp eye for military and financial dealings and having courage. Having a backbone. And having really think skin, because the amount of people that hate you and openly mock you is enough to make anyone go in a corner and lick their wounds. A ruler who sits on the Iron Throne should also possess honour, strength, courage and tenacity. All the qualities that Joffrey does not possess.

Power shared is power halved. Joffrey knows that and clings tightly to his throne. Same with Cersei. Poor Ned Stark. He found out the hard way that trying to be noble instead of cunning cost him his life.

"When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground."

"B" is for Baratheon

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There once were three brothers: King Robert, Renly and Stannis. This story could've had a happier ending.
Alas, the truth is that Robert never loved any of his brothers. He was the eldest, known as the "Usurper King." Robert hated all things Targaryen. He loved womanizing and drinking wine. And for a very long time, he was spoiling for a war. He was married to Cersei Lannister. It wasn't a happy union. Although capable of fathering many illegitimate children, his three offspring with Cersei were not his. Bitter, tired and heavily in debt, Robert became disenchanted with the Seven Kingdoms. That, and he was always haunted by the ghost of Lyanna Stark.
Renly was the youngest Baratheon brother. Easy on the eyes, he was graceful and served on his late brother's small council. He disliked Cersei and didn't trust her - with good reason. Married to Margaery Tyrell, he had a very short reign as one of the five Kings vying for the Iron Throne. Too bad for Renly - there was a time where he was to make a worthy alliance with King Robb in the North. Sadly, he was murdered by dark forces.
Stannis Baratheon is the middle brother. A cold and austere man, he is used to giving military commands with force and skill. He doesn't have the warmest personality but has the strength of a massive army behind him. Then there is Melisandre, the Red Priestess from Asshai who is always by his side. Makes you wonder if Renly is the puppet master or the puppet. Blackwater Bay serves as a reminder that he had an army but was no where near to matching Tywin Lannister's forces.
It's too bad the Baratheon brothers weren't loyal to each other. Who knows how Westeros would've turned out. Maybe it would've been a pleasant place to live in.