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Game of Thrones Marathon

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Well, that does it! There's going to be a 60 hour Game of Thrones marathon, starting on Friday.

For those of you who want to get into the series, now is your chance.

I'm going to go off the grid this weekend. Between cleaning my house for Sunday night's party and going through this marathon, I don't want to be disturbed.

I'll check in either Sunday morning or Monday afternoon.


"Medieval Land Fun-Time World" Video

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If you want to watch the most hilarious video of bits and pieces of Game of Thrones, then click the link and have a good time!

The people who came up with this are brilliant!!!

I think I've watched this about 25 times already. And it only came out yesterday.

Under 200

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Well the good news for us fans is that we only have 185 days left to go until Season III premieres and rocks us all!

Of course, fandimonium will kick into high gear once we are at the 100 days left mark. Then, once we get down to the 31 days left mark, we'll all be feeding off the high octane energy! And we'll turn into zombies when we all see the new Season III trailers! Hopefully we'll see some teaser trailers around January 2013!!


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A week and a half ago, I was reading the HBO Watch Game of Thrones website when a small icon in the top right hand corner caught my eye. Yes, an invitation for fans to write character profiles for HBO Watch! And not just Game of Thrones character profiles, you can pick from a number of interesting HBO shows.

For me, my first love is Game of Thrones. To my utter surprise and delight, one of the editors responded back to my e-mail inquiry. True to my fire sign (Aries) of having a fire lit underneath me, I promptly fired off four pieces of writing to him.

Today, I received an e-mail, telling me that the first piece of writing was published on the HBO Watch Game of Thrones cast site.

Yes, I am extremely flattered and very happy! I wasted no time in posting onto my Facebook wall, my Twitter page and of course, I had to inform my husband. He takes it all in stride and is glad that I found a way to channel my creative side.

I hope you enjoy the character profiles that I have contributed to HBO Watch. I have plenty more that I want to write about! Bring it on!

Westeros Map in Coloured Detail

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I just found this freaking AMAZING map of Westeros with all the character's travels included on it. It is in colour, in detail and absolutely incredible!

Thank you to the fan that put this together. I love the fact that this fan read the books and said that he wanted to have a visual of locations where characters had been and didn't want to forget the places on the map. A fan by the name of Ser Mountain Goat created the colour map but another fan, Private Major, stepped up his game by adding in where the characters had been, via colour coding.

Thank you both! This is amazing, especially for people who require a visual map or graphic organizer! You guys rock!!

John Picacio

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I came across an artist named John Picacio. His work in a word: OUTSTANDING. I consider myself to have some talent, where drawing and painting are concerned.

Well, not anymore! He has some beautiful portraits of the characters in "A Song of Ice and Fire: A Game of Thrones." Well done, sir! *loud applause*

I am so going to follow this guy on Twitter! I love anything and everything associated to George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones series! Please, if you follow my blog, take the time and click on the link called "John Picacio Website." This man is VERY talented!

Fiction or Truth?!

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I heard an interesting rumour. HBO, as we already know, has green lit Season III (also known as "A Storm of Swords"). But.....I heard that because A Storm of Swords is so majorly action packed and contains so many story lines and arcs, that Season III will be split into two Seasons! As in Season III Part A and Season III Part B!

OMG! This is better then Nutella! And for those of you that know me, you know I LOVE my Nutella! Saying that Season III's "A Storm of Swords"  is better then Nutella, on my part, is absolutely out of this world! If this is the case, not only is it a major bonus for fans, it's also fantastic for HBO and their screenwriters. Not to mention, the wonderful George R R Martin gets extra time to keep plugging away on "The Winds of Winter."

If I could ask for one thing, it would be that this rumour turns out to be true!